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1964–68 World Snooker Championships

With the agreement of the Billiards Association and Control Council the World Snooker Championship was revived by Rex Williams on a challenge basis after a six-year absence in 1964. The 1957 World Champion John Pulman played seven challenge matches against various opponents in the next five years, until the tournament reverted to a knock-out tournament in 1969.[1][2]


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Challenge matches

Year Defending champion Score[1][2][3] Challenger Venue Highest break[4] Reference
1964 John Pulman 19–16 Fred Davis Burroughes Hall, London, England 112 by Pulman [5]
1964 John Pulman 40–33 Rex Williams Burroughes Hall, London, England 107 by Williams [5]
1965 John Pulman 37–36 Fred Davis Burroughes Hall, London, England 142 by Williams [6]
1965 John Pulman 25–22 Rex Williams South Africa 142 by Williams [6][7][n 1]
1966 John Pulman 39–12 Fred van Rensburg South Africa [6]
1966 John Pulman 5–2 Fred Davis Liverpool, England [8][n 1]
1968 John Pulman 39–34 Eddie Charlton Co-operative Hall, Bolton, England 122 by Charlton [9]


In November 1965 in East London, Rex Williams made a break of 142 during his match against Pulman, breaking the tournament record of 136 set by Joe Davis in 1946. The break was made in the 24th game of their match, a match which Williams won by 4 frames to 3.[10] Although equalled by Bill Werbeniuk in 1979, this remained the highest break at the World Championship until Doug Mountjoy's 145 against Ray Reardon in the semi-final of the 1981 tournament.[7]


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