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Australia national korfball team


Australia national korfball team

Association Korfball Australia (KA)
IKF membership 1978
IKF code AUS
IKF rank 9 (Nov.2012)
World Championships
Appearances 7 (First in 1984)
Best result 4th place, 1995
World Games
Appearances 3 (First in 1997)
Best result 5th, 1997
Asia-Oceania Championships
Appearances 8 (First in 1990)
Best result Champions, 2004

The Australia national korfball team is managed by Korfball Australia (KA), representing Australia in korfball international competitions.

Australian Korfball Team at the World Championship 2007


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Tournament history

World Championships[1]
Year Championship Host Classification
1984 2nd World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 7th place
1987 3rd World Championship Makkum (The Netherlands) 6th place
1991 4th World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 9th place
1995 5th World Championship New Delhi (India) 4th place
1999 6th World Championship Adelaide (Australia) 7th place
2003 7th World Championship Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 7th place
2007 8th World Championship Brno (Czech Republic) 8th place
2011 9th World Championship Shaoxing (China) 12th place
World Games[2]
Year Championship Host Classification
1997 5th World Games Lahti (Finland) 5th place
2001 6th World Games Akita (Japan) 6th place
2009 8th World Games Kaohsiung (Taiwan) 8th place
Asia-Oceania Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
1990 1st Asia-Oceania Championship Jakarta (Indonesia) 2nd place
1992 2nd Asia-Oceania Championship Delhi (India)
1994 3rd Asia-Oceania Championship Adelaide (Australia) 2nd place
1998 4th Asia-Oceania Championship Durban (South Africa)
2002 5th Asia-Oceania Championship Delhi (India) 2nd place
2004 6th Asia-Oceania Championship Christchurch (New Zealand) Champions
2006 7th Asia-Oceania Championship Hong Kong 2nd place
2010 8th Asia-Oceania Championship China 3rd place
2014 9th Asia-Oceania Championship Hong Kong 2nd place

Current squad

National team in the Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships 2014

  • Theresa Coletti
  • Megan Marks
  • Jessica May
  • Jessica Phillips
  • Kia Rogers
  • Emily Hutchesson
  • Jessica Crispe
  • Ashlee Othen
  • Daniel Phillips
  • Craig Miller
  • Adam Robertson
  • Samuel Wetherall
  • Patrick Branford
  • Joshua Berney
  • Andrew Hutchesson
  • Coach: Phil Sibbons
  • Assistant Coach: Jeremy Harris
  • Assistant Coach Tim Miller


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External links

  • Korfball Australia
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