CAS number 96-14-0 YesY
PubChem 7282 YesY
ChemSpider 7010 YesY
EC number 202-481-4
UN number 1208
MeSH 3-methylpentane
Beilstein Reference 1730734
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C6H14
Molar mass 86.18 g mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Odorless
Density 664 mg mL−1
Melting point

-118 °C, 155.15 K, -180 °F

Boiling point

63-64 °C, 336.0-336.8 K, 145-147 °F

Solubility in water Insoluble
log P 3.608
Vapor pressure 18.0 kPa (at 17 °C)
kH 8.8 mol Pa−1 kg−1
Refractive index (nD) 1.376
Std enthalpy of
−203.0–−201.0 kJ mol−1
Std enthalpy of
−4.1608–−4.1590 MJ mol−1
Standard molar
292.5 J K−1 mol−1
Specific heat capacity, C 191.16 J K−1 mol−1
GHS pictograms
GHS signal word DANGER
GHS hazard statements H225, H304, H315, H336, H411
GHS precautionary statements P210, P261, P273, P301+310, P331
EU Index 601-007-00-7
EU classification N
R-phrases R11, R36, R51/53, R65
S-phrases S16, S33
Flash point −7 °C
278 °C
Explosive limits 1.2–7.7%
Related compounds
Related alkanes
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Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa)
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3-Methylpentane is a branched-chain alkane with the molecular formula C6H14. It is a structural isomer of hexane composed of a methyl group bonded to the third carbon atom in a pentane chain. It is of similar structure to the isomeric 2-methylpentane, which has the methyl group located on the second carbon of the pentane chain.


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