2010 Dubai 24 Hour

The 2010 TOYO Tires Dubai 24 Hour was the 5th running of the Dubai 24 Hour endurance race. The race was held at the Dubai Autodrome and was organized by the promoter Creventic.[1] The official event commenced on 14 January and finished on 16 January 2010.[2]

The race was won by the A6 class IMSA Performance Matmut team, with Raymond Narac, Patrick Pilet and Marco Holzer piloting the team's Porsche 997 GT3 RSR to a race record distance, covering 608 laps over the 24 Hours. The podium was completed by a pair of A5 class BMW Z4 M-Coupés; the Petronas Syntium Team of Nobuteru Taniguchi, Masataka Yanagida, Fariqe Hairuman, Johannes Stuck and Hiroki Yoshida finished second, behind Narac, Pilet and Holzer, and the Al Faisal Racing team finished third, two laps behind the Petronas team, with a driving quartet of Abdulaziz and Khaled Al Faisal, Marko Hartung and Claudia Hürtgen. Other classes were won by BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics (11th overall, D2 class), Team Black Falcon (12th, SP2 class, and 31st, A4 class), Bovi Motorsport (13th, SP1 class), AUH Motorsports (16th, SP3 class), SUNRED Racing Team (20th, A3T class), Team Sally Racing (30th, A2 class), and Marcos Racing International (34th, D1 class).


Practice day for the participants was on 13 January and was split into two segments. The first segment was held at 11:30 a.m. and concluded at 12:30 a.m., giving the entrants 1 hour to prepare for the Qualifying Session. The other segment of practice was held started at 1:25 p.m. and concluded at 2:50 p.m. allowing the entrants another 1 hour 25 minutes to prepare their cars for the Qualifying Session. The Qualifying session was held on the same day as practice and commenced at 3:30 p.m. and concluded at 5:00 p.m.[2]

The race itself commenced on 15 January at exactly 2:00 p.m. with the weather being Sunny and warm. A total of 75 vehicles made up the grid for the 2010 Dubai 24 Hour which was down from last years number of 78 vehicles. Nonetheless, the Endurance Event lasted for the full 24 Hours and as such finished at 2:00 p.m. on 16 January.[2]


The Qualifying Session for the 2010 Dubai 24 Hour commenced on 13 January at 3:30 p.m. with the session lasting for 1 hour 30 minutes, concluding at 5:00 p.m.[2] Unlike the previous edition of the race in which the Top Ten was dominated by different variants of Porsche 911s, this year saw a mixture of 911s, a Mosler MT900, a number of BMW Z4 Coupes and a GT3-spec Ascari KZ1-R GT. However, Pole position was once again occupied by a Porsche entered by the IMSA Performance Matmut crew with a blistering time of 2:02.701.[3][4]

