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Albanian Superliga

Albanian Superliga
Country  Albania
Confederation UEFA
Founded 6 June 1930
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to First Division
Domestic cup(s) Albanian Cup
Albanian Supercup
International cup(s) Champions League
Europa League
Current champions KF Skënderbeu (6th title)
Most championships KF Tirana (24 titles)
TV partners TVSH
Website Official
2015–16 Albanian Superliga

The Albanian Superliga (Albanian: Kategoria Superiore), is a professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the Albanian football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Currently contested by 10 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Albanian First Division. Seasons currently run from August to May, with teams playing 36 matches each (playing each team in the league four times, twice at home and twice away).

The competition was originally founded in 1930 as the Albanian National Championship during the reign of King Zog, shortly after the creation of the Albanian Football Association. Since 1930, 43 clubs have competed in officially recognized competitions, while only 8 clubs have won the title: KF Tirana (24), Dinamo Tirana (18), Partizani Tirana (15), Vllaznia Shkodër (9), Skënderbeu Korçë (6), KF Elbasani (1), Flamurtari Vlorë (1) and Teuta Durrës (1). The current champions are Skënderbeu Korçë, who won their 5th consecutive title in 2014–15.


  • History 1
    • Early history 1.1
    • Albania 1st Football Tournament of 1911 1.2
    • Championships of World War II 1.3
  • Current competition format 2
    • Qualification for European competitions 2.1
    • Creation of the Pan-Albanian league 2.2
  • 2015–16 Member Clubs 3
  • All-time champions, second placed and leading goalscorers 4
    • Table 4.1
    • Performance by club 4.2
  • References 5
  • External links 6


Early history

Football was first introduced to Albania by an English-Maltese priest named Gut Ruter, who visited the Saverian college in Shkodër in 1908. Arguably, the first football club in Albania was Indipendenca, and it was founded in Shkodër in 1912 by Palokë Nika.[1] The first 90-minute game to be played with two 45 minute halves took place in October 1913 Indipendenca Shkodër and the occupying Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy. The game is considered to be the first international game to be played in Albania, and it ended in a 2–1 loss for Indipendenca, with the captain and founder of the club Palokë Nika scoring the only goal for the Albanians.[1][2]

The First Division in Albanian football was founded in 1930. Like many countries though, a Premier Division (Superliga) has been founded since then and First Division is now the second level in Albanian football. This became the case in 1998. The league has been dominated by clubs from Albania's capital city, Tirana, with only nineteen titles going elsewhere in the country. Nine of those nineteen titles have gone to Vllaznia Shkodër.

Albania 1st Football Tournament of 1911

It was claimed in the press in 2012 that a championship was played in 1911.[3]

Championships of World War II

1939, 1940 and 1942.[4][5]

According to all information gathered in years from Albanian and foreign historians, players and veterans who lived these events, clear evidence proves the existence of these championships at that time, as well as the existence of three trophies given from AFA officials themselves. Particularly the 1942 Albanian Superliga had a nationwide participation – the first and the only one so far involving teams from both countries, Albania and Kosovo. KF Tirana have won two of these championships, 1939 Albanian Superliga & 1942 Albanian Superliga and KS Vllaznia have won 1940 Albanian Superliga. This would update the championship trophies won by these clubs to respectively 26 and 10 to present time.

The AFA.[6]

Current competition format

There are 10 clubs in the Superior League. During the course of the season (from August to May) each club plays the others 4 times, twice at their home stadium and twice at that of their opponents, for a total of 36 games. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then head-to-head record, then goal difference, and then goals scored. At the end of each season, the club with the most points are crowned champions. If points are equal, the head-to head record and then goal difference determine the winner. The two lowest placed teams are relegated to the Albanian First Division and the top two teams from there are promoted in their place.

Qualification for European competitions

As of the start of the 2013–14 Albanian Superliga season, qualification for European competitions is as follows: champions qualify for the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League, second and third place qualifies for the 1st qualifying round of the Europa League. The Albanian Cup winners qualify for the 1st qualifying round of the Europa League.

Creation of the Pan-Albanian league

On 4 January 2013 the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha has called on the creation of a study group to create a Pan-Albanian football league, as well as pan-Albanian leagues in all sports, where teams from both Albania and Kosovo would participate.[8] However Armand Duka, president of the FSHF, thinks that the idea cannot be realized given that the statutes of UEFA and FIFA would not allow such league.[9]

2015–16 Member Clubs

The following 10 clubs will compete in the Superliga during the 2015–16 season.

