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Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood
Born 1971
Nationality Australian
Area(s) Artist
Notable works
Metal Gear Solid
Automatic Kafka
Awards 2 Spectrum Award

Ashley Wood (born 1971) is Australian comic book artist and award-winning illustrator[1] known for his cover art, concept design and his work as an art director. Wood initially worked in both the UK and international comic book industries, working on characters such as the British character Judge Dredd, before breaking into the US market, where he worked for such companies as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Wood later worked for Image, creating graphic novels and cover art for the various Spawn properties of Todd McFarlane, and projects with IDW Publishing.[2]

Wood generally works in mixed media, often combining oil painting with digital artmaking.


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Wood at work in his studio. Working oil on canvas for Popbot #8

Wood initially worked in both the UK and international comic book industries, working on characters such as the British character Judge Dredd), before breaking into the US market, where he worked for such companies as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Wood later worked for Image, creating graphic novels and cover art for the various Spawn properties of Todd McFarlane, and projects with IDW Publishing.[2]

Wood has contributed to both movie and TV projects.[3] He has also worked solidly in the field of advertising and is an exhibited fine artist.

Working in conjunction with Konami Japan[4] and Japanese producer/director Hideo Kojima to produce Metal Gear Solid comics. Wood assisted in creating one of the world's first digital comics for Sony's PlayStation Portable platform, the Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel. Following this, he also supplied art for the cinema scenes in the 2006 PlayStation Portable game Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and for the comic book adaptation of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, which is receiving the same digital treatment as its predecessor.

Over the years he has worked with such musical acts as Reuben, Lismore, Kiss and rap artist Ice T.

In 2004, Ashley Wood and TP Louise formed 7174 PTY LTD., an Australian-based entertainment company. Operating from Australia on a global scale, 7174 is active in creating entertainment properties for the comic, film, toy, and video game industry among others. Ashley Wood is the creator of the Popbot and World War Robot series of graphic novels, Popbot is currently in film production with Resolution Independent and World War Robot is currently in pre-production with Disney Studios with Jerry Bruckheimer producing. Previous works include the graphic novel Lore which is currently in pre-production with Warner Brother's studio, with Barry Sonnenfeld directing. Another Wood collaboration Zombies Vs Robots is currently in pre-production with Sony Pictures, with Michael Bay producing.

Using an international network of development partners, coupled with the vast experience 7174 has, the company acts as an "umbrella" organisation which allows Ashley to create, own, and distribute his creations through a variety of media outlets.

In 2008, Ashley Wood and ThreeZero's founder Kim created threeA, a Hong Kong-based production house for designing, developing and manufacturing toys, posters, prints and clothing based on characters created by Ashley Wood.

Ashley also exhibits as a fine artist with sell out exhibitions including at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York and the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris France.

Personal life

Wood resides in Perth, Western Australia with author wife T.P Louise and three children.


  • 2002 Spectrum Gold Award for Advertising, for Popbot Blue[1]
  • 2002 Spectrum Gold Award for Comics, for "Luwona Angry"[1]
  • 2002 Award of Excellence for Illustration, Communication Arts[2]


  • 2006 Eisner Award for Best Short Story for "Blood Son" (shared with Chris Ryall)[5]
  • 2006 Eagle Award for Favourite Comics Artist for Painted Artwork
  • 2007 Eagle Award for Favourite Artist for Painted Artwork"
  • 2007 Eagle Award for Favourite Comics-Related Book, for Uno Tarino: The Latest Art of Ashley Wood
  • 2011 Designer Toy Award for Artist of the Year[6]


