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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 400 metres hurdles


2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 400 metres hurdles

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The men's 400 metres hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Olympic Stadium on 15, 16 and 18 August.

The United States hurdling team was by far the strongest entered by any country, comprising defending champion Kerron Clement, two-time Olympic champion Angelo Taylor, 2005 World Champion Bershawn Jackson, and the emerging Johnny Dutch. The world-leading 400 m hurdler L.J. van Zyl, veterans Danny McFarlane and Félix Sánchez, and the improving Isa Phillips and Javier Culson were also identified as possible medal contenders.[1]

In the heats, Briton Dai Greene completed an unexpected and comfortable win, while seventeen-year-old Jehue Gordon of Trinidad and Tobago surprised with a senior national record to qualify for the semis.[2] In the semi-finals, van Zyl failed to qualify, following his pattern of poor performances at the biggest races of the season. Dutch and Phillips also failed to make the cut. Clement and Sánchez lead the way in the first semi, while Jackson and Greene (who set a personal best) took the top two spots in the other final.[3]

In the final, Clement, Jackson and Culson all started the race well. However, it was the favourite, Clement, who took the gold medal: he was ahead at the final straight and did not relinquish his position, recording a world-leading time to win. Culson set a Puerto Rican record to take the silver, while Jackson fended off a challenge from national-record-breaking Gordon to keep third and win the bronze.[4]

Although Clement's winning time was the second slowest in the history of the Championships, it remained a close race for the silver and bronze medals, with just 0.6 seconds between the silver medallist and seventh-placed Greene. The race had a breadth of ages, with Trinidadian Gordon becoming the youngest ever finalist of any men's sprint event at the Championships, and 37-year-old McFarlane being the oldest ever to do the same feat. Clement became the third man to win two consecutive world titles in the event, after Ed Moses and Félix Sánchez.[4]


  • Medalists 1
  • Records 2
  • Qualification standards 3
  • Schedule 4
  • Results 5
    • Heats 5.1
    • Semifinals 5.2
    • Final 5.3
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Kerron Clement retained his world title.
Gold Silver Bronze
Kerron Clement
 United States
Javier Culson
 Puerto Rico
Bershawn Jackson
 United States


Prior to the competition, the following records were as follows.
World record  Kevin Young (USA) 46.78 Barcelona, Spain 6 August 1992
Championship record  Kevin Young (USA) 47.18 Stuttgart, Germany 19 August 1993
World leading  L. J. van Zyl (RSA) 47.94 Monaco 28 July 2009
African record  Samuel Matete (ZAM) 47.10 Zürich, Switzerland 7 August 1991
Asian record  Hadi Soua'an Al-Somaily (KSA) 47.53 Sydney, Australia 27 September 2000
North American record  Kevin Young (USA) 46.78 Barcelona, Spain 6 August 1992
South American record  Bayano Kamani (PAN) 47.84 Helsinki, Finland 7 August 2005
European record  Stéphane Diagana (FRA) 47.37 Lausanne, Switzerland 5 July 1995
Oceanian record  Rohan Robinson (AUS) 48.28 Atlanta, United States 31 July 1996

Qualification standards

A time B time
49.25 49.80


Date Time Round
August 15, 2009 20:20 Heats
August 16, 2009 20:15 Semifinals
August 18, 2009 20:50 Final



Qualification: First 3 in each heat(Q) and the next 4 fastest(q) advance to the semifinals.

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 3 Kerron Clement  United States 48.39 Q
2 3 Danny McFarlane  Jamaica 48.65 Q
3 3 Jehue Gordon  Trinidad and Tobago 48.66 Q, NR
4 4 Dai Greene  Great Britain 48.76 Q
5 3 Félix Sánchez  Dominican Republic 48.76 q, SB
6 1 Isa Phillips  Jamaica 48.99 Q
7 1 Periklis Iakovakis  Greece 49.12 Q, SB
8 2 Javier Culson  Puerto Rico 49.27 Q
9 3 Omar Cisneros  Cuba 49.27 q
10 2 Bershawn Jackson  United States 49.34 Q
11 1 Johnny Dutch  United States 49.38 Q
12 2 Kazuaki Yoshida  Japan 49.45 Q, PB
13 4 L. J. van Zyl  South Africa 49.48 Q
14 1 Andrés Silva  Uruguay 49.51 q, NR
15 2 Tristan Thomas  Australia 49.53 q
16 1 Kenji Narisako  Japan 49.60
17 4 Brendan Cole  Australia 49.63 Q
18 4 Angelo Taylor  United States 49.64
19 3 Michaël Bultheel  Belgium 49.67 PB
20 4 Fadil Bellaabouss  France 49.73
21 4 Aleksandr Derevyagin  Russia 49.83
22 2 Rhys Williams  Great Britain 49.88
23 1 Stanislav Melnykov  Ukraine 50.41
24 1 Mahau Suguimati  Brazil 51.05
25 1 Jussi Heikkilä  Finland 51.42
26 2 Ibrahima Maïga  Mali 51.70
27 3 Jonathan Williams  Belize 52.41
2 Josef Robertson  Jamaica DQ
2 Héni Kechi  France DQ
3 Joseph G. Abraham  India DQ
4 Kurt Couto  Mozambique DQ
4 Ali Obaid Shirook  United Arab Emirates DNF

Key: NR = National record, PB = Personal best, Q = qualification by place in heat, q = qualification by overall place, SB = Seasonal best


Qualification: First 3 in each semifinal(Q) and the next 2 fastest(q) advance to the final.

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 1 Kerron Clement  United States 48.00 Q, SB
2 2 Bershawn Jackson  United States 48.23 Q
3 2 Dai Greene  Great Britain 48.27 Q, PB
4 1 Félix Sánchez  Dominican Republic 48.34 Q, SB
5 1 Javier Culson  Puerto Rico 48.43 Q
6 1 Danny McFarlane  Jamaica 48.49 q
7 2 Periklis Iakovakis  Greece 48.73 Q, SB
8 1 Jehue Gordon  Trinidad and Tobago 48.77 q
9 1 L. J. van Zyl  South Africa 48.80
10 2 Isa Phillips  Jamaica 48.93
11 2 Omar Cisneros  Cuba 49.21
12 2 Johnny Dutch  United States 49.28
13 1 Andrés Silva  Uruguay 49.34 NR
14 2 Tristan Thomas  Australia 49.76
15 1 Brendan Cole  Australia 49.92
16 2 Kazuaki Yoshida  Japan 50.34

Key: NR = National record, PB = Personal best, Q = qualification by place in heat, q = qualification by overall place, SB = Seasonal best


Clement beat Javier Culson to the gold.
Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st Kerron Clement  United States 47.91 WL
2nd Javier Culson  Puerto Rico 48.09 NR
3rd Bershawn Jackson  United States 48.23
4 Jehue Gordon  Trinidad and Tobago 48.26 NR
5 Periklis Iakovakis  Greece 48.42 SB
6 Danny McFarlane  Jamaica 48.65
7 Dai Greene  Great Britain 48.68
8 Félix Sánchez  Dominican Republic 50.11

Key: NR = National record, SB = Seasonal best, WL = World leading (in a given season)


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