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1985 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Title: 1985 Stanley Cup Playoffs  
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1985 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 1985 Stanley Cup playoffs, the championship of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 10, after the conclusion of the 1984–85 NHL season. The playoffs concluded on May 30 with the champion Edmonton Oilers defeating the Philadelphia Flyers 8–3 to win the Final series four games to one and win the Stanley Cup.

Playoff format

Playoffs were organized to provide a champion for each of the NHL's four divisions. The two division champions then played off in a conference final to determine each conference's team in the Stanley Cup final. The first round of playoffs was a best-of-five series, the following three series were best-of-seven series.

Playoff bracket

  Division Semi-finals Division Finals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Final
A1  Montreal Canadiens 3  
A4  Boston Bruins 2  
  A1  Montreal Canadiens 3  
  A2  Quebec Nordiques 4  
A2  Quebec Nordiques 3
A3  Buffalo Sabres 2  
  A2  Quebec Nordiques 2  
  P1  Philadelphia Flyers 4  
P1  Philadelphia Flyers 3  
P4  New York Rangers 0  
  P1  Philadelphia Flyers 4
  P3  New York Islanders 1  
P2  Washington Capitals 2
P3  New York Islanders 3  
  P1  Philadelphia Flyers 1
  S1  Edmonton Oilers 4
N1  St. Louis Blues 0  
N4  Minnesota North Stars 3  
  N4  Minnesota North Stars 2
  N2  Chicago Black Hawks 4  
N2  Chicago Black Hawks 3
N3  Detroit Red Wings 0  
  N2  Chicago Black Hawks 2
  S1  Edmonton Oilers 4  
S1  Edmonton Oilers 3  
S4  Los Angeles Kings 0  
  S1  Edmonton Oilers 4
  S2  Winnipeg Jets 0  
S2  Winnipeg Jets 3
S3  Calgary Flames 1  



Division semi-finals

(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A4) Boston Bruins

Montreal won series 3-2

(A2) Quebec Nordiques vs. (A3) Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres vs Quebec Nordiques
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 Buffalo 2 Quebec 5
April 11 Buffalo 2 Quebec 3
April 13 Quebec 4 Buffalo 6
April 14 Quebec 4 Buffalo 7
April 16 Buffalo 5 Quebec 6

Quebec won best-of-five series 3–2.[2]

(P1) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (P4) New York Rangers

New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 New York 4 Philadelphia 5 (OT)
April 11 New York 1 Philadelphia 3
April 13 Philadelphia 6 New York 5

Philadelphia won best-of-five series 3–0.[3]

(P2) Washington Capitals vs. (P3) New York Islanders

New York Islanders vs Washington Capitals
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 New York 3 Washington 4 OT
April 11 New York 1 Washington 2 2OT
April 13 Washington 1 New York 2
April 14 Washington 4 New York 6
April 16 New York 2 Washington 1

New York won best-of-five series 3–2.[3]

(N1) St. Louis Blues vs. (N4) Minnesota North Stars

Minnesota North Stars vs St. Louis Blues
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 Minnesota 3 St. Louis 2
April 11 Minnesota 4 St. Louis 3
April 13 St. Louis 0 Minnesota 2

Minnesota won best-of-five series 3–0.[3]

(N2) Chicago Black Hawks vs. (N3) Detroit Red Wings

Chicago won series 3-0

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (S4) Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 Los Angeles 2 Edmonton 3 OT
April 11 Los Angeles 2 Edmonton 4
April 13 Edmonton 4 Los Angeles 3 OT

Edmonton won best-of-five series 3–0.[3]

(S2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (S3) Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames vs. Winnipeg Jets
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 10 Calgary 4 Winnipeg 5 OT
April 11 Calgary 2 Winnipeg 5
April 13 Winnipeg 0 Calgary 4
April 14 Winnipeg 5 Calgary 3

Winnipeg won best-of-five series 3–1.[3]

Division Finals

  • Patrick Division Final

The Philadelphia Flyers ended the New York Islanders' string of five straight seasons in the Stanley Cup Final by dispatching the club four games to one. Flyers goaltender Pelle Lindbergh registered a pair of shutouts, one in the first game and the other in the clinching fifth game, by a 1–0 score.

(P1) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (P3) New York Islanders

New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 18 New York 0 Philadelphia 3
April 21 New York 2 Philadelphia 5
April 23 Philadelphia 5 New York 3
April 25 Philadelphia 2 New York 6
April 28 New York 0 Philadelphia 1

Philadelphia won series 4-1[3]

  • Adams Division Final

The Quebec Nordiques and Montreal Canadiens battled in a seven-game series. Bitter rivals from the province of Quebec, the Nords shocked the Habs in 1982, only to see a fourth-place Montreal club upset Quebec a year later. In the deciding seventh game at the Montreal Forum, Peter Stastny scored the game and series winning goal, giving Quebec an improbable 3–2 overtime win and berth in the Wales Conference Finals. Quebec would not get to the conference finals again until 1996, their first year as Colorado Avalanche. They would win the Stanley Cup.