Rank No. Class Team Car Lap Time Gap
1 66 A6 IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 2:02.701
2 147 SP2 Gravity Racing International Mosler MT900R GT3 2:03.536 +0.835
3 8 A6 De Lorenzi Racing Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S 2:04.006 +1.305
4 65 A6 IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 2:05.179 +2.478
5 155 SP2 Rhino's Leipert Motorsport Ascari KZ1-R GT3 2:05.627 +2.926
6 2 A5 Al Faisal Racing BMW Z4 M-Coupé 2:06.009 +3.308
7 31 A6 Land Motorsport Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:06.189 +3.488
8 41 A5 Petronas Syntium Team BMW Z4 M-Coupé 2:06.533 +3.832
9 40 A5 Petronas Syntium Team BMW Z4 M-Coupé 2:06.783 +4.082
10 148 SP2 AF Corse Ferrari F430 GT2 2:07.241 +4.540
11 3 A6 Besaplast Racing Team Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:07.622 +4.921
12 1 A6 Land Motorsport Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:07.786 +5.085
13 4 A6 Auto Racing Club Bratislava Porsche 911 GT3 2:07.815 +5.114
14 7 SP2 First Motorsport Ferrari F430 GT3 2:07.843 +5.142
15 146 SP2 Craft Racing Ginetta G50Z GT3 2:08.365 +5.494
16 5 A6 Team Need For Speed Porsche 997 Supercup 2:08.365 +5.664
17 6 A6 Jetalliance Racing Porsche 997 Cup 2:09.723 +6.022
18 24 SP2 H&P Incentives BMW 140 GTR 2:08.754 +6.053
19 44 SP2 Mal Rose Racing Holden Commodore SS 2:08.945 +6.244
20 46 SP2 VDS Racing Adventures Ford Mustang FR500 2:09.034 +6.333
21 25 A6 Hermes Attempto Racing Gmbh Porsche 997 Cup 2:09.300 +6.599
22 10 A6 CC Car Collection Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:09.700 +6.999
23 168 SP1 Bovi Motorsport Brokernet Silver Sting 2:09.794 +7.093
24 16 A6 Lukas Motorsport Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:10.107 +7.406
25 11 A6 CC Car Collection Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:10.282 +7.581
26 9 A6 De Lorenzi Racing Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:10.560 +7.859
27 18 A6 Tzunami Rally Team Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2:11.567 +8.866
28 74 A3T SUNRED Racing Team SEAT Leon Super Copa 2:12.448 +9.747
29 124 SP3 Nicholas Mee Rcaing Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 2:13.482 +10.930
30 128 SP3 Gentle Swiss Racing Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 2:14.482 +11.781
31 78 A3T SUNRED Racing Team SEAT Leon Super Copa TFS 2:15.030 +12.329
32 122 SP3 AUH Motorsports Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 2:15.174 +12.473
33 171 SP1 Gomez Competition Solution F-Touring Cup 2:15.348 +12.647
34 123 SP3 Donkervoort Racing Donkervoort D8 GT 2:15.672 +12.971
35 121 SP3 AUH Motorsports Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 2:15.719 +13.018
36 154 SP3 Speedlover Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 2:16.611 +13.910
37 71 A3T Strategic Transport Racing SEAT Leon Super Copa 2:16.627 +13.926
38 33 D2 BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics BMW 120d 2:16.882 +14.181
39 17 A6 Track Torque Racing Ginetta G50 2:17.108 +14.407
40 45 A5 Povey Motorsport with Pontoon Hire BMW M3 2:17.183 +14.482
41 129 SP3 DXB Racing Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 2:18.197 +15.496
42 70 SP3 RED Motorsport Lotus Exige GT4 2:18.364 +15.663
43 72 A3T Strategic Transport Racing SEAT Leon Super Copa 2:18.688 +15.987
44 73 A3T Zengo Dubai Team Motorsport SEAT Leon Super Copa 2:18.768 +16.067
45 125 SP3 Nicholas Mee Racing Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 2:19.277 +16.576
46 76 A3T Zengo Motorsport KTF SEAT Leon Super Copa 2:19.311 +16.610
47 120 SP3 Brunswick Automtive Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2:19.642 +16.941
48 77 A3T WRC Developments Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 2:19.676 +16.975
49 75 A3T Tschornia Motorsport VW Golf R-Line 2:20.023 +17.332
50 145 SP2 GRC Racing Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 2:20.606 +17.905
51 170 SP1 Gomez Competition Solution F-Touring Cup 2:20.620 +17.919
52 172 SP2 Red Camel Racing Saker Sportscar GT TDI 2:21.117 +18.416
53 61 A4 K&K Racing Team BMW 130i 2:23.298 +20.597
54 88 A4 Team Black Falcon BMW Z4 Coupe SI 2:23.393 +20.692
55 165 A4 Team 930 Rush Porsche 964 Carrera 2:23.493 +20.792
56 86 A2 Boutsen Energy Racing Renault Clio Cup 2:24.738 +22.037
57 19 D2 Nooren Autosport BMW 120d 2:24.971 +22.270
58 110 D1 Volkswagen Motorsport Austria VW Scirocco TDI 2:25.521 +22.820
59 94 A2 Team First Renault Clio Cup 2:25.521 +22.909
60 95 A2 Team First Renault Clio Cup 2:26.137 +23.436
61 90 A2 Duel Racing Renault Clio Cup 2:26.202 +23.501
62 87 A2 Boutsen Energy Racing Renault Clio Cup 2:26.644 +23.943
63 89 A2 Team Sally Racing Renault Clio Cup 2:26.808 +24.107
64 42 A5 Jaco's Paddock Limited Motorsport BMW M3 2:26.906 +24.205
65 85 A2 Team Premier Renault Clio Cup 2:28.192 +25.491
66 108 D1 Red Camel Racing SEAT Leon TDI 2:28.641 +25.940
67 57 A2 LAP57 Racing Team Honda Civic Type R 2:28.939 +26.235
68 112 D1 Marcos Racing International BMW 120d 2:29.350 +26.649
69 62 A4 Duwo Racing BMW 130i Challenge 2:30.418 +27.717
70 116 D1 Marcos Racing International BMW 120d 2.30.920 +28.219
71 117 D1 Marcos Racing International BMW 120d 2:39.747 +37.046
72 99 SP2 Besaplast Racing Dolate Motorsport BMW M3 No Time No Time
73 111 SP2 Team Black Falcon BMW M3 No Time No Time
74 22 SP3 Al Faisal Racing BMW M3 GT4 No Time No Time
75 105 D1 Certainly Racing Team BMW 120d No Time No Time


