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Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Wisconsin Court of Appeals

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court which reviews contested decisions of the Wisconsin circuit courts. The Court of Appeals was created in August 1978[1] to alleviate the Wisconsin Supreme Court's rising number of appellate cases. Published Court of Appeals opinions are considered binding precedent until overruled by the Supreme Court; unpublished opinions are not. The Court hears most appeals in three-judge panels, but appeals of circuit court decisions in misdemeanor, small claims, and municipal ordinance cases are decided by a single judge.


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The Court of Appeals comprises 16 judges elected to six-year terms in four geographic districts. Districts I and II have four judges each, three judges are chambered in District III, and five in District IV. The court is administered by a chief judge, appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, who is assisted by a deputy chief judge and a presiding judge in each district. Vacancies on the court are filled by gubernatorial appointment; depending on the year of appointment, an appointee will either fill out his or her predecessor's term or must stand for election the following year.



District I

Name District Term of Service Service as Chief, Deputy Chief, or Presiding Judge
Robert C. Cannon I 1978-1981 Presiding Judge (1978-1979)
John A. Decker I 1978-1984 Chief Judge (1978-1983)
William R. Moser I 1978-1992 Presiding Judge (1985-1992)
Presiding Judge (1979-1983)
Rudolph T. Randa I 1981-1982
Michael T. Sullivan I 1984-1996
Charles B. Schudson I 1992-2004
Ted E. Wedemeyer, Jr. I 1982-1988, 1992-2008 Presiding Judge (1993-2007)
Presiding Judge (1983-1985)
Ralph Adam Fine I 1988-2014
Rebecca Bradley I 2015
Patricia Curley I 1996– Presiding Judge (2007–)
Joan Kessler I 2004–
Kitty Brennan I 2008–
William Brash I 2015-

District II

Name District Term of Service Service as Chief, Deputy Chief, or Presiding Judge
Harold M. Bode II 1978-1981
Clair H. Voss II 1978-1983 Presiding Judge (1978-1983)
Richard S. Brown II 1978-2015 Chief Judge (2007-2015)
Presiding Judge (1996-2001)
Presiding Judge (1983-1990)
Burton A. Scott II 1980-1991 Chief Judge (1983-1989)
Neal Nettesheim II 1983-2007 Deputy Chief Judge (1998-2007)
Presiding Judge (2001-2003)
Presiding Judge (1990-1993)
Daniel P. Anderson II 1990-2011 Presiding Judge (2007-2009)
Presiding Judge (2003-2005)
Presiding Judge (1993-1996)
Harry G. Snyder II 1991-2010 Presiding Judge
Lisa S. Neubauer II 2007– Chief Judge (2015–)
Presiding Judge (2009-2015)
Paul F. Reilly II 2010– Presiding Judge (2015–)
Mark Gundrum II 2011–
Brian Hagedorn II 2015–

District III

Name District Term of Service Service as Chief, Deputy Chief, or Presiding Judge
W. Patrick Donlin III 1978-1981
John P. Foley III 1978-1984 Presiding Judge (1981-1984)
Robert W. Dean III 1978-1986 Presiding Judge (1978-1981)
Thomas Cane III 1981-2007 Chief Judge (1998-2007)
Deputy Chief Judge (1989-1998)
Presiding Judge (1984-1998)
Daniel L. LaRocque III 1985-1997
Gordon Myse III 1986-1999 Presiding Judge (1998-1999)
Michael W. Hoover III 1997–2015 Deputy Chief Judge (2012-2015)
Presiding Judge (1999-2015)
Gregory A. Peterson III 1999-2007 Deputy Chief Judge (2007-2012)
Edward R. Brunner III 2007-2011
Mark Mangerson III 2011-2014
Lisa K. Stark III 2013– Deputy Chief Judge (2015–)
Presiding Judge (2015–)
Thomas Hruz III 2014–
Mark Seidl III 2015–

District IV

Name District Term of Service Service as Chief, Deputy Chief, or Presiding Judge
Martha Bablitch IV 1978-1985
Paul C. Gartzke IV 1978-1996 Presiding Judge (1978-1996)
Charles P. Dykman IV 1978-2010 Presiding Judge (2009-2010)
Presiding Judge (1996-2001)
William Eich IV 1985-2000 Chief Judge (1989-1998)
Robert D. Sundby IV 1986-1996
Margaret J. Vergeront IV 1994-2012
Patience D. Roggensack IV 1996-2003
David G. Deininger IV 1996-2007 Presiding Judge (2003-2005)
Paul Lundsten IV 2000– Presiding Judge (?-2007)
Paul B. Higginbotham IV 2003– Presiding Judge, (2007-?)
Burnie Bridge IV 2007-2010
Gary Sherman IV 2010–
Brian Blanchard IV 2010– Presiding Judge (?–2015)
Joanne Kloppenburg IV 2012– Presiding Judge (2015-)

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