2005 United Kingdom general election results in Northern Ireland

United Kingdom general election, 2005

5 May 2005 (2005-05-05)

All 18 Northern Irish seats to the House of Commons
  First party Second party
Leader Ian Paisley Gerry Adams
Party DUP Sinn Féin
Leader since 30 September 1971 13 November 1983
Last election 5 Seats 4 Seats
Seats before 5 4
Seats won 9 5
Seat change 4 1
Popular vote 241,856 174,530
Percentage 33.7% 24.3%
Swing 11.2% 2.6%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader David Trimble Mark Durkan
Leader since 28 August 1995 2001
Last election 6 Seats 3 Seats
Seats before 6 3
Seats won 1 3
Seat change 5 0
Popular vote 127,414 125,626
Percentage 17.8% 17.5%
Swing 9.0% 3.5%

Colours on map indicate winning party for each constituency.

Prime Minister before election

Tony Blair

Subsequent Prime Minister

Tony Blair

These are the results of the United Kingdom general election, 2005 for the country of Northern Ireland. The election was held on 5 May 2005 and all 18 seats in Northern Ireland were contested. The election resulted in the Ulster Unionist Party losing its place as the largest political party in Northern Ireland, being replaced by the Democratic Unionist Party, with the UUP leader, David Trimble, also losing his seat of Upper Bann to the DUP. Both the DUP and Sinn Féin increased their share of the vote as well as their number of seats. The Social Democratic and Labour Party with its new leader, Mark Durkan, were unable to regain their formerly-held status as the largest Nationalist political party in Northern Ireland, though they retained 3 seats overall, albeit with a reduced share of the vote.


Below is a table summarising the results of the 2005 UK general election in Northern Ireland.[1]

Party MPs +/- Votes %
DUP 9 +4 241,856 33.7
Sinn Féin 5 +1 174,530 24.3
UUP 1 -5 127,414 17.8
SDLP 3 0 125,626 17.5
Alliance 0 0 28,291 3.9
Conservative 0 0 2,718 0.4
Workers' Party 0 0 1,669 0.2
Socialist Environmental Alliance 0 0 1,649 0.2
Vote For Yourself 0 0 890 0.1
Others 0 0 12,959 1.9


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