The first eight hours saw a lot of action that involved some of the possible contenders for a podium finish. Among the early retirements were the Auto Racing Club Bratislava-Porsche (Miroslav Konopka-Oliver Morley-Sean Edwards-Richard Cvörnjek) and the Besaplast Racing Team-Porsche (Franjo Kovac-Martin Tschornia-Kurt Thiim-Roland Asch-Sebastian Asch). The latter team that finished third in last year's race was out of contention after their car caught fire on the main straight with Martin Tschornia behind the wheel, seven and a half hours into the race. The unfortunate driver escaped unscathed, but the car was damaged beyond immediate repair.[5]

Last year's winners, the No.1 Land Motorsport-Porsche (Gabriel Abergel-Xavier Pompidou-Carsten Tilke-Otto Klohs) were sidelined as well after Tilke had over-revved the engine. Almost at the same time, the number 148-AF Corse Ferrari (Robert Kaufmann-Michael Waltrip-Marcos Ambrose-Rui Águas-Niki Cadei) became involved in a collision with the car of NASCAR-star Michael Waltrip, who was in his first-ever 24-hour race in Dubai. Michael Waltrip couldn't avoid the collision when the other car started swerving in front of him. The Ferrari F430 also incurred considerable damage and retired. Up to the time of the accident, the car had always been in the top ten, running as high as sixth.[5]

In the opening half of the race, the pace was set by the two IMSA Performance Matmut-Porsches and the BMWs of the Petronas Syntium Team and Al Faisal Racing. However, the IMSA Performance Matmut team No.65's hopes were dealt a severe blow when the clutch had to be replaced on the car in the twelfth hour of the race. Later on, the car retired due to gearbox failure.[5]

In the end, the No.66 IMSA Performance Matmut team-Porsche 997 GT3-RSR was able to match its blistering Pole position performance with a solid final hour in the race to pen up a 2 Lap lead over the 2nd placed Petronas Syntium Team-BMW Z4 Coupe and take the victory. Though the Z4 Coupe GT was lapping faster in the final 20 minutes, the Porsche's reliability kept a solid gap between the two vehicles allowing for Porsche to win their third-straight Dubai 24 Hour.[5]

The Japanese Petronas Synthium team also raced in Dubai for the first time. They had their pair of BMW Z4s in the top five for most of the race, but the second car (Tatsuya Kataoka-Manabu Orido-Johan Adzmi-Kosuke Matsuura-Hiroki Yoshida) retired with half an hour remaining. A good performance was shown by the BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics. The BMW 120D driven by Lázlò Palik-János Vida-Csaba Walter-Gábor Weber finished eleventh overall out of the 75 participating cars, winning the D2-class for diesel-powered cars. The Hungarian Brokernet Silversting sportscar was also successful, winning the SP1 category with Kalman Bodis-Attila Barta-Istvàn Ràcz-Wolfgang Kaufmann driving for the Bovi Motorsport team. Leading the A3T-class, the SEAT Leon of the Spanish SUNRED team (Oscar Nogues-Michael Rossi-Ferran Monje-Borja Veiga) was in the top ten for a long time, but dropped back after a collision. Still, the SUNRED team scored a 1–2 in this class.[6]

