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22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron

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Title: 22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron  
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Subject: Binh Thuy Air Base
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22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron

22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron
22d Tactical Air Support Squadron

Emblem of the 22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron
Active 1941-1991
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Role Tactical Air Support Training
Decorations RVGC w/ Palm
see 46th Bomb Squadron for the Strategic Air Command squadron

The 22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with the 602d Tactical Air Control Wing, based at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. It was inactivated on 30 September 1991.

It has been in active service for four different occasions, and saw combat service in the early years of World War II and in the Vietnam War. [1]


World War II

Squadron participated in antisubmarine patrols in the American Theater, January 1942-August 1943, and in European Theater, September-November 1943. Antisubmarine patrol flights were conducted in the squadron's assigned areas, producing a situation map that was continuously updated with enemy and friendly forces, convoys, and other pertinent information. The antisubmarine patrols also produced an enemy dispersion chart showing the disposition of all known enemy submarines in the entire Atlantic area. The ground echelon disbanded on 30 October 1943, and the air echelon disbanded on 11 November 1943.

It briefly served in the European Theater of Operations in September to November 1943. The ground echelon disbanded on 30 Oct 1943, and the air echelon disbanded on 11 November 1943.

Vietnam War

The 22d Tactical Air Support Squadron (Light) organized at Binh Thuy Air Base, South Vietnam, on 8 May 1965. It provided aircrews in Vietnam to direct air strikes for tactical aircraft operating within the Tactical Air Control System (TACS). Visual reconnaissance, convoy escort, and other missions were conducted as directed by the Tactical Air Commander, and aircraft and maintenance were provided in support of these operations within IV Corps, Republic of Vietnam, as directed by Seventh Air Force. The squadron provided aircraft and personnel in support of the Theater Indoctrination School, and field and transient maintenance support of USAF aircraft at Binh Thuy Air Base. The 22nd operated the Cessna 0-1 aircraft, 1965–1971; and the Cessna 0-2 aircraft, 1967–1971. Personnel and other resources of the 22d were absorbed by the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron on 15 January 1971, and the 22d was unmanned and non-operational until it transferred W/O/P/E to Wheeler AFB, Hawaii, on 15 May 1971.

Over the course of the war, the 22nd TASS suffered four killed in action.[2] Aircraft losses were 13 O-1 Bird Dogs and three Cessna O-2 Skymasters.[3]

Hawaii service

At Wheeler the 22d, using the Cessna 0-2, organized, trained, and equipped assigned personnel to provide the Air Force Component Commander with a joint force, capable of operating and maintaining a tactical air support subsystem for ground forces requiring close air support, tactical air reconnaissance, and tactical airlift.

The squadron also provided Direct Air Support Center and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) personnel and equipment to support US Army units in Hawaii. During 1982, the 22d participated in a number of exercises and prepared plans for conversion to the OV-10. Converted to the OV-10 aircraft, August-October 1983. Supported U.S. Army on the ground with TACPs creating a network which provided the Army with immediate air support and, in the air, with OV-10 forward air control support. Participated in numerous exercises with US and allied army ground units throughout the Far East.

It was inactivated on 22 September 1988. It was then re-designated 22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron on 1 October 1988 and reactivated on 14 October 1988. Its final inactivation was on 30 September 1991.[1]


  • Constituted 46th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 20 November 1940
Activated on 15 January 1941
Redesignated: 22d Antisubmarine Squadron (Heavy) on 3 March 1943
Disbanded on 11 November 1943
  • Reconstituted, and consolidated (19 September 1985), with the 22d Tactical Air Support Squadron(Light)
  • Constituted, and activated, on 26 April 1965
Organized on 8 May 1965
Inactivated on 22 September 1988
  • Redesignated 22d Tactical Air Support Training Squadron on 1 October 1988
Activated on 14 October 1988.
Inactivated on 30 September 1991


Air echelon attached to: Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command on 13 October 1942
Further attached to 2d Bombardment Group, 13-29 October 1942
Air echelon attached to: 25th Antisubmarine Wing 20 November 1942-8 March 1943
18th Replacement Wing (ground echelon), 24 September-30 October 1943



Other TASS


  • Hobson, Chris (2001). Vietnam Air Losses: United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Fixed-Wing Aircraft Losses in Southeast Asia 1961-1973. Midland Publications. ISBN 1857801156, 9781857801156.

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