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Along the Sungari River

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Title: Along the Sungari River  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: My Chinese Heart, Praise the Dragon Flag, Pu Tian Yue, Story of Spring, Bloodstained Glory
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Along the Sungari River

"Along the Sunghwa River" (Chinese: 松花江上; pinyin: Sōnghuā Jiāng Shàng) is a patriotic song from the War of Resistance in both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China.


The song describes the lives of the people who had lost their homeland in the Northeast after the Mukden Incident of 1931. It was written and composed by Zhang Hanhui.


Simplified Chinese













Traditional Chinese













Hanyu Pinyin

   wǒdejiāzàiDōngběiSōnghuā Jiāngshang,

   nàli yǒu sēnlín méikuàng,

   háiyǒu nà mǎnshānbiànyě de dàdòu gāoliáng.

   wǒ de jiā zài Dōngběi Sōnghuā Jiāng shàng,

   nàli yǒu wǒ de tóngbāo, háiyǒu nà shuāilǎo de diē-niáng.

   Jiǔ-Yībā, Jiǔ-Yībā! cóng nàgè bēicǎn de shíhou,

   Jiǔ-Yībā, Jiǔ-Yībā! cóng nàgè bēicǎn de shíhou,

   tuōlí le wǒ de jiāxiāng, pāoqì nà wújìn de bǎozàng,

   liúlàng! liúlàng! zhěngrìjia zài Guānnèi, liúlàng!

   nǎ nián nǎ yuè, cái nénggòu huídào wǒ nà kě'ài de gùxiāng?

   nǎ nián nǎ yuè, cái nénggòu shōuhuí wǒ nà wújìn de bǎozàng?

   diē-niáng a, diē-niáng a! shénme shíhou cái néng huānjù zài yītáng?

English Translation

My home is on Songhua River in the Northeast.

There are forests and coal mines.

There are soybeans and sorghum all over the mountain.

My home is on Songhua River in the Northeast.

There is my brother and my old parents.

September 18, September 18, since that miserable day,

September 18, September 18, since that miserable day,

I've left my homeland, discarded the endless treasure.

Roam, Roam, the whole day I roam inside the Great Wall.

When can I go back to my homeland?

When can I get back my endless treasure?

My mother, my father, when can we gather together?

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