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Athletics at the 1936 Summer Olympics


Athletics at the 1936 Summer Olympics

Athletics at the
1936 Summer Olympics
Track events
100 m   men   women
200 m men
400 m men
800 m men
1500 m men
5000 m men
10,000 m men
80 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
400 m hurdles men
3000 m steeple men
4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men
Road events
Marathon men
50 km walk men
Field events
Long jump men
Triple jump men
High jump men women
Pole vault men
Shot put men
Discus throw men women
Javelin throw men women
Hammer throw men
Combined events
Decathlon men

At the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, 29 athletics events were contested, 23 for men and 6 for women. The program of events was unchanged from the previous Games. There was a total of 776 participants from 43 countries competing.


  • Medal summary 1
    • Men 1.1
    • Women 1.2
  • Records broken 2
    • Men's Olympic and world records 2.1
    • Women's Olympic and world records 2.2
  • Medal table 3
  • References 4
  • Notes 5

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
 Jesse Owens
United States (USA)
10.3  Ralph Metcalfe
United States (USA)
10.4  Tinus Osendarp
Netherlands (NED)
200 metres
 Jesse Owens
United States (USA)
20.7  Mack Robinson
United States (USA)
21.1  Tinus Osendarp
Netherlands (NED)
400 metres
 Archie Williams
United States (USA)
46.5  Godfrey Brown
Great Britain (GBR)
46.7  James LuValle
United States (USA)
800 metres
 John Woodruff
United States (USA)
1:52.9  Mario Lanzi
Italy (ITA)
1:53.3  Phil Edwards
Canada (CAN)
1500 metres
 Jack Lovelock
New Zealand (NZL)
3:47.8  Glenn Cunningham
United States (USA)
3:48.4  Luigi Beccali
Italy (ITA)
5000 metres
 Gunnar Höckert
Finland (FIN)
14:22.2  Lauri Lehtinen
Finland (FIN)
14:25.8  Henry Jonsson
Sweden (SWE)
10,000 metres
 Ilmari Salminen
Finland (FIN)
30:15.4  Arvo Askola
Finland (FIN)
30:15.6  Volmari Iso-Hollo
Finland (FIN)
110 metres hurdles
 Forrest Towns
United States (USA)
14.2  Don Finlay
Great Britain (GBR)
14.4  Fritz Pollard
United States (USA)
400 metres hurdles
 Glenn Hardin
United States (USA)
52.4  John Loaring
Canada (CAN)
52.7  Miguel White
Philippines (PHI)
3000 metres steeplechase
 Volmari Iso-Hollo
Finland (FIN)
9:03.8  Kaarlo Tuominen
Finland (FIN)
9:06.8  Alfred Dompert
Germany (GER)
4 × 100 meters relay
 United States (USA)
Jesse Owens
Ralph Metcalfe
Foy Draper
Frank Wykoff
39.8  Italy (ITA)
Orazio Mariani
Gianni Caldana
Elio Ragni
Tullio Gonnelli
41.1  Germany (GER)
Wilhelm Leichum
Erich Borchmeyer
Erwin Gillmeister
Gerd Hornberger
4 × 400 meters relay
 Great Britain (GBR)
Freddie Wolff
Godfrey Rampling
Bill Roberts
Godfrey Brown
3:09.0  United States (USA)
Harold Cagle
Robert Young
Edward O’Brien
Alfred Fitch
3:11.0  Germany (GER)
Helmut Hamann
Friedrich Von Stülpnagel
Harry Voigt
Rudolf Harbig
 Son Kitei (JPN)[1] 2:29:19.2  Ernest Harper (GBR) 2:31:23.2  Nan Shoryu (JPN)[1] 2:31:42.0
50 kilometres walk
 Harold Whitlock
Great Britain (GBR)
4:30:41.4  Arthur Tell Schwab
Switzerland (SUI)
4:32:09.2  Adalberts Bubenko
Latvia (LAT)
Long jump
 Jesse Owens
United States (USA)
8.06 m  Luz Long
Germany (GER)
7.87 m  Naoto Tajima
Japan (JPN)
7.74 m
Triple jump
 Naoto Tajima
Japan (JPN)
16.00 m  Masao Harada
Japan (JPN)
15.66 m  Jack Metcalfe
Australia (AUS)
15.50 m
High jump
 Cornelius Johnson
United States (USA)
2.03 m  Dave Albritton
United States (USA)
2.00 m  Delos Thurber
United States (USA)
2.00 m
Pole vault
 Earle Meadows
United States (USA)
4.35 m  Shuhei Nishida
Japan (JPN)
4.25 m  Sueo Ōe
Japan (JPN)
4.25 m
Shot put
 Hans Woellke
Germany (GER)
16.20 m  Sulo Bärlund
Finland (FIN)
16.12 m  Gerhard Stöck
Germany (GER)
15.66 m
Discus throw
 Ken Carpenter
United States (USA)
50.48 m  Gordon Dunn
United States (USA)
49.36 m  Giorgio Oberweger
Italy (ITA)
49.23 m
Javelin throw
 Gerhard Stöck
Germany (GER)
71.84 m  Yrjo Nikkanen
Finland (FIN)
70.77 m  Kalervo Toivonen
Finland (FIN)
70.72 m
Hammer throw
 Karl Hein
Germany (GER)
56.49 m  Erwin Blask
Germany (GER)
55.04 m  Fred Warngård
Sweden (SWE)
54.83 m
 Glenn Morris
United States (USA)
7900  Bob Clark
United States (USA)
7601  Jack Parker
United States (USA)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
 Helen Stephens
United States (USA)
11.5  Stanisława Walasiewicz
Poland (POL)
11.7  Käthe Krauß
Germany (GER)
80 metres hurdles
 Trebisonda Valla
Italy (ITA)
11.7  Anni Steuer
Germany (GER)
11.7  Betty Taylor
Canada (CAN)
4 × 100 metres relay
 United States (USA)
Harriet Bland
Annette Rogers
Betty Robinson
Helen Stephens
46.9  Great Britain (GBR)
Eileen Hiscock
Violet Olney
Audrey Brown
Barbara Burke
47.6  Canada (CAN)
Dorothy Brookshaw
Mildred Dolson
Hilda Cameron
Aileen Meagher
High jump
 Ibolya Csák
Hungary (HUN)
1.60 m  Dorothy Odam
Great Britain (GBR)
1.60 m  Elfriede Kaun
Germany (GER)
1.60 m
Discus throw
 Gisela Mauermayer
Germany (GER)
47.63 m  Jadwiga Wajsówna
Poland (POL)
46.22 m  Paula Mollenhauer
Germany (GER)
39.80 m
Javelin throw
 Tilly Fleischer
Germany (GER)
45.18 m  Luise Krüger
Germany (GER)
43.29 m  Maria Kwaśniewska
Poland (POL)
41.80 m

