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2009 Monterey Sports Car Championships

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Title: 2009 Monterey Sports Car Championships  
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Subject: Christian Klien, Sébastien Bourdais, Franck Montagny, Allan McNish, Dario Franchitti, Gil de Ferran, Adrián Fernández, Chaparral Cars, Krohn Racing, Jörg Müller
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2009 Monterey Sports Car Championships

The 2009 Monterey Sports Car Championships presented by Patrón was the tenth and final round of the 2009 American Le Mans Series season. It took place at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, California on October 11, 2009. The race was won by the Acura of de Ferran Motorsports, driven by Simon Pagenaud and retiring driver Gil de Ferran, which wore a tribute livery based on Jim Hall's Chaparrals. Adrian Fernández and Luis Díaz won the LMP2 category in the Fernández Racing Acura while only six tenths of a second behind the overall winning de Ferran car. The GT2 class was won by the #45 Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche after contact with the #3 Corvette Racing while approaching the finish line on the final lap. Guy Cosmo and John Baker of Orbit Racing won their first race in the ALMS Challenge category after the Velox Motorsport entry was disqualified.



Qualifying result

Pole position winners in each class are marked in bold.[1]

Pos Class Team Qualifying Driver Lap Time
1 LMP1 #66 de Ferran Motorsports Gil de Ferran 1:11.206
2 LMP1 #9 Patrón Highcroft Racing David Brabham 1:11.298
3 LMP2 #15 Lowe's Fernández Racing Luis Díaz 1:11.310
4 LMP2 #20 Dyson Racing Team Butch Leitzinger 1:12.051
5 LMP1 #88 Drayson Racing Jonny Cocker 1:12.745
6 LMP1 #48 Corsa Motorsports Johnny Mowlem 1:13.238
7 LMP2 #6 Team Cytosport Klaus Graf 1:14.492
8 LMP1 #37 Intersport Racing Jon Field 1:14.661
9 LMP1 #12 Autocon Motorsports Chris McMurry 1:15.861
10 GT2 #3 Corvette Racing Jan Magnussen 1:23.053
11 GT2 #62 Risi Competizione Pierre Kaffer 1:23.220
12 GT2 #4 Corvette Racing Oliver Gavin 1:23.283
13 GT2 #87 Farnbacher-Loles Motorsports Wolf Henzler 1:23.347
14 GT2 #45 Flying Lizard Motorsports Jörg Bergmeister 1:23.391
15 GT2 #90 BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Bill Auberlen 1:23.552
16 GT2 #21 Panoz Team PTG Dominik Farnbacher 1:23.640
17 GT2 #92 BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Tommy Milner 1:23.745
18 GT2 #28 LG Motorsports Tom Sutherland 1:23.991
19 GT2 #40 Robertson Racing David Murry 1:23.993
20 GT2 #18 T-Mobile VICI Racing Richard Westbrook 1:24.307
21 GT2 #17 Team Falken Tire Bryan Sellers 1:25.455
22 GT2 #44 Flying Lizard Motorsports Seth Neiman 1:28.798
23 Chal #47 Orbit Racing Guy Cosmo 1:29.546
24 Chal #05 GMG Racing James Sofronas 1:29.755
25 Chal #69 P7 Racing Galen Bieker 1:29.844
26 Chal #36 Gruppe Orange Bob Faieta 1:29.887
27 Chal #38 Velox Motorsport Shane Lewis 1:29.916
28 Chal #57 Snow Racing Martin Snow 1:30.147
29 Chal #08 Orbit Racing Bill Sweedler 1:30.481
30 Chal #02 Gruppe Orange Donald Pickering 1:31.509
31 LMP1 #10 ECO Racing Did Not Participate
32 GT2 #33 RSR Did Not Participate
33 UNC #16 Dyson Racing Team Did Not Participate