Club City
in top
First season
current spell
top division
KF Tërbuni Pukë Pukë 0212nd in the First Division 2015 2015–16
KF Bylis Ballsh Ballsh 0111st in the First Division 1996 2015–16
Flamurtari Vlorë Vlorë 0046th 1930 2006–07 1 1990–91
FK Kukësi Kukës 0012nd 2011–12 3 2011–12
KF Laçi Laç 0115th 1991–92 2009–10
Partizani Tirana Tirana 0073rd 1947 2012–13 15 2007–08
Skënderbeu Korçë Korçë 0021st 1930 2009–10 6 2014–15
Teuta Durrës Durrës 0038th 1930 1962–63 1 1993–94
Tirana Tirana 0134th 1930 1930 24 2008–09
Vllaznia Shkodër Shkodër 0107th 1930 1962–63 9 2000–01

All-time champions, second placed and leading goalscorers


Year Champions Runners-up Leading goalscorer (Club)[10] Goals
1911 SK Tirana (unofficial tournament) KS Shkumbini N/A N/A
1930 SK Tirana KF Skënderbeu Emil Hajnali (SK Tirana)
Rexhep Maçi (SK Tirana)
1931 SK Tirana Teuta Aristotel Samsuri (KF Skënderbeu) 9
1932 SK Tirana Vllaznia Haki Korça (SK Tirana) 4*
1933 KF Skënderbeu Vllaznia Servet Tefik Agai (KF Skënderbeu) 7
1934 SK Tirana KF Skënderbeu Mark Gurashi (SK Tirana) 12
1935 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1936 SK Tirana Vllaznia Riza Lushta (SK Tirana) 11
1937 SK Tirana Vllaznia Riza Lushta (SK Tirana) 25
1938 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1939 SK Tirana (not recognized officially by AFA) Vllaznia N/A N/A
1940 Vllaznia (not recognized officially by AFA) KF Skënderbeu N/A N/A
1941 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1942 SK Tirana (not recognized officially by AFA) Vllaznia N/A N/A
1943 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1944 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1945 Vllaznia SK Tirana Loro Boriçi (Vllaznia) 11*
1946 Vllaznia Flamurtari Xhevdet Shaqiri (Vllaznia) 11
1947 Partizani Vllaznia Hamdi Bakalli (Partizani) 7*
1948 Partizani Flamurtari Tish Daija (Flamurtari)
Zihni Gjinali (Partizani)
1949 Partizani Vllaznia Zihni Gjinali (Partizani) 14*
1950 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani) ??
1951 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani) 59
1952 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani) 17*
1953 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani) 9*
1954 Partizani Dinamo Refik Resmja (Partizani) 13*
1955 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani)
Skënder Jareci (Dinamo)
1956 Dinamo Partizani Refik Resmja (Partizani) 17
1957 Partizani Dinamo Niko Bespalla (Teuta) 15
1958 Partizani Besa Skënder Jareci (Dinamo) 14
1959 Partizani SK Tirana Stavri Lubonja (Dinamo) 11
1960 Dinamo Partizani Skënder Jareci (Dinamo) 16
1961 Partizani Dinamo Panajot Pano (Partizani) 17
1962–63 Partizani Dinamo Robert Jashari (Partizani) 18
1963–64 Partizani Dinamo Robert Jashari (Partizani) 9
1964–65 KF Tirana Partizani Robert Jashari (Partizani) 14
1965–66 KF Tirana Partizani Sajmir Dauti (Dinamo) 13
1966–67 Dinamo (not recognized officially by UEFA) KF Tirana Medin Zhega (Dinamo) 19
1968 KF Tirana Partizani Skënder Hyka (KF Tirana) 19
1969–70 KF Tirana Partizani Panajot Pano (Partizani) 17
1970–71 Partizani Dinamo Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 19
1971–72 Vllaznia KF Tirana Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 17
1972–73 Dinamo Partizani Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 12
1973–74 Vllaznia Partizani Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 19
1974–75 Dinamo Vllaznia Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 17
1975–76 Dinamo KF Tirana Ilir Përnaska (Dinamo) 18
1976–77 Dinamo KF Skënderbeu Agim Murati (Partizani) 12
1977–78 Vllaznia Luftëtari Agim Murati (Partizani) 14
1978–79 Partizani KF Tirana Agim Murati (Partizani)
Petrit Dibra (KF Tirana)
1979–80 Dinamo KF Tirana Përparim Kovaçi (Tomori) 18
1980–81 Partizani Dinamo Dashnor Bajaziti (Besa) 12
1981–82 KF Tirana Flamurtari Vasil Ruci (Flamurtari) 12
1982–83 Vllaznia Partizani Dashnor Bajaziti (Besa) 16
1983–84 KS Elbasani KF Tirana Vasil Ruci (Flamurtari) 12
1984–85 KF Tirana Dinamo Faslli Fakja (Vllaznia)
Arben Minga (KF Tirana)
1985–86 Dinamo Flamurtari Kujtim Majaci (Apolonia) 20
1986–87 Partizani Flamurtari Arben Arbëri (Tomori) 14
1987–88 KF Tirana Flamurtari Agustin Kola (KF Tirana) 18
1988–89 KF Tirana Partizani Agustin Kola (KF Tirana) 19
1989–90 Dinamo Partizani Kujtim Majaci (Apolonia) 19
1990–91 Flamurtari Partizani Kliton Bozgo (Tomori) 29
1991–92 Vllaznia Partizani Edmir Bilali (Vllaznia) 21
1992–93 Partizani Teuta Edmond Dosti (Partizani) 20
1993–94 Teuta KF Tirana Edi Martini (Vllaznia) 14
1994–95 KF Tirana Teuta Arben Shehu (Luftëtari) 21
1995–96 KF Tirana Teuta Altin Çuko (Tomori) & (Laçi) 21
1996–97 KF Tirana Vllaznia Viktor Paço (Flamurtari) 14
1997–98 Vllaznia KF Tirana Dorian Bubeqi (Shkumbini) 26
1998–99 KF Tirana Vllaznia Artan Bano (KS Lushnja) 22
1999–00 KF Tirana Tomori Klodian Arbëri (Tomori) 18
2000–01 Vllaznia KF Tirana Indrit Fortuzi (KF Tirana) 31
2001–02 Dinamo KF Tirana Indrit Fortuzi (KF Tirana) 24
2002–03 KF Tirana Vllaznia Mahir Halili (KF Tirana) 20
2003–04 KF Tirana Dinamo Vioresin Sinani (Vllaznia) 36
2004–05 KF Tirana KS Elbasani Dorian Bylykbashi (Partizani) 24
2005–06 KS Elbasani KF Tirana Hamdi Salihi (KF Tirana) 29
2006–07 KF Tirana Teuta Vioresin Sinani (KF Tirana) 23
2007–08 Dinamo Partizani Vioresin Sinani (Vllaznia) 20
2008–09 KF Tirana Vllaznia Migen Memelli (KF Tirana) 23
2009–10 Dinamo Besa Daniel Xhafa (Besa) 18
2010–11 Skënderbeu Flamurtari Daniel Xhafa (Flamurtari) 19
2011–12 Skënderbeu Teuta Roland Dervishi (Shkumbini) 20
2012–13 Skënderbeu FK Kukësi Migen Memelli (Flamurtari) 19
2013–14 Skënderbeu FK Kukësi Pero Pejić (Skënderbeu) 20
2014–15 Skënderbeu FK Kukësi Pero Pejić (FK Kukësi) 31

