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Athletics at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metres hurdles


Athletics at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metres hurdles

Men's 400 metres hurdles
at the Games of the XX Olympiad
Venue Olympic Stadium, Munich, West Germany
Date 31 August 1972 & 2 September 1972
Gold medal    Uganda
Silver medal    United States
Bronze medal    Great Britain
Athletics at the
1972 Summer Olympics
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These are the official results of the Men's 400 metres hurdles event at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. The competition was held on 31 August - 2 September.


The top three runners in each of the five heats (blue) and the next fastest (green), advanced to the semifinal round.

Heat one
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 Dieter Büttner West Germany 49.78
2 Viktor Savchenko Soviet Union 49.90
3 Jean-Pierre Corval France 50.15
4 Tadeusz Kulczycki Poland 50.19
5 Manuel Soriano Spain 50.88
6 Fatwell Kimaiyo Kenya 51.23
7 Roberto Frinolli Italy 51.69
8 Jean-Aimé Randrianalijaona Madagascar 52.75
Heat two
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 Dave Hemery Great Britain 49.72
2 Gary Knoke Australia 50.10
3 Yuriy Zorin Soviet Union 50.35
4 Bill Koskei Kenya 50.58
5 Giorgio Ballati Italy 50.90
6 José Jacinto Hidalgo Venezuela 54.00
7 Norman Brinkworth Pakistan 54.67
- Anton Borfis Greece DQ*
Heat three
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 Christian Rudolph East Germany 50.00
2 Ralph Mann United States 50.18
3 Rainer Schubert West Germany 50.23
4 Ari Salin Finland 50.45
5 Jean-Pierre Perrinelle France 51.81
6 José Carvalho Portugal 52.64
7 Hassan Bergaoui Tunisia 53.70
Heat four
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 John Akii-Bua Uganda 50.35
2 Stavros Tziortzis Greece 50.54
3 Ivan Daniš Czechoslovakia 50.62
4 Bruce Field Australia 51.46
5 Hansjörg Wirz Switzerland 52.34
6 Dick Bruggeman United States 54.36
7 Julio Ferrer Puerto Rico 54.83
- Francisco Rojas Soto Paraguay DNS
Heat five
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 Yevgeny Gavrilenko Soviet Union 49.73
2 Jim Seymour United States 49.81
3 Rolf Ziegler West Germany 50.17
4 Roger Johnson New Zealand 50.48
5 Mike Murei Kenya 51.63
6 Lee Chung-Ping Republic of China 52.61
7 Gladstone Agbamu Nigeria 53.68
- John Sherwood Great Britain DNF


Top four in each of the two heats advanced to the final round.

Heat one
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 John Akii-Bua Uganda 49.25
2 Ralph Mann United States 49.53
3 Dave Hemery Great Britain 49.66
4 Rainer Schubert West Germany 49.80
5 Rolf Ziegler West Germany 49.88
6 Ivan Daniš Czechoslovakia 50.01
7 Viktor Savchenko Soviet Union 50.28
8 Jean-Pierre Corval France 50.75
Heat two
Rank Name Nationality Time
1 Jim Seymour United States 49.33
2 Yevgeny Gavrilenko Soviet Union 49.34
3 Yuriy Zorin Soviet Union 49.60
4 Stavros Tziortzis Greece 50.06
5 Tadeusz Kulczycki Poland 50.80
6 Gary Knoke Australia 52.79
- Christian Rudolph East Germany DNF
- Dieter Büttner West Germany DNF


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st John Akii-Bua Uganda 47.82 WR
2nd Ralph Mann United States 48.51
3rd Dave Hemery Great Britain 48.52
4 Jim Seymour United States 48.64
5 Rainer Schubert West Germany 49.65
6T Yevgeny Gavrilenko Soviet Union 49.66
6T Stavros Tziortzis Greece 49.66
8 Yuriy Zorin Soviet Union 50.25


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