The German Black Falcon team that has won the title in the German Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring for the past two years also had a very successful debut in Dubai, winning the SP2-class with the BMW M3 (Vimal Metha-Sean Patrick Breslin-Sean Paul Breslin-Christer Jöns-Alexander Böhm) and the A4-class with the BMW Z4 Coupé (Oleg Volin-Andrii Lebed-Marc Colell-Kai Riebetz-Alexander Böhm). There was local success for the AUH Motorsport team that won the SP3-class with the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, driven by Humaid Al Masaood-Alex Kapadia-Michael Prophet-Eric Charles. The A2-class brought victory for Team Sally Racing from Denmark, their Renault Clio driven by Anders Maigaard-Dan Brian Träger-Martin Sally Pederson-Brian Borger-Mick Reimerson. Victory in the D1 class, last but not least, went to the Marcos Racing International BMW 120D of Jim Briody-Hal Prewitt-Toto Lassally-Cor Euser.[5][6]

Rank Class No. Team Drivers Car Laps Gap Fastest Lap
1 A6 66 IMSA Performance Matmut Raymond Narac
Patrick Pilet
Marco Holzer
Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 608 2:03.892
2 A5 40 Petronas Syntium Team Nobuteru Taniguchi
Masataka Yanagida
Fariqe Hairuman
Johannes Stuck
Hiroki Yoshida
BMW Z4 M-Coupé 605 +3 Laps 2:05.594
3 A5 2 Al Faisal Racing Abdulaziz Al Faisal
Claudia Hürtgen
Marko Hartung
Khaled Al Faisal
BMW Z4 M-Coupé 603 +5 Laps 2:06&5
4 A6 31 Land Motorsport Jürgen Häring
Taki Konstantinou
René Münnich
Marc Basseng
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 588 +20 Laps 2:06.998
5 A6 16 Lukas Motorsport Robert Lukas
Mariusz Miekos
Stefan Bilinski
Teodor Myszkowski
Adam Kornacki
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 573 +35 Laps 2:08.975
6 A6 11 CC Car Collection Heinz Schmersal
Mike Stursberg
Stephan Rösler
Christoph Koslowski
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 568 +40 Laps 2:11.085
7 A6 5 Team Need For Speed Hubert Bergh
Magnus Öhman
Patrik Söderlund
Johan Sturesson
Porsche 997 Supercup 567 +41 Laps 2:08.675
8 A6 18 Tzunami Rally Team Oleksandr Gayday
Arno Klasen
Andrii Kruglyk
Michael Schratz
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 567 +41 Laps 2:09.353
9 A6 10 CC Car Collection Peter Schmidt
Kersten Jodexnis
David Horn
Hans-Christian Zink
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 566 +42 Laps 2:09.856
10 A6 25 Hermes Attempto Racing Gmbh Sven Heyrowsky
Dietmar Haggenmüller
Florian Scholze
Porsche 997 Cup 564 +44 Laps 2:10.107
11 D2 33 BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics Lászlò Palik
János Vida
Csaba Walter
Gábor Wéber
BMW 120D 560 +48 Laps 2:16.408
12 SP2 111 Team Black Falcon Vimal Mehta
Sean Patrick Breslin
Sean Paul Breslin
Christer Joens
Alexander Böhm
BMW M3 560 +48 Laps 2:12.622
13 SP1 168 Bovi Motorsport Kalman Bodis
Attila Barta
Istvàn Ràcz
Wolfgang Kaufmann
