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2005–06 Vyshcha Liha

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Title: 2005–06 Vyshcha Liha  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Ukrainian Premier League, 2004–05 Vyshcha Liha, 2006–07 Vyshcha Liha, 2005–06 in European association football leagues, 2003–04 Vyshcha Liha
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2005–06 Vyshcha Liha

Vyshcha Liha
Season 2005–06
Champions Shakhtar Donetsk
Relegated Volyn Lutsk,
Zakarpattia Uzhhorod
Champions League Shakhtar Donetsk (3rd Qualifying Round)
Dynamo Kyiv (2nd Qualifying Round)
UEFA Cup Chornomorets Odessa (2nd Qualifying Round)
Metalurh Zaporizhya (2nd Qualifying Round)
Intertoto Cup Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (2nd Round)
Matches played 241
Goals scored 554 (2.3 per match)
Top goalscorer (15) - Brandão
Emmanuel Okoduwa
Biggest home win (6:0) - Shakhtar-Illichivets
(7:1) Dynamo-Volyn
Biggest away win (0:6) - Metalist-Dnipro
Highest scoring (3:6) - Metalurh Z.-Kharkiv
Average attendance 8,016

The 2005–06 Vyshcha Liha season was the fifteenth since its establishment.

The season started on July 12, 2005 with six games of the first round. The last day of the competition was May 10, 2006. However, because the top two teams have finished with equal amount of points, it was decided to conduct a decisive game between them, which was named as the Golden Match. The game took place soon upon the conclusion of the regular season on May 14. The winner of the championship final became Shakhtar Donetsk that managed to defeat Dynamo Kyiv 2:1 and for the first time winning its second consecutive title and third over all. The top scorers competition was also tied between two foreigners Brandão from Brazil and Emmanuel Okoduwa from Nigeria. Both players won their individual award scoring 15 goals.

Both Shakhtar and Dynamo lost only once Shakhtar at home to Dynamo, while Dynamo lost its only game at home to Dnipro. Both Shakhtar and Dynamo also finished 30 points away from the closest trailing team in the standings. A good season had FC Illichivets Mariupol tying for the fourth together with FC Metalist Kharkiv and FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. Also could be left unnoticed the big return of the Odessa sailors that finally earn their next set of medals for the first time since returning to premiers. Out of the newly promoted teams a good performance showed FC Stal Alchevsk that were just a point shy to stay among the top 10.

Both clubs from the Western Ukraine, FC Volyn Lutsk and FC Zakarpattia Uzhhorod, were forced into relegation due to their poor performance.


  • Teams 1
    • Promoted 1.1
    • Replaced 1.2
    • Renamed 1.3
    • Location map 1.4
  • Final table 2
  • Final match 3
  • Top goal scorers 4


These two teams were promoted from 2004-05 Ukrainian First League at the start of the season:


The following two teams were relegated last season:


Location map

Locations of team home grounds in Ukrainian Premier League 2005–06

Final table

|- align=center bgcolor="#D0F0C0" ||1||style="text-align:left;"|Shakhtar Donetsk (C) |30|||23||6||1||64||14||+50||75||CL 3rd Qualifying Round

|- align=center bgcolor="#D0F0C0" ||2||style="text-align:left;"|Dynamo Kyiv |30|||23||6||1||68||20||+48||75||CL 2nd Qualifying Round

|- align=center bgcolor="#EAEE93" ||3||style="text-align:left;"|Chornomorets Odessa |30|||13||6||11||36||31||+5||45||UC 2nd Qualifying Round

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||4||style="text-align:left;"|Illychivets Mariupol |30|||12||7||11||30||34||−4||43||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||5||style="text-align:left;"|Metalist Kharkiv |30|||12||7||11||35||42||−7||43||

|- align=center bgcolor="#97DEFF" ||6||style="text-align:left;"|Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk |30|||11||10||9||33||23||+10||43||IC 2nd Qualifying Round

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||7||style="text-align:left;"|Tavriya Simferopol |30|||11||6||13||29||31||−2||39||

|- align=center bgcolor="#EAEE93" ||8||style="text-align:left;"|Metalurh Zaporizhya |30|||11||6||13||32||40||−8||39||UC 2nd Qualifying Round

