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Athletics at the 1986 Commonwealth Games

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Title: Athletics at the 1986 Commonwealth Games  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Peter Elliott (athlete), Derek Redmond, Mick Hill (athlete), Mary Berkeley, Joyce Oladapo, Nicole Boegman, Yvonne Hanson-Nortey, Jackie McKernan, Dave Smith (hammer thrower), Matthew Mileham
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Athletics at the 1986 Commonwealth Games

The track at the host stadium in Edinburgh

At the 1986 Commonwealth Games, the athletics events were held at the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland. A total of 41 events were contested, of which 23 by male and 18 by female athletes.

The majority of African, Asian and Caribbean countries boycotted the event due to the United Kingdom's sporting links with apartheid-era South Africa. As a result, the medallists came from only seven nations, comprising the four constituent countries of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. England easily topped the medal table with eighteen gold medals and 48 medals in total. Canada was second, with ten golds and 28 medals overall, while Australia took third place with nine golds and a total of 26 medals. The hosts Scotland won one gold and six medals while Northern Ireland (typically weak in the sport) had one of their best games, with one gold and four medals overall.

Medal summary


Steve Cram did an 800/1500 m middle-distance double for England.
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Ben Johnson (CAN) 10.07 Linford Christie (ENG) 10.28 Mike McFarlane (ENG) 10.35
200 metres Atlee Mahorn (CAN) 20.31 Todd Bennett (ENG) 20.54 Ben Johnson (CAN) 20.64
400 metres Roger Black (ENG) 45.57 Darren Clark (AUS) 45.98 Phil Brown (ENG) 46.8
800 metres Steve Cram (ENG) 1:43.22 GR Tom McKean (SCO) 1:44.80 Peter Elliott (ENG) 1:45.42
1500 metres Steve Cram (ENG) 3:50.87 John Gladwin (ENG) 3:52.17 David Campbell (CAN) 3:54.06
5000 metres Steve Ovett (ENG) 13:24.11 Jack Buckner (ENG) 13:25.87 Tim Hutchings (ENG) 13:26.84
10,000 metres Jon Solly (ENG) 27:57.42 Steve Binns (ENG) 27:58.01 Steve Jones (WAL) 28:02.48
Marathon Rob de Castella (AUS) 2:10:15 Dave Edge (CAN) 2:11:08 Steve Moneghetti (AUS) 2:11:18
3000 m steeplechase Graeme Fell (CAN) 8:24.49 Roger Hackney (WAL) 8:25.15 Colin Reitz (ENG) 8:26.14
110 m hurdles
(wind: 4.5 m/s)
Mark McKoy (CAN) 13.31 (w) Colin Jackson (WAL) 13.42 (w) Don Wright (AUS) 13.64 (w)
400 m hurdles Phil Beattie (NIR) 49.60 Max Robertson (ENG) 49.77 John Graham (CAN) 50.25
High jump Milton Ottey (CAN) 2.30 m Geoff Parsons (SCO) 2.28 m Alain Metellus (CAN)
Henderson Pierre (ENG)
2.14 m
Pole vault Andy Ashurst (ENG) 5.30 m Robert Feguson (CAN) 5.20 m Neil Honey (AUS) 5.20 m
Long jump Gary Honey (AUS) 8.08 m Fred Salle (ENG) 7.83 m Kyle McDuffie (CAN) 7.79 m
Triple jump John Herbert (ENG) 17.27 m Mike Makin (ENG) 16.87 m Peter Beames (AUS) 16.42 m
Shot put Billy Cole (ENG) 18.16 m Joe Quigley (AUS) 17.97 m Stuart Gyngell (AUS) 17.70 m
Discus throw Ray Lazdins (CAN) 58.86 m Paul Nandapi (AUS) 57.74 m Werner Reiterer (AUS) 57.34 m
Hammer throw Dave Smith (ENG) 74.06 m Martin Girvan (NIR) 70.48 m Phil Spivey (AUS) 70.30 m
Javelin throw
(new javelin model)
David Ottley (ENG) 80.62 m GR Mick Hill (ENG) 78.56 m Gavin Lovegrove (NZL) 76.22 m
Decathlon Daley Thompson (ENG) 8663 pts GR Dave Steen (CAN) 8173 pts Simon Poelman (NZL) 8015 pts
30 Kilometres Road Walk Simon Baker (AUS) 2:07:47 GR Guillaume Leblanc (CAN) 2:08:38 Ian McCombie (ENG) 2:10:36
4×100 m relay Canada
Mark McKoy
Atlee Mahorn
Desai Williams
Ben Johnson
39.15 England
Lincoln Asquith
Daley Thompson
Mike McFarlane
Clarence Callender
39.19 Scotland
Jamie Henderson
Cameron Sharp
George McCallum
Elliot Bunney
4×400 m relay England
Kriss Akabusi
Phil Brown
Roger Black
Todd Bennett
3:07.19 Australia
Darren Clark
David Johnston
Bruce Frayne
Miles Murphy
3:07.81 Canada
Andre Smith
Anton Skerritt
Atlee Mahorn
John Graham


