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79th Air Refueling Squadron

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Title: 79th Air Refueling Squadron  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star, RAF Membury, 452d Air Mobility Wing, RAF Bottesford, 349th Air Mobility Wing, 452d Operations Group
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79th Air Refueling Squadron

79th Air Refueling Squadron

79th Air Refueling Squadron Patch
Active 1 April 1943 - 15 November 1945
11 April 1948 - 16 April 1951
18 May 1955 - 15 May 1958
14 May 1966 - 1 October 1978
1 September 1982 - Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Aerial refueling
Part of Air Force Reserve Command
4th Air Force
349th Air Mobility Wing
349th Operations Group
Garrison/HQ Travis Air Force Base
Engagements Operation Overlord
Operation Dragoon
Operation Market Garden
Operation Varsity
Decorations RVGC w/ Palm

The 79th Air Refueling Squadron (79 ARS) is a United States Air Force Reserve squadron, assigned to the 349th Operations Group, stationed at Travis Air Force Base, California. It is a corollary unit of the active duty 9th Air Refueling Squadron, 60th Air Mobility Wing (60 AMW).


Formed in April 1943 by I Troop Carrier Command, trained and equipped at various bases in the United States for the balance of the year. Deployed to England, being assigned to IX Troop Carrier Command, Ninth Air Force in early January 1944, during the Allied buildup prior to the invasion of France.

The squadron participated in the D-Day operation, dropping 101st Airborne Division paratroops near Cherbourg, then carried out re-supply and glider delivery missions the following day.

The squadron's aircraft flew supplies into Normandy as soon as suitable landing strips were available and evacuated casualties to England. On 17 July the air echelon flew to Grosseto airbase in Italy to prepare for operations connected with the invasion of southern France returning to England on 24 August.

Squadron moved to France in July 1944 and for the balance of the Northern France Campaign and the Western Allied invasion of Germany was engaged in combat resupply of ground forces, operating from Advanced Landing Grounds in northern France. Delivered supplies to rough Resupply and Evacuation airfields near the front lines, returning combat casualties to field hospitals in rear areas. Dropped airborne forces during Operation Market-Garden in September 1944 into the Netherlands; later participated in the airborne invasion of Germany in March 1945. After V-E Day, the squadron evacuated prisoners of war.

Returned to the United States in August 1945, became a transport squadron for Continental Air Command, Inactivated on 15 November 1945. Operated in the reserve, 1948-1951 with C-47s, activated during the Korean War. It's personnel and aircraft assigned as fillers for active-duty units, inactivated a few days later as an administrative unit.

It performed worldwide airlift operations from, 1966–1971, including missions to Southeast Asia. The squadron also flew airborne early warning and control missions in the air defense of the United States from, 1971-1978. Since 1982 it has trained for and flown worldwide air refueling and strategic airlift missions, including contingency and humanitarian relief operations.[1]

Operations and Decorations

  • Combat Operations. Transported cargo and troops in the European and Mediterranean Theaters of Operation during World War II. Dropped relief supplies to Bastogne and took part in airborne assaults on Normandy, southern France, the Netherlands, and Germany in 1944 and 1945. Flew missions to southeast Asia during Vietnam War. Supported Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle after the 11 September 2001 attack on the U. S.
  • Campaigns. World War II: Rome-Arno; Normandy; Northern France; Southern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe.


  • Constituted as 79th Troop Carrier Squadron on 23 March 1943
Activated on 1 April 1943
Inactivated on 15 November 1945
  • Activated in the Reserve on 11 April 1948
Re-designated as: 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium on 27 June 1949
Ordered to active service on 1 April 1951
Inactivated on 16 April 1951
  • Activated in the Reserve on 18 May 1955
Inactivated on 15 May 1958
  • Re-designated as: 79th Military Airlift Squadron, and activated in the Reserve, on 14 March 1966
Organized on 1 April 1966
Re-designated as: 79th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron on 30 June 1971
Inactivated on 1 October 1978
  • Re-designated as: 79th Air Refueling Squadron (Heavy) (Associate) on 21 June 1982
Activated in the Reserve on 1 September 1982
Re-designated as: 79th Air Refueling Squadron (Associate) on 1 February 1992
Re-designated as: 79th Air Refueling Squadron on 1 October 1994.





  • AFHRA Factsheet 79 Air Refueling Squadron

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