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American Nitrox Divers International

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Title: American Nitrox Divers International  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: European Underwater Federation, American Canadian Underwater Certifications, International Diving Regulators Forum, American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Diving Science and Technology
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American Nitrox Divers International

American Nitrox Divers International
Abbreviation ANDI
Formation 1988
Type NGO
Headquarters Freeport, New York
  • 74 Woodcleft Avenue Freeport, New York 11520-3342
Region served World wide
President Ed Betts
Key people Ed Betts
Dick Rutkowski
Website .html/intro/

American Nitrox Divers International (or ANDI) was founded by Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski in 1988.

ANDI has since expanded to include offices in The United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Philippines, Latin America, Middle East, with its home office in the United States of America.[1]

"SafeAir" is ANDI's term of art for breathing mixtures with extra oxygen added that are commonly known as nitrox or Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN).

Open Water ratings

  • Introductory Scuba Experience - ISE
  • ANDI Surface Diver - ASD
  • Confined Environment Diver - CED
  • Junior Sport Diver - (L1) JSD
  • Open Water Sport Diver - (L1) OWD
  • Ocean Scuba Diver-L2 OSD
  • Ocean Diver - (L2) OCD
  • Ocean Adventurer - (L2) OCA
  • Advanced Open Water Diver - (L2) AOW
  • Ocean Explorer - (L2) OCE
  • Expert Scuba Diver - (L2) ESD
  • Ocean Expert Explorer - (L2) OEE
  • Rescue Diver - (L2) RSD
  • Openwater Divemaster - (L2) CDM
  • Assistant Instructor - (L2) ASI
  • Open Water Instructor - (L1&2) OWI
  • Advanced Openwater Instructor - AOWI
  • Master Instructor - (L2) MSI

Specialty ratings

  • Dry Suit Diver - DSD
  • Dry Suit Instructor - DSI
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle - DPV
  • Night Diver - NGT
  • Boat Diver - BOT
  • Deeper Water Diver - DWD
  • Navigation Diver - NAV
  • Specialty Instructor - (L1-2) SPI
  • Marine Environmentalist Specialty (MES)
  • Total Buoyancy Control Specialty (TBC)

SafeAir Ratings

  • Limited SafeAir User - (L1) LSU
  • Complete SafeAir User - (L2) CSU
  • SafeAir Instructor - (L1 & 2) LSI & CSI
  • SafeAir Wreck Diver - (L2) SWD
  • Altitude Diver Specialty - (L2) ALD
  • Specialty Instructor - (L2)
  • SafeAir Divemaster - (L2) SDM
  • Cavern Diver - (L2) CVN
  • Cavern Diver Instructor - (L2) CVI

Technical Ratings

  • Technical SafeAir Diver - (L3) TSD
  • Technical Tri-Mix Diver - (L3) TTM
  • Solo Diver - (L3) SLD
  • Technical Wreck Diver - (L3) TWD
  • Technical SafeAir Instructor - (L3) TSI
  • Technical Instructor (Specialty) - (L3)
  • Technical Divemaster - (L3) TDM
  • Cave Diver (L3) CAV
  • Cave Diver Instructor - (L3) CAI

Exploration Ratings

  • Extended Range Diver - (L4) ERD
  • Extended Range Instructor - (L4) ERI
  • Intermediate Tri-Mix Diver - (L5) ITM
  • Tri-Mix Diver - (L5) TMD
  • Exploration Divemaster - (L4 & 5) EDM
  • Tri-Mix Instructor - (L5) TMI
  • Cave Explorer - (L4) CVX
  • Cave Explorer Instructor - (L4) CXI
  • Cave Explorer - (L5) CVX
  • Cave Explorer Instructor - (L5) CXI

Rebreather Ratings

  • Rebreather Intro - (L1) ICC
  • Rebreather Diver - (L2) CCR
  • Rebreather Diver - (L2) SCR
  • Technical Rebreather Diver - (L3) TRD
  • Rebreather Explorer - (L5) ERE
  • Rebreather Instructor - (L1&2) RBI Technical Rebreather Instructor - (L3) TRI
  • Exploration Rebreather Inst. - (L5) XRI

Technician Ratings

  • Gas Blender - CGB
  • Advanced Gas Blender - AGB
  • Gas Blender Instructor - GBI
  • Breathing Gas Dispenser Tech - BDT
  • Breathing Gas Maintenance Tech - BMT
  • SafeAir Service Technician - CST
  • Service Technician Instructor - STI
  • Eddy Current Tech - ECT
  • Cylinder Inspection Technician - CIT
  • Apprentice Service Technician - AST
  • Professional Service Technician - PST
  • Senior Service Technician - SST
  • Master Service Technician - MST

Dive Medic Ratings

  • Oxygen Administration Provider - OXP
  • Oxygen Administration Instructor - OXI
  • CPR Provider - CPR
  • CPR Instructor - CPI
  • First Aid Provider - FAP
  • First Responder - FRS
  • Dive Medic - DMD
  • Dive Medic Instructor - DMI

Hyperbarics Ratings

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Awareness - HCA
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Tender - HCT
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - HCO
  • Certified Hyperbaric Technician - CHT
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor - HCI

EUF Certification

ANDI obtained CEN certification from the EUF certification body in 2005.[2]

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