Brokernet Silver Sting 556 +52 Laps 2:08.661
A5 41 Petronas Syntium Team Tatsuya Kataoka
Manabu Orido
Johan Adzmi
Kosuke Matsuura
Hiroki Yoshida
BMW Z4 M-Coupé 555 +53 Laps 2:06.871
15 SP2 46 VDS Racing Adventures Raphael van der Straten
Stéphane Lémeret
José Close
Karim Al Azhari
Ford Mustang FR500 555 +53 Laps 2:08.408
16 SP3 122 AUH Motorsports Humaid Al Masaood
Alex Kapadia
Michael Prophet
Eric Charles
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 552 +56 Laps 2:13.706
17 SP3 22 Al Faisal Racing Al Faisal
Al Mouri
BMW M3 GT4 551 +57 Laps 2:15.192
18 SP3 124 Nicholas Mee Racing Karsten le Blanc
David Clark
Shaun Lynn
Wolfgang Kaufmann
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 550 +58 Laps 2:15.192
19 SP3 129 DXB Racing Frederic Gaillard
Jonathan Simmonds
Julian Griffin
Phil Quaife
Robert Barff
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 549 +59 Laps 2:13.762
20 A3T 74 SUNRED Racing Team Oscar Nogues
Michael Rossi
Ferran Monje
Borja Veiga
SEAT Leon Super Copa 546 +62 Laps 2:12.203
21 A3T 78 SUNRED Racing Team Noel Jamal
Toni Forné
Marcos de Diego
Josep Maria Dabad
SEAT Leon Super Copa TFS 540 +68 Laps 2:14.463
22 SP2 147 Gravity Racing International Stephan Lemeret
Loris de Sordi
Vincent Radermecker
Eric Lux
Gerard Lopez
Mosler MT900R GT3 538 +70 Laps 2:06.010
23 SP3 123 Donkervoort Racing Nico Pronk
Denis Donkervoort
Peter Kox
Stéphane Wintenberger
Donkervoort D8 GT 531 +77 Laps 2:14.403
24 SP3 121 AUH Motorsports Jordon Grogor
Bassam Kornfli
Alban Varutti
Martin Dechent
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 527 +81 Laps 2:14.209
25 D2 19 Nooren Autosport Marcel Nooren
Luc Braams
Wim van Genderen
Bas Koeten
BMW 120d 523 +85 Laps 2:23.931
26 SP1 171 Gomez Competition Armand Funal
Michael Schmetz
Jeremy Reymond
Joe Schmitz
Solution F-Touring Cup 516 +92 Laps 2:14.256
27 A3T 75 Tschornia Motorsport Johann Wanger
Patrick Hilty
Paul Hunsperger
Thomas Wasel
Matthias Wasel
VW Golf R-Line 516 +92 Laps 2:18.961
28 SP2 172 Red Camel Racing Monny Krant
Jean-Sebastian Sauriol
Ivo Breukers
Henk Thijssen
Ton Verkoelen
Saker Sportscar GT TDI 509 +99 Laps 2:16.571
29 A5 45 Povey Motorsport with Pontoon Hire Guy Povey
Alistair Davidson
Geoff Kimber-Smith
Tom Kimber-Smith
BMW M3 502 +106 Laps 2:18.789
30 A2 89 Team Sally Racing Anders Maigaard
Dan Brian Träger
Martin Sally Pederson
Brian Borger
Mick Reimerso
Renault Clio Cup 497 +111 Laps 2:26.103
31 A4 88 Team Black Falcon Oleg Volin
Andrii Lebed
Marc Colell
Kai Riebetz
Alexander Böhm
BMW Z4 Coupe SI 494 +114 Laps 2:24.411
32 A2 90 Duel Racing Ramzi Moutran
Sami Moutran
Nabil Moutran
Salman Bin Rashid Al-Khalifa
Renault Clio Cup 486 +122 Laps 2:24.551
33 A3T 71 Strategic Transport Racing Malcolm Niall
Clint Harvey
Brett Niall
Daniel Welch
SEAT Leon Super Copa 483 +125 Laps 2:14.672
34 D1 112 Marcos Racing International Jim Briody
Hal Prewitt
Toto Lassally