(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A2) Quebec Nordiques

Quebec Nordiques vs. Montreal Canadiens
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 18 Quebec 2 Montreal 1 (OT)
April 21 Quebec 4 Montreal 6
April 23 Montreal 6 Quebec 7 (OT)
April 25 Montreal 3 Quebec 1
April 27 Quebec 5 Montreal 1
April 30 Montreal 5 Quebec 2
May 2 Quebec 3 Montreal 2 (OT)

Quebec won best-of-seven series 4–3.[3]

  • Norris Division Final

The Chicago Black Hawks simply outscored the Minnesota North Stars in an offensive-minded six-game series that featured 61 total goals.

(N2) Chicago Black Hawks vs. (N4) Minnesota North Stars

Minnesota North Stars vs Chicago Black Hawks
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 18 Minnesota 8 Chicago 5
April 21 Minnesota 2 Chicago 6
April 23 Chicago 5 Minnesota 3
April 25 Chicago 7 Minnesota 6(2OT)
April 28 Minnesota 5 Chicago 4 (OT)
April 30 Chicago 6 Minnesota 5

Chicago won best-of-five seven series 4–2.[3]

  • Smythe Division Final

Defending Cup champion Edmonton was too much for the Winnipeg Jets, sweeping them in four straight games and doubling their goal total.

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (S2) Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
April 18 Winnipeg 2 Edmonton 4
April 20 Winnipeg 2 Edmonton 5
April 23 Edmonton 5 Winnipeg 4
April 25 Edmonton 8 Winnipeg 3

Edmonton won best-of-seven series 4–0.[3]

Conference Finals

  • Wales Conference Final

Although the Flyers held the best record in the NHL with 53 wins and 113 points, the Adams Division held a better record against the Patrick Division, so the Wales finals began in Quebec City. Philly and Quebec split the first four games, then the Flyers edged the Nordiques, 2–1, in game five. Game six in Philadelphia was a tour-de-force for the Flyers, outshooting Quebec 36–15, and winning 3–0. Flyers captain Dave Poulin's two-man disadvantage shorthanded goal early in the second period was the deciding factor in the contest. The team returned to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1980. Unfortunately, the win came at a high cost, as both 54-goal forward Tim Kerr and defenceman Brad McCrimmon would be lost for the remainder of the playoffs with injuries.

(P1) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (A2) Quebec Nordiques

Quebec Nordiques vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
May 5 Philadelphia 1 Quebec 2 (OT)
May 7 Philadelphia 4 Quebec 2
May 9 Quebec 2 Philadelphia 4
May 12 Quebec 5 Philadelphia 3
May 14 Philadelphia 2 Quebec 1
May 16 Quebec 0 Philadelphia 3

Philadelphia won best of seven series 4–2.[3]

  • Campbell Conference Final

The Oilers steamrolled the Black Hawks in a six-game series which broke all sorts of records for total offense. Edmonton won the first two games at home by 11–2 and 7–3 scores, only to see Chicago strike back at home with 5–2 and 8–6 victories. However, Edmonton rebounded to blast the Hawks in the final two games, 10–5 and 8–2 to earn their third trip to the Cup Finals in as many years. Edmonton set all-time playoff marks with most goals in one series, most goals in a six-game series, and both clubs set records with most total goals in a semifinal series and most total goals in one six-game series. Oilers' Jari Kurri scored three hat tricks in the series, setting a still-standing NHL record.

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (N2) Chicago Black Hawks

Chicago Black Hawks vs. Edmonton Oilers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
May 4 Chicago 2 Edmonton 11
May 7 Chicago 3 Edmonton 7
May 9 Edmonton 2 Chicago 5
May 12 Edmonton 6 Chicago 8
May 14 Chicago 5 Edmonton 10
May 16 Edmonton 8 Chicago 2

Edmonton won best of seven series 4–2.[3]


Edmonton would lose the first game to the Flyers but would then take the next four to win their second straight Stanley Cup. Wayne Gretzky was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoffs' most valuable player.

(P1) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (S1) Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Date Visitors Score Home Score
May 21 Edmonton 1 Philadelphia 4
May 23 Edmonton 3 Philadelphia 1
May 25 Philadelphia 3 Edmonton 4
May 28 Philadelphia 3 Edmonton 5
May 30 Philadelphia 3 Edmonton 8

Edmonton Oilers won best of seven series 4–1.[3]

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