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1889 American Cup

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Title: 1889 American Cup  
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Subject: Fall River Rovers, List of American and Canadian soccer champions, American Cup
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1889 American Cup

The 1889 American Cup was the fifth edition of the soccer tournament organized by the American Football Association. The Fall River Rovers won their second consecutive title by defeating the Newark Caledonians in the final.


Newcomers to the tournament were the Paterson Rangers and Trenton Rovers. Absent was the Ansonia team while New York was defunct and the Kearny Rangers had amalgamated with ONT.

  • New Jersey- Trenton, Trenton Rovers, Paterson, Paterson Rangers, Clark O.N.T., Alma, Tiffany Rovers, and, Newark Caledonian.
  • New York- Thistles and Amateur League.
  • New England- Fall River Olympics, Providence Athletics, Pawtucket Free Wanderers, Fall River Rovers, Fall River East Ends.

First round

The Fall River Olympics drew a first round bye. The first game between the Almas and Paterson was not completed due to the ball bursting early in the second half. Paterson refused to continue so Alma claimed the contest. However after a meeting of the delegates it was decided that the game should be replayed because the game had started without a referee in the first place. Clark ONT was awarded their replay match as a result of Trenton Rovers failure to appear.

Paterson Rangers w/o Amateur League
Paterson, NJ

October 20, 1888
Trenton 1–3 Thistle
Trenton, NJ

October 20, 1888
Providence 0–5 Pawtucket
1' Mullarkey
35' Lennox
Eagle street grounds, Providence, RI
Attendance: 1000

Providence: GK Bailey, DF G.Clegg, McDonald, MF Davina, Cook, Start, FW Thorney, Cook, Axon, Brennan, Healabourn. Pawtucket: GK Watmouth, DF H.Stuart, A.Love, MF J.Dalton, F.Finn, D.Smith, FW Hardy, Mullarkey, Murray, Sandilands, Fd.Lennox.

October 20, 1888
Trenton Rovers 0-0 O.N.T.
East State Street grounds, Trenton, NJ

October 27, 1888
Fall River Rovers 7-0 East Ends
Fall River, MA
Attendance: 800+

October 27, 1888
Caledonians 4-4 Tiffany Rovers
ONT grounds

October 27, 1888
Alma 2-1 Paterson
Shooting Park


ONT w/o Trenton Rovers
Newark, NJ

November 6, 1888
Alma 3-0 Paterson
ONT grounds

November 24, 1888
Caledonians 4-1 Tiffany Rovers
ONT grounds
Referee: A.Craig

Caledonian- GK J.Thompson, DF J.Byrne, D.Gloak, MF W.Barr, R.McDonald, W.Hood, FW R.McWilliams, T.Hendry, R.Barr, W.Thornton, J.Heron. Tiffany- GK W.Healy, DF T.Crann, M.Flannery, MF D.McCune, E.Hinkley, J.Singleton, FW J.Jeffs, M.Downs, A.Hinkley, T.Flynn, J.Norton.

Second round

Pawtucket drew a second round bye.

November 10, 1888
Thistle 7-1 Paterson Rangers
ONT grounds

November 24, 1888
Fall River Rovers 4-0 Olympics
30' Bruckshaw
60' Cornell
61' Bell
66' Bruckshaw
Fall River, MA
Attendance: 2500
Referee: H.Ball

Rovers: GK Shea, DF Harwood, Fagan, MF Bradley, Waring, Lonsdale, FW Bell, Bruckshaw, Buckley, Bell, Cornell. Olympics: GK Brackell, DF Williamson, Lee, MF Tomlinson, Pilling, Brown, FW Hoctor, Corbet, Taylor, Ingham, Randall.

December 8, 1888
Alma 0-3 Caledonian
Shooting Park
Referee: P.Hughes

Alma: GK F.Farrow, DF E.Morton, G.Wright, MF J.Britchford, J.Hood, R.Patterson, FW J.Gray, P.Brennan, H.Shaw, Walter Taylor, J.Smith. Caledonian: GK J.Thompson, DF G.Gloak, J.Brown, MF W.Barr, R.McDonald, W.Stalker, FW R.McWilliams, T.Hendry, J.McCormack, J.Williamson, R.Barr.

Third round

ONT drew a bye.

December 25, 1888
Thistle 4-5 Caledonian
ONT grounds
Referee: W.Turner

January 12, 1889
Pawtucket 1-2 Fall Rivers Rovers
60' Mullarkey 5' Cornell
32' Bell(Buckley)

Attendance: 6000


Caledonians drew a bye.

March 2, 1889
Fall River Rovers 7-0 ONT


April 13, 1889
Newark Caledonians 0–4 Fall River Rovers
ONT Grounds
Attendance: 700


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