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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Women's 20 kilometres walk


2009 World Championships in Athletics – Women's 20 kilometres walk

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The Women's 20 km Walk event at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics was held throughout the city of Berlin on August 16, beginning and ending at the Brandenburg Gate.

Undefeated since May 2007, the Olympic and World champion Olga Kaniskina was a clear favourite. Russian champion and second fastest of the year Vera Sokolova was predicted as a possible medallist, as were Sabine Krantz and Kjersti Platzer who had both won on the racewalking circuit prior to the competition. Amongst the other fastest athletes before the championships were Russians Anisya Kirdyapkina and Larisa Emelyanova, while Olympic medallist Elisa Rigaudo and Universiade medallist Masumi Fuchise were suggested as other contenders for the podium.[1]

Competing on the course along the Unter den Linden boulevard, German Sabine Krantz led early on, but dropped out halfway into the race, and Norwegian Platzer was disqualified with five kilometres to go. Kaniskina emerged as the clear winner, becoming the first woman to win the racewalking gold in consecutive championships. Forty-nine seconds behind her was the surprise silver medallist Olive Loughnane, who won Ireland's first championship medal since 2003, and her first ever medal at a major championships. Liu Hong took the bronze, while Russian teenager Kirdyapkina took fourth place.[2]

Kaniskina's victory completed a Russian men's and women's 20 km double with Valeriy Borchin, and she received a winner's prize of $60,000 for her achievement. Her win highlighted her success in an event in which she had won an Olympic gold, two World Championships titles, and a gold in the World Cup in just three years.[3]


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  • Records 2
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Gold Silver Bronze
Olga Kaniskina
 Russia (Russia)
Olive Loughnane
Liu Hong


World record 1:25:41 Helsinki, Finland 7 August 2005
Championship record 1:25:41 Helsinki, Finland 7 August 2005
World leading 1:24:56 Adler, Russia 28 February 2009
African record 1:36:18 Mézidon-Canon, France 2 May 1999
Asian record 1:26:22 Guangzhou, China 19 November 2001
North American record 1:30:03 Mézidon-Canon, France 2 May 1999
South American record 1:31:25 Lima, Peru 7 May 2005
European record 1:25:41 Helsinki, Finland 7 August 2005
Oceanian record 1:27:44 Naumburg, Germany 2 May 2004

Qualification standards

A time B time
1:33:30 1:38:00


Date Time Round
August 16, 2009 12:00 Final


Olga Kaniskina defended her 20 km walk World Championships title
Rank Athlete Nationality Time Notes
1st Olga Kaniskina 1:28:09
2nd Olive Loughnane 1:28:58 SB
3rd Liu Hong 1:29:10 SB
4 Anisya Kirdyapkina 1:30:09
5 Vera Santos 1:30:35
6 Beatriz Pascual 1:30:40
7 Masumi Fuchise 1:31:15
8 Kristina Saltanovič 1:31:23 SB
9 Elisa Rigaudo 1:31:52
10 Susana Feitor 1:32:04
11 Inês Henriques 1:32:51
12 Kumi Otoshi 1:33:05
13 Larisa Emelyanova 1:34:31
14 Vera Sokolova 1:34:35
15 Sniazhana Yurchanka 1:34:57
16 Ana Maria Groza 1:35:19
17 Valentina Trapletti 1:35:33 SB
18 Yang Mingxia 1:35:42
19 Zuzana Schindlerová 1:35:47
20 Tania Regina Spindler 1:35:51
21 Evaggelía Xinoú 1:35:56
22 Jess Rothwell 1:36:01
23 Claudia Stef 1:36:09
24 Brigita Virbalytė 1:36:28
25 Marie Polli 1:36:44
26 Zuzana Malíková 1:37:47
27 Claire Tallent 1:38:12
28 Agnieszka Dygacz 1:38:36
29 Alessandra Picagevicz 1:38:50
30 Geovana Irusta 1:39:16
31 Chaima Trabelsi 1:39:50
32 Svetlana Tolstaya 1:40:41 SB
33 Johana Ordóñez 1:42:27
34 Anamaria Greceanu 1:43:35
35 Rachel Lavallée 1:45:45
36 Olha Yakovenko 1:45:55
37 Cristina López 1:47:33 SB
Cheryl Webb DQ
Johanna Jackson DQ
María Hatzipanayiotídou DQ
Yang Yawei DQ
Monica Svensson DQ
Mária Gáliková DQ
Mayumi Kawasaki DQ
Kjersti Plätzer DQ
María Vasco DNF
Teresa Vaill DNF
Sabine Krantz DNF


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