Race result

Class winners are marked in bold. Cars failing to complete 70% of winner's distance are marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tire Laps
1 LMP1 66 United States de Ferran Motorsports Brazil Gil de Ferran
France Simon Pagenaud
Acura ARX-02a M 168
Acura AR7 4.0 L V8
2 LMP2 15 Mexico Lowe's Fernández Racing Mexico Adrian Fernández
Mexico Luis Díaz
Acura ARX-01B M 168
Acura AL7R 3.4 L V8
3 LMP1 9 United States Patrón Highcroft Racing Australia David Brabham
United States Scott Sharp
Acura ARX-02a M 164
Acura AR7 4.0 L V8
4 LMP1 12 United States Autocon Motorsports United States Bryan Willman
United States Chris McMurry
Canada Tony Burgess
Lola B06/10 D 159
AER P32C 4.0 L Turbo V8
5 LMP1 48 United States Corsa Motorsports United Kingdom Johnny Mowlem
Sweden Stefan Johansson
Ginetta-Zytek GZ09HS D 158
Zytek ZJ458 4.5 L Hybrid V8
6 GT2 45 United States Flying Lizard Motorsports United States Patrick Long
Germany Jörg Bergmeister
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 155
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
7 GT2 3 United States Corvette Racing United States Johnny O'Connell
Denmark Jan Magnussen
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 155
Chevrolet 6.0 L V8
8 GT2 87 United States Farnbacher-Loles Motorsports Germany Wolf Henzler
Germany Pierre Ehret
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 154
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
9 GT2 21 United States Panoz Team PTG United Kingdom Ian James
Germany Dominik Farnbacher
Panoz Esperante GT-LM Y 154
Ford 5.0 L V8
10 GT2 44 United States Flying Lizard Motorsports United States Seth Neiman
United States Johannes van Overbeek
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 153
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
11 GT2 92 United States BMW Rahal Letterman Racing United States Tommy Milner
Germany Dirk Müller
BMW M3 GT2 D 153
BMW 4.0 L V8
12 GT2 18 Germany T-Mobile VICI Racing United Kingdom Richard Westbrook
Germany Johannes Stuck
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 153
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
13 GT2 17 United States Team Falken Tire United States Bryan Sellers
United States Dominic Cicero
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR F 150
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
14 UNC 16 United States Dyson Racing Team United States Chris Dyson
United Kingdom Guy Smith
United Kingdom Ben Devlin
Lola B09/86 M 150
Mazda MZR-R 2.0 L Turbo I4
15 GT2 28 United States LG Motorsports United States Lou Gigliotti
United States Tom Sutherland
United States Tomy Drissi
Chevrolet Corvette C6 D 150
Chevrolet LS3 6.3 L V8
16 Chal 47 United States Orbit Racing United States Guy Cosmo
United States John Baker
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 144
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
17 GT2 4 United States Corvette Racing United Kingdom Oliver Gavin
Monaco Olivier Beretta
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 143
Chevrolet 6.0 L V8
18 Chal 02 United States Gruppe Orange United States Nick Parker
United States Donald Pickering
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 140
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
19 Chal 69 United States P7 Racing United States Robert Rodriquez
United States Galen Bieker
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 140
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
20 GT2 40 United States Robertson Racing United States David Robertson
United States Andrea Robertson
United States David Murry
Ford GT-R Mk. VII D 139
Ford 5.0 L V8
21 Chal 08 United States Orbit Racing United States Ed Brown
United States Bill Sweedler
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 138
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
LMP1 37 United States Intersport Racing United States Jon Field
United States Clint Field
Lola B06/10 D 125
AER P32C 4.0 L Turbo V8
LMP2 6 United States Team Cytosport United States Greg Pickett
Germany Klaus Graf
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 124
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
Chal 05 United States GMG Racing United States Bret Curtis
United States James Sofronas
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 89
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
Chal 57 United States Snow Racing United States Martin Snow
United States Melanie Snow
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 52
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
GT2 62 United States Risi Competizione Brazil Jaime Melo
Germany Pierre Kaffer
Ferrari F430GT M 49
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
GT2 33 United States RSR United States Paul Gentilozzi
Belgium Marc Goossens
Jaguar XKR Y 46
Jaguar 4.2 L V8
LMP2 20 United States Dyson Racing Team United States Butch Leitzinger
United Kingdom Marino Franchitti
Lola B08/86 M 31
Mazda MZR-R 2.0 L Turbo I4
GT2 90 United States BMW Rahal Letterman Racing United States Bill Auberlen
United States Joey Hand
BMW M3 GT2 D 3
BMW 4.0 L V8
LMP1 88 United Kingdom Drayson Racing United Kingdom Paul Drayson
United Kingdom Jonny Cocker
Lola B09/60 M 2
Judd GV5.5 S2 5.5 L V10
DSQ Chal 38 United States Velox Motorsport United States Shane Lewis
United States Mitchell Pagerey
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 144
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
DSQ Chal 36 United States Gruppe Orange United States Wesley Hoaglund
United States Bob Faieta
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Y 144
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
DNS LMP1 10 United Kingdom ECO Racing Japan Hideki Noda
United States Cort Wagner
Greece Nikolas Konstant
Radical SR9 D
ECO (AER) 5.0 L Turbo V10


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