Comics and trade paperbacks


Art books

  • Gutsie Gator
  • Legger Boot
  • Uno Fanta
  • Dos Fanta
  • Tres Fanta
  • Sencilla Fanta (Sketch book)
  • Sencilla Finale (Sketch book)
  • Grande Fanta (Collects Uno, Dos and Tres Fanta)
  • Grande Finale (Collects Uno, Dos and Tres Fanta + 20 extra pages)
  • Extreme Finales (Collects Sencilla Fanta, Sencilla Finale and Grande Finale)
  • Swallow (Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Sparrow (Books 0, 1, 7, 14)
  • 48 Nudes
  • 48 More Nudes
  • 96 Nudes (Collects 48 Nudes and 48 More Nudes)
  • Uno Tarino
  • Dos Tarino
  • Tre Tarino
  • Fat Tarino (Collects Uno, Dos, Tre Tarino)
  • Snickety Snick series (3 books) + Big Gibbly Annual 2004 (One book collecting them all.) (sketch books)
  • Chunky Bits
  • F.I. #1
  • Fuck It (Books 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Raw Fuck It Volume 1
  • Fuck It Omnipuss (Collects Fuck It 1, 2, 3 Plus Bonus Material)
  • Ashley Wood's Art of Metal Gear Solid

Toy books

  • Apertore #1
  • Entreat


  • G.I. Joe Comic Packs (Hasbro Toys), Issue Covers No. 1, #21, No. 24
  • Spawn HSI.011 (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • Spawn HSI.005 (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • Sam and Twitch STI.022 (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • Raven HellSpawn 2 (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • HellSpawn I.001 (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • Raven Spawn (Todd McFarlane Toys)
  • Bearbrick Ashley Wood Bambalad (Medicom)
  • WBR Brambleton Hardacre (Hyperchild)
  • Popbot Polystone Statue (Sideshow)
  • Popbot Exclusive Polystone Statue (Sideshow)
  • Lady Sham Polystone Statue (Sideshow)
  • Les Mort 13 (how2work)
  • WWR Armstrong: Lunar Defense Camo, Shadow Guard, Suicide Club, White Engineer (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Armstrong: Suicide Club 0G, Shadow Guard 0G, Lunar Defense Camo 0G, White Engineer 0G, Medic 1G, EMGY 1G, JEA Marine 1G, African defence 1G, (ThreeA)
  • WWR Bertie: Desert Rat, Dirty Deeds, ZvR Warbot (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Bertie: Daywatch, Deep Powder, Deep Powder With Shotgun, Desert Combat Sandy, Dirty Deeds, DIY, Dutch Merc Zwarte Torens, Hatchery Guard, Kruschev Memorial Guard Sabre MK2, Marine Jea Division, Medic, Nightwatch, Warbot (ThreeA)
  • WWR Bramble: Deep Powder, Euro Div, Nightwatch (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Bramble: Deep Powder RPG, Desert, DIY, Euro (Blue), Frosty Winter Defense, Grave Digger, IDW Security X, Kruschev Memorial Guard RPG, Marine JEA, Medic, Merc, Phobos Defense, Pink Dazzle (ThreeA)
  • WWR Drop Cloth: 3AA EMGY, Daywatch, Desert, DIY, Jungler, Medic Zhivago, Monty, Nightwatch, Peaceday, Slim Red, Snowballer, Uncle 2 (ThreeA)
  • WWR Large Martin: Big Red, Daywatch, Desert, Frosty, Iron Panda, Nightwatch (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Large Martin: Big Red, Daywatch, Deep Powder, Desert, Frosty, Iron Panda, Marine, Modchip, Nightwatch, Norge Defense (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Damn Large Martin: Auspublic Region Def, Big Red, Deep Powder, Desert, DIY, Iron Panda, Martian Dam Buster (ThreeA)
  • WWR Squares: Daywatch, Desert, Dirty Deeds, EMGY, Euro, Frosty, Iron Panda, Lunar Camo, Medic, Merc, Nighwatch, Peaceday, Red (ThreeA)
  • WWRp Squares: Deep Powder, Dirty Deeds, Dutch Merc, Euro, Frosty, Kruschev Memorial Guard, Marine, Medic, Warbot (ThreeA)

Video games

Home video

  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Bande Dessinée (DVD, 2008) – Motion comic adaptation of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 released exclusively in Japan.


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External links

  • Official website
  • Ashley Wood at the Comic Book DB
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