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||9||style="text-align:left;"|Metalurh Donetsk |30|||10||9||11||35||35||0||39||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||10||style="text-align:left;"|Vorskla Poltava |30|||9||10||11||28||34||−6||37||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||11||style="text-align:left;"|Stal Alchevsk |30|||9||9||12||26||39||−13||36||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||12||style="text-align:left;"|Arsenal Kyiv |30|||9||8||13||31||39||−8||35||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||13||style="text-align:left;"|FC Kharkiv |30|||9||6||15||29||36||−7||33||

|- align=center bgcolor=#f9f9f9 ||14||style="text-align:left;"|Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih |30|||9||6||15||27||35||−8||33||

|- align=center bgcolor="#FFCCCC" ||15||style="text-align:left;"|Volyn Lutsk (R) |30|||9||6||15||31||45||−14||33|| Persha Liha

|- align=center bgcolor="#FFCCCC" ||16||style="text-align:left;"|Zakarpattia Uzhhorod (R) |30|||3||6||21||17||53||−36||20|| Persha Liha |}

Golden Match:
Shakhtar Donetsk - Dynamo Kyiv 2:1 (0:0, 1:1)
Ciprian Marica '59, Julius Aghahowa '100 - Rodolfo '79
Metalurh Stadium, Kryvyi Rih, Att: 29,734

Final match

18:00 LST
FC Shakhtar Donetsk 2 – 1 FC Dynamo Kyiv
Marica Goal 59'
Aghahowa Goal 100'
Report Rodolfo Goal 79'
Metalurh Stadium, Kryvyi Rih
Attendance: 29,734
Referee: Ľ. Micheľ (Slovakia), (FIFA)
Shakhtar Donetsk
Dynamo Kyiv
Shakhtar Donetsk:
GK 35 Shust
DF 33 Srna
DF 27 Chyhrynsky
DF 3 Hübschman Booked 58' Substituted off 91'
DF 26 Rat
MF 36 Elano Booked 21' Substituted off 73'
MF 4 Tymoshchuk (c)
MF 18 Lewandowski
MF 7 Fernandihno
FW 29 Marica Goal 59' Substituted off 80'
FW 25 Brandao Booked 118'
MF 6 Duljaj Substituted in 73' Booked 120'
DF 8 Leonardo
DF 13 Shevchuk
DF 14 Stoican Substituted in 91'
GK 16 Laštůvka
FW 17 Aghahowa Substituted in 80' Goal 100'
FW 20 Bielik
Mircea Lucescu
Dynamo Kyiv:
GK 1 Shovkovsky (c)
DF 3 Fedorov
FW 5 Rebrov Booked 101'
FW 9 Kleber Booked 45'
MF 14 Rotan Substituted off 12'
FW 16 Shatskikh
MF 20 Husiev
DF 27 Vashchuk
MF 30 El Kaddouri Booked 119'
DF 32 Gavrancic Substituted off 55'
DF 33 Yeshchenko Substituted off 68'
DF 4 Rodolfo Substituted in 55' Goal 79'
MF 8 Bialkevich Substituted in 12'
MF 15 Rincon
FW 23 Verpakovskis
FW 25 Milevsky Substituted in 68' Booked 82'
DF 26 Nesmachny
GK 55 Rybka
Anatoly Demyanenko



  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Seven named substitutes
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions.

Top goal scorers

Brandão Shakhtar Donetsk 15
Emmanuel Okoduwa Arsenal Kyiv 15
Oleksandr Kosyrin Metalurh Donetsk 13 (2)
Serhiy Rebrov Dynamo Kyiv 13 (2)
Vasyl Sachko Volyn Lutsk 13 (2)
Kléber Dynamo Kyiv 11
Matuzalem Shakhtar Donetsk 10 (1)
Ara Hakobyan Metalurh Donetsk 10 (3)
Diogo Rincón Dynamo Kyiv 10 (4)
Serhiy Shyschenko Metalurh Zaporizhya 9
Vasil Gigiadze Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih 9 (4)
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