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1933 Ryder Cup

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Title: 1933 Ryder Cup  
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Subject: Leo Diegel, Ed Dudley, Olin Dutra, Walter Hagen, Max Faulkner, Paul Runyan, List of European Ryder Cup golfers, List of American Ryder Cup golfers, 1957 Ryder Cup, José Jurado
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1933 Ryder Cup

4th Ryder Cup Matches
Dates 26–27 June
Venue Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club
Location Southport, England
Captains John Henry Taylor (Great Britain)
Walter Hagen (USA)
United Kingdom  6½   5½  United States
Great Britain wins the Ryder Cup

The 4th Ryder Cup Matches were held at the Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club in Southport, England. The Great Britain team won the competition by a score of 6½–5½ points which at the time was the closest score possible other than a tie. John Henry Taylor became only the second of three Team Great Britain captains to ever lift the Ryder Cup and would mark Great Britain's last Ryder Cup victory for some 24 years.


The Ryder Cup is a match play event, with each match worth one point. From 1927 through 1959, the format consisted of 4 foursome (alternate shot) matches on the first day and 8 singles matches on the second day, for a total of 12 points. Therefore, 6½ points were required to win the Cup. All matches were played to a maximum of 36 holes.


In February 1931, it was announced that a selection committee of six would choose the Great Britain team for the 1933 Ryder Cup.[1] A preliminary squad of 22 was announced. Henry Cotton was not considered as he was employed in Belgium.[2]

In early June, the team of ten was selected (as above). J.H. Taylor was to be the non-playing captain.[3]

Monday's foursome matches

United Kingdom Results United States
Alliss/Whitcombe halved Sarazen/Hagen
Mitchell/Havers United Kingdom 3 & 2 Dutra/Shute
Davies/Easterbrook United Kingdom 1 up Wood/Runyan
Padgham/Perry United States 1 up Dudley/Burke

Tuesday's singles matches

United Kingdom Results United States
Alf Padgham United States 6 & 4 Gene Sarazen
Abe Mitchell United Kingdom 9 & 8 Olin Dutra
Arthur Lacey United States 2 & 1 Walter Hagen
William Davies United States 4 & 3 Craig Wood
Percy Alliss United Kingdom 2 & 1 Paul Runyan
Arthur Havers United Kingdom 4 & 3 Leo Diegel
Syd Easterbrook United Kingdom 1 up Denny Shute
Charles Whitcombe United States 2 & 1 Horton Smith
4 Session 4


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