Cor Euser
BMW 120d 479 +129 Laps 2:28.811
35 A2 86 Boutsen Energy Racing Carlos Sarrea
Michael Sarrea
Julien Piguet
Frederic Renner
Jean Michel Carton
Renault Clio Cup 474 +134 Laps 2:23.676
SP2 44 Mal Rose Racing Mal Rose
Tony Alford
Peter Leemhuis
Holden Commodore SS 470 +138 Laps 2:09.484
37 A3T 73 Zengo Dubai Team Motorsport Robert Galotti
Balasz Galotti
Tamas Revesz
Nadir Zuhour
Christophe Hissette
SEAT Leon Super Copa 468 +140 Laps 2:17.005
38 A5 42 Jaco's Paddock Limited Motorsport Lorenzo Rocco
BMW M3 467 +141 Laps 2:22.894
39 D1 117 Marcos Racing International Aaron Scott
Andy Ruhan
Bob Lyons
Craig Wilkins
Tommy Dreelan
BMW 120d 464 +144 Laps 2:28.650
40 A2 85 Team Premier Hannes Waimer
Bernhard Schnell
Haus Hotfiel
Armin Schmid
Renault Clio Cup 463 +145 Laps 2:26.513
41 A4 62 Duwo Racing Frédéric Schmit
Nicolas Schmit
Jean-Louis Dauger
Antoine Orel
Jean-Marie Dumont
BMW 130i Challenge 459 +149 Laps 2:25.753
42 SP2 145 GRC Racing Jacob Thomsen
Harald Nordeng
Hans Peter Lieb
Thierry Blaise
Olivier Baharian
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 443 +165 Laps 2:15.477
A6 8 De Lorenzi Racing Stefano Borghi
Piergiuseppe Perazzini
Marco Cioci
Gianluca de Lorenzi
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S 438 +170 Laps 2:03.348
44 A2 95 Team First David Carvalho
Alexandre Renneteau
Stephane Payelle
Mike Wainwright
Fabien Giroix
Renault Clio Cup 435 +173 Laps 2:24.736
A2 87 Boutsen Energy Racing Sebastien Deveze
Philipe Vigneron
Jean-Charles Battut
Pierre-Yves Rosoux
Jean-Michel Carton
Renault Clio Cup 420 +188 Laps 2:24.111
46 SP2 146 Craft Racing Eric Ying Wai Cheung
Frank Yu
Richard Dean
Aki Hiro Tsusuki
Ginetta G50Z GT3 412 +196 Laps 2:07.989
47 D1 116 Marcos Racing International Trevor Knight
Fred van Putten
Jafeth Molenaar
Santia Navarro
BMW 120d 410 +198 Laps 2:29.581
48 SP3 120 Brunswick Automtive Mark Griffiths
Nikolay Zhuravlev
Rigo Mey
Nick Gooch
Ian Barrowman
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 408 +200 Laps 2:16.307
49 SP3 125 Nicholas Mee Racing Tarek Mahmoud
Greg Audi
Jalal Mahmoud
Corentine Quiniou
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 403 +205 Laps 2:16.700
A6 65 IMSA Performance Matmut Christophe Bourret
Pascal Gibon
Richard Balandras
Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 400 +208 Laps 2:04.255
51 A3T 72 Strategic Transport Racing Pilatti
SEAT Leon Super Copa 397 +211 Laps 2:17.141
52 A4 165 Team 930 Rush Yutaka Matsushima
Masashi Kakiuchi
Jun Yamashita
Yousuke Shimojima
Porsche 964 Carrera 356 +252 Laps 2:18.230
53 A4 61 K&K Racing Team Marcel Kusin
Petr Valek
Stepan Ladik
Petr Fulin
BMW 130i 348 +260 Laps 2:20.588
54 SP3 128 Gentle Swiss Racing Frederic Barth
Stefano Comini
Wolfgang Kudrass
Valentin Hummel
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 342 +266 Laps 2:15.874
55 A2 57 LAP57 Racing Team Mohammed Al Owais
Omran Al Owais
