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Title: Acropomatidae  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of deep water fish of the Red Sea, Percoidei, Acropomatidae, Jakoten, List of fish families
Collection: Acropomatidae, Articles Which Contain Graphical Timelines, Percoidei
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


The Acropomatidae, also known as the lanternbellies or the temperate ocean-basses, are a family of perciform fish consisting of 33 marine species. Members of Acropoma are notable for having light-emitting organs along their undersides. They are found in all temperate and tropical oceans, usually at depths of several hundred meters.

Members of the family are generally small, with some ranging up to 40 cm, but most no more than 15 cm. They have two dorsal fins, the first with seven to 10 spines, and the second with possibly a spine in addition to eight to 10 soft rays. The anal fin has two or three spines, and the pelvic fins one spine and five soft rays.

Timeline of genera

Blackmouth bass, Synagrops bellus


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