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Athletics at the 1976 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk


Athletics at the 1976 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

Athletics at the
1976 Summer Olympics
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The official results of the Men's 20 kilometres walk at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada, held on Friday July 23, 1976. A total number of thirty-six athletes completed the race, while two of them did not finish.

Final ranking

Place Athlete Time
1  Daniel Bautista (MEX) 1:24:40.6
2 )GDR( 1:25:13.8
3  Peter Frenkel (GDR) 1:25:29.4
4.  Karl-Heinz Stadtmüller (GDR) 1:26:50.6
5.  Raúl González (MEX) 1:28:18.2
6.  Armando Zambaldo (ITA) 1:28:25.2
7.  Volodymyr Holubnychiy (URS) 1:29:24.6
8.  Vittorio Visini (ITA) 1:29:31.6
9.  Gérard Lelièvre (FRA) 1:29:53.6
10.  Roberto Buccione (ITA) 1:30:40.0
11.  Brian Adams (GBR) 1:30:46.2
12.  Ross Haywood (AUS) 1:30:59.2
13.  Otto Barch (URS) 1:31:12.4
14.  Olly Flynn (GBR) 1:31:42.4
15.  Viktor Semyonov (URS) 1:31:59.0
16.  Imre Stankovics (HUN) 1:32:06.6
17.  Jan Ornoch (POL) 1:32:19.2
18.  Gerhard Weidner (FRG) 1:32:56.8
19.  Ernesto Alfaro (COL) 1:33:13.8
20.  Ron Laird (USA) 1:33:27.6
21.  Bogusław Duda (POL) 1:33:53.4
22.  Larry Walker (USA) 1:34:19.4
23.  Marcel Jobin (CAN) 1:34:33.4
24.  Vinko Galušić (YUG) 1:34:46.8
25.  Godfried De Jonckheere (BEL) 1:35:03.8
26.  Bengt Simonsen (SWE) 1:35:31.8
27.  Santiago Fonseca (HON) 1:36:07.0
28.  Lucien Faber (LUX) 1:36:21.2
29.  Todd Scully (USA) 1:36:37.4
30.  Paul Nihill (GBR) 1:36:40.4
31.  Rafael Vega (COL) 1:37:27.4
32.  Khoo Chong Beng (MAS) 1:40:16.8
33.  Pat Farrelly (CAN) 1:41:36.2
34.  Yoshio Morikawa (JPN) 1:42:20.6
35.  Alex Oakley (CAN) 1:44:08.8
36.  Henry Klein (ISV) 1:50:50.4
 Bernd Kannenberg (FRG) DNF
 Domingo Colín (MEX) DSQ


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