Saeed Al Mehairi
Umair A. Khan
Honda Civic Type R 341 +267 Laps 2:23.452
A6 9 De Lorenzi Racing Giorgio Piodi
Angelo Cobianchi
Guido Formilli Fendi
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 337 +271 Laps 2:10.468
57 D1 105 Certainly Racing Team Marcel van Leen
Sven Andries
Christiaan Frankenhout
Sebastian Kamps
BMW 120d 322 +286 Laps 2:27.190
SP2 155 Rhino's Leipert Motorsport Roland Hertner
Peter Röschmann
Andzej Dzikevic
Roland Rehfeld
Marcel Leipert
Ascari KZ1-R GT3 304 +304 Laps 2:05.555
A6 6 Jetalliance Racing Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer
Vitus Eckert
Marco Seefried
Martin Rich
Porsche 997 Cup 287 +321 Laps 2:09.934
D1 108 Red Camel Racing Monny Krant
Jean-Sebastian Sauriol
Ivo Breukers
Henk Thijssen
Wolf Nathan
SEAT Leon TDI 286 +322 Laps 2:28.232
SP1 170 Gomez Competition Jean-Marc Merlin
Damien Kohler
Michel Pulinx
Yves Provins
Solution F-Touring Cup 261 +347 Laps 2:19.581
SP3 70 RED Motorsport Martin Roos
Gunther Deutsch
Marco Deutsch
Karolina Lampel-Czapka
Lotus Exige GT4 248 +360 Laps 2:18.687
D1 110 Volkswagen Motorsport Austria Hannes Danzinger
Michael Kogler
Levente Zoltan Lászlóf
Willi Rabl
VW Scirocco TDI 242 +366 Laps 2:24.666
A2 94 Team First Roald Goethe
Frederic Fatien
Jean-Pierre Valentini
Theophile Albertini
Fabien Giroix
Renault Clio Cup 221 +387 Laps 2:26.027
SP2 148 AF Corse Robert Kauffman
Michael Waltrip
Marcos Ambrose
Rui Águas
Nicola Cadei
Ferrari F430 GT2 210 +398 Laps 2:06.081
66 SP3 154 Speedlover Richard Verburg
Jean-Michel Gérome
Dirk de Groof
Jean-Michel Gérome
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 203 +405 Laps 2:16.177
A3T 76 Zengo Motorsport KTF Tamás Horváth
György Kontra
Gábor Kismarty-Lechner
Zoltan Zengo
Istvan Gáspár
SEAT Leon Super Copa 182 +426 Laps 2:18.206
A6 1 Land Motorsport Gabriel Abergel
Xavier Pompidou
Carsten Tilke
Otto Klohs
Posrche 997 GT3 Cup 176 +432 Laps 2:08(4
A6 3 Besaplast Racing Team Franjo Kovac
Martin Tschornia
Kurt Thiim
Roland Asch
Sebastian Asch
Posrche 997 GT3 Cup 168 +440 Laps 2:06.826
SP2 7 First Motorsport Christian Kelders
Philippe Greisch
Daniel Desbrueres
Catherine Desbrueres
Ferrari F430 GT3 151 +457 Laps 2:08.120
A6 17 Track Torque Racing Matthew Perry
Nigel Farmer
Nicola Pantone
Ginetta G50 124 +484 Laps 2:16.486
A6 4 Auto Racing Club Bratislava Miroslav Konopka
Oliver Morley
Sean Edwards
Richard Cvörnjek
Porsche 911 GT3 87 +521 Laps 2:10.992
73 A3T 77 WRC Developments James Kaye
James Emmett
Raed Hassan
Mark Lemmer
Luke Hines
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 56 +552 Laps 2:17.410
SP2 24 H&P Incentives Peter van der Kolk
Jeroen Bleekemolen
Michael Bleekemolen
Henry Zumbrink
Jeroen van der Heuvel
BMW 140 GTR 1 +607 Laps No Time
DNS SP2 99 Besaplast Racing Dolate Motorsport Frank Schmickler
Jörg Hardt
BMW M3 N/A N/A No Time


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