Note: from 1958 to 1991, KF Tirana and KS Elbasani were named respectively 17 Nëntori and Labinoti.

Performance by club

Club Winners Runners-up Championship seasons
KF Tirana
1930, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1939 (not yet recognized by AFA), 1942 (not yet recognized by AFA), 1964–1965, 1966–67, 1968, 1969–1970, 1981–1982, 1984–1985, 1987–1988, 1988–1989, 1994–1995, 1995–1996, 1996–1997, 1998–1999, 1999–2000, 2002–2003, 2003–2004, 2004–2005, 2006–2007, 2008–2009
Dinamo Tirana
1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956, 1960, 1966–67, 1972–1973, 1974–1975, 1975–1976, 1976–1977, 1979–1980, 1985–1986, 1989–1990, 2001–2002, 2007–2008, 2009–2010
Partizani Tirana
1947, 1948, 1949, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962–1963, 1963–1964, 1970–1971, 1978–1979, 1980–1981, 1986–1987, 1992–1993
Vllaznia Shkodër
1940 (not yet recognized by AFA), 1945, 1946, 1971–1972, 1973–1974, 1977–1978, 1982–1983, 1991–1992, 1997–1998, 2000–2001
Skënderbeu Korçë
1933, 2010–2011, 2011–2012, 2012–2013, 2013–2014, 2014–2015
KF Elbasani
1983–1984, 2005–2006
Flamurtari Vlorë
Teuta Durrës
  • KF Tirana and Vllaznia Shkodër would have respectively won 26 and 10 titles, if the World War 2 Championships played during years 1939–1942 would be officially recognized from AFA. Read above for further information, details or references.


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  • – Albanian football league tables, records & statistics
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