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Heather Oakes (ENG) 11.20 Paula Dunn (ENG) 11.21 Angella Issajenko (CAN) 11.21
200 metres Angella Issajenko (CAN) 22.91 Kathy Cook (ENG) 23.18 Sandra Whittaker (SCO) 23.46
400 metres Debbie Flintoff (AUS) 51.29 Jillian Richardson (CAN) 51.62 Kathy Cook (ENG) 51.88
800 metres Kirsty Wade (WAL) 2:00.94 Diane Edwards (ENG) 2:01.12 Lorraine Baker (ENG) 2:01.79
1500 metres Kirsty Wade (WAL) 4:10.91 Debbie Bowker (CAN) 4:11.94 Lynn Williams (CAN) 4:12.66
3000 metres Lynn Williams (CAN) 8:54.29 Debbie Bowker (CAN) 8:54.83 Yvonne Murray (SCO) 8:55.32
10,000 metres Liz Lynch (SCO) 31:41.42 Anne Audain (NZL) 31:53.31 Angela Tooby (WAL) 32:25.38
Marathon Lisa Martin (AUS) 2:26:07 Lorraine Moller (NZL) 2:28:17 Odette Lapierre (CAN) 2:31:48
100 m hurdles Sally Gunnell (ENG) 13.29 Wendy Jeal (ENG) 13.41 Glynis Nunn (AUS) 13.44
400 m hurdles Debbie Flintoff (AUS) 54.94 Donalda Duprey (CAN) 56.55 Jenny Laurendet (AUS) 56.57
High jump Christine Stanton (AUS) 1.92 m Sharon McPeake (NIR) 1.90 m Janet Boyle (NIR) 1.90 m
Long jump Joyce Oladapo (ENG) 6.43 m Mary Berkeley (ENG) 6.40 m Robyn Lorraway (AUS) 6.35 m
Shot put Gael Martin (AUS) 19.00 m Judy Oakes (ENG) 18.75 m Myrtle Augee (ENG) 17.52 m
Discus throw Gael Martin (AUS) 56.42 m Venissa Head (WAL) 56.20 m Karen Pugh (ENG) 54.72 m
Javelin throw Tessa Sanderson (ENG) 69.80 m GR Fatima Whitbread (ENG) 68.54 m Sue Howland (AUS) 64.74 m
Heptathlon Judy Simpson (ENG) 6282 pts Jane Flemming (AUS) 6278 pts Kim Hagger (ENG) 5823 pts
4×100 m relay England
Paula Dunn
Kathy Cook
Joan Baptiste
Heather Oakes
43.39 Canada
Angela Bailey
Esmie Lawrence
Angela Phipps
Angella Issajenko
43.83 Wales
Helen Miles
Sian Morris
Sallyanne Short
Carmen Smart
4×400 m relay Canada
Charmaine Crooks
Marita Payne-Wiggins
Molly Killingbeck
Jillian Richardson
3:28.92 England
Jane Parry
Linda Keough
Angela Piggford
Kathy Cook
3:32.82 Australia
Maree Chapman
Sharon Stewart
Julie Schwass
Debbie Flintoff

Medal table

Robert de Castella (right) won the marathon title for Australia.
Tessa Sanderson set a Games record for the javelin gold medal.
  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 England 18 18 12 48
2 Canada 10 9 9 28
3 Australia 9 5 12 26
4 Wales 2 3 3 8
5 Scotland 1 2 3 6
6 Northern Ireland 1 2 1 4
7 New Zealand 0 2 2 4
Total 41 41 42 124


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