Records broken

20 new Olympic records and 6 new world records were set in the athletics events.

Men's Olympic and world records

Event Date Round Name Nationality Result OR WR
200 metres 5 August Final Jesse Owens United States 20.7 OR
1500 metres 6 August Final Jack Lovelock New Zealand 3:47.8 OR WR
5000 metres 7 August Final Gunnar Höckert Finland 14:22.2 OR
110 metres hurdles 6 August Semi-final Forrest Towns United States 14.1 OR WR
3000 metres steeplechase 8 August Final Volmari Iso-Hollo Finland 9:03.8 OR [2]
4 × 100 metres relay 9 August Final Jesse Owens
Ralph Metcalfe
Foy Draper
Frank Wykoff
United States 39.8 OR WR
Marathon 9 August Final Son Kitei Japan 2:29:19.2 OR
50 kilometres walk 5 August Final Harold Whitlock Great Britain 4:30:41.4 OR
Long jump 4 August Final Jesse Owens United States 8.06 m OR[3]
Triple jump 6 August Final Naoto Tajima Japan 16.00 m OR WR
High jump 2 August Final Cornelius Johnson United States 2.03 m OR
Pole vault 5 August Final Earle Meadows United States 4.35 m OR
Shot put 2 August Final Hans Woellke United States 16.20 m OR
Discus throw 5 August Final Ken Carpenter United States 50.48 m OR
Hammer throw 3 August Final Karl Hein Germany 56.49 m OR
Decathlon 8 August Final Glenn Morris United States 7900 OR WR

Women's Olympic and world records

Event Date Round Name Nationality Result OR WR
80 metres hurdles 5 August Semi-final Trebisonda Valla Italy 11.6 OR[3]
4 × 100 metres relay 8 August Heats Emmy Albus
Käthe Krauß
Marie Dollinger
Ilse Dörffeldt
Germany 46.4 OR WR
Discus throw 4 August Final Gisela Mauermayer Germany 47.63 m OR
Javelin throw 2 August Final Tilly Fleischer Germany 45.18 m OR

Medal table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States (USA) 14 7 4 25
2  Germany (GER) 5 4 7 16
3  Finland (FIN) 3 5 2 10
4  Great Britain (GBR) 2 5 0 7
5  Japan (JPN) [1] 2 2 3 7
6  Italy (ITA) 1 2 2 5
7  Hungary (HUN) 1 0 0 1
 New Zealand (NZL) 1 0 0 1
9  Poland (POL) 0 2 1 3
10  Canada (CAN) 0 1 3 4
11  Switzerland (SUI) 0 1 0 1
12  Netherlands (NED) 0 0 2 2
 Sweden (SWE) 0 0 2 2
14  Philippines (PHI) 0 0 1 1
 Latvia (LAT) 0 0 1 1
 Australia (AUS) 0 0 1 1


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  • International Olympic Committee results database



  1. ^ a b c Both Sohn Kee-chung (Son Kitei) and Nam Sung-yong (Nan Shoryu) were from Korea. The IOC credits both medals to Japan due to Korea being a Japanese colony at the time. All Korean Olympians during the Japanese colonial rule could only participate in the Games as a representative of Japan and Japan required them to use the Japanese forms of their names. However, some sources still refer to Son Kitei as the first Korean to win an Olympic marathon.
  2. ^ Was a "world best" time as world records were not yet recognised for the event.
  3. ^ a b Wind-aided mark recognised as Olympic record.

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