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Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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Title: Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Tunisia at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Women's 10 kilometres walk, 1996 Summer Olympics, Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Luis Fernando García
Collection: Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Racewalking at the Olympics
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Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

These are the official results of the Atlanta, Georgia.


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Gold  Jefferson Pérez
Ecuador (ECU)
Silver  Ilya Markov
Russia (RUS)
Bronze  Bernardo Segura
Mexico (MEX)


  • All times shown are in hours:minutes:seconds
DNS did not start
NM no mark
OR olympic record
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics
World Record  Bo Lingtang (CHN) 1:18:04 April 7, 1994 Beijing, PR China
Olympic Record  Jozef Pribilinec (TCH) 1:19:57 September 23, 1988 Seoul, South Korea




Rank Athlete Time Note
1st  Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:20:07
2nd  Ilya Markov (RUS) 1:20:16
3rd  Bernardo Segura (MEX) 1:20:23
4  Nick A'Hern (AUS) 1:20:31
5  Rishat Shafikov (RUS) 1:20:41
6  Aigars Fadejevs (LAT) 1:20:47
7  Mikhail Shchennikov (RUS) 1:21:09
8  Robert Korzeniowski (POL) 1:21:13
9  Yevgeniy Misyulya (BLR) 1:21:16
10  Thierry Toutain (FRA) 1:21:56
11  Daniel Plaza (ESP) 1:22:05
12  Mikhail Khmelnitskiy (BLR) 1:22:17
13  Sándor Urbanik (HUN) 1:22:18
14  Denis Langlois (FRA) 1:23:08
15  Nischan Daimer (GER) 1:23:23
16  Giovanni Perricelli (ITA) 1:23:41
17  Robert Ihly (GER) 1:23:47
18  Valeriy Borisov (KAZ) 1:23:52
19  Daniel García (MEX) 1:24:10
20  Valentí Massana (ESP) 1:24:14
21  Yu Guohui (CHN) 1:24:30
22  Daisuke Ikeshima (JPN) 1:24:54
23  David Kimutai (KEN) 1:25:01
24  Andreas Erm (GER) 1:25:08
25  Jiří Malysa (CZE) 1:25:13
26  Sérgio Galdino (BRA) 1:25:14
27  Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA) 1:25:22
28  Li Zewen (CHN) 1:25:28
29  Claus Jørgensen (DEN) 1:25:28
30  Jan Staaf (SWE) 1:25:30
31  José Urbano (POR) 1:25:32
32  Scott Nelson (NZL) 1:25:50
33  Hatem Ghoula (TUN) 1:25:52
34  Michele Didoni (ITA) 1:26:02
35  Jean-Olivier Brosseau (FRA) 1:26:29
36  Martin St. Pierre (CAN) 1:26:37
37  Mohieddine Beni Daoud (TUN) 1:27:15
38  Róbert Valíček (SVK) 1:27:27
39  Fernando Vázquez (ESP) 1:27:25
40  Justus Kavulanya (KEN) 1:27:49
41  Fedosei Ciumacenco (MDA) 1:27:57
42  Arturo Huerta (CAN) 1:28:23
43  Luis Fernando García (GUA) 1:28:28
44  Valdas Kazlauskas (LTU) 1:28:33
45  Costică Bălan (ROU) 1:28:36
46  Pavol Blažek (SVK) 1:29:41
47  Dion Russell (AUS) 1:30:04
48  Tomáš Kratochvíl (CZE) 1:30:11
49  Claudio Bertolino (BRA) 1:31:04

border|alt=|link=]] Curt Clausen (USA) 1:31:30
51  Jimmy McDonald (IRL) 1:32:11
52  Hubert Sonnek (CZE) 1:32:42
53  Myint Htay (MYA) 1:42:28
 Héctor Moreno (COL) DNF
 Igor Kollár (SVK) DSQ
 Li Mingcai (CHN) DSQ
 Julio René Martínez (GUA) DSQ
 Roberto Oscal (GUA) DSQ
 Miguel Rodríguez (MEX) DSQ
 Julius Sawe (KEN) DSQ
 Moussa Aouanouk (ALG) DNS

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