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AwesomenessTV (TV series)

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Title: AwesomenessTV (TV series)  
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AwesomenessTV (TV series)

Genre Sketch comedy reality
Created by Brian Robbins
Presented by Daniella Monet
Opening theme "Get Set Go" by Seaside
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 40
Executive producer(s)
Running time 30 Minutes
Production company(s)
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original release July 1, 2013 (2013-07-01) – March 7, 2015 (2015-03-07)
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AwesomenessTV is an American sketch-comedy reality series based on the YouTube channel of the same name and is created by Brian Robbins. Both seasons contain 20 episodes.

On May 1, 2014, Nickelodeon announced that there will be a season 2 of AwesomenessTV. The 2nd season premiered on May 5, 2014. On June 28, 2014, new episodes were moved to Saturday nights at 9:30 PM.


The show is based on the YouTube channel and multi-channel network of the same name, of which Brian Robbins is the CEO. The show features its own original content, as well as content from the YouTube Channel. On August 27, Nickelodeon picked up 7 more episodes to add to Season 1, bringing the freshman season up to 20 episodes.

As of September 2013, TeenNick has added reruns of the show to its line-up airing the show Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8:30pm.


This show is hosted by Daniella Monet as she presents sketches, music videos, and hidden camera antics.

Some episodes would also have some young celebrities who would guest host an episode.

Recurring sketches

  • As the Locker Turns - A soap opera parody detailing various occurrences at a school.
  • Bad Lifeguard on Duty - Cody (played by Teala Dunn) and Harper (played by Lauren Elizabeth) are two lifeguards who don't take their job seriously.
  • Bad Troop Leader - A troop leader (played by Taryn Southern) does a terrible job when leading her scout troop.
  • Best ExcusesTeala Dunn plays different girls who show viewers the different excuses for everything.
  • Cave Girl's Guide To Beauty – A prehistoric teenage cavewoman (played by Lainey Lipson) hosts a vlog where she shows people her prehistoric beauty tips as the self-proclaimed "prehistoric beauty guru."
  • Gillian's Island - Gillian (played by Amber Montana) is a girl who is a castaway on an island after her little brother farted and she fell off her parents' boat. With the help her coconut friend Becky who is the producer of her show, Gillian shows people different things to do on the island while awaiting to be rescued from the island.
  • Gnarly Mann – Gnarly Mann (played by Noland Ammon) is a radical and bodacious surfer-speaking boy who helps people with their romance problems.
  • Hi-Tech HistoryProfessor Hopkins Bittridge (played by Kian Lawley) narrates about historic events while mentioning what would happen if there was advanced technology in the past.
  • JennXPenn's 10 Ten - JennXPenn (the user name of Jenn McAllister) gives the views the top 10 guide for various topics.
  • Kid History – A young narrator (played by Zac Pullman) tells people about historic events in kid history like the first pillow fight and the first homework excuse.
  • Mega Taco – Timbo (played by Kamil McFadden) and Lala (played by Lia Marie Johnson) work at the Mega Taco food truck and try to make the orders there "mega."
  • Molly is Totally Judging You – Molly Sanders (played by Teala Dunn) is a teenage judge who presides over the campus dramas at Franklin High School where she is assisted by her teenage bailiff Bailey (played by Lainey Lipson). Molly would go over different teenage cases where a teenager would sue another teenager for bad things that they did to them.
  • Pet Therapist – A pet therapist (played by Lia Marie Johnson) goes over therapy sessions with a pet and their owner where the therapist would often speak the mind of the owner's pet.
  • Sarah's Slumber Party – Sarah (played by Lauren Elizabeth) hosts a slumber party with her best friend Elizabeth (played by Meghan Rienks). Their third member is Chloe (Arden Rose) who Sarah reluctantly invites due to her mom being friends with Chloe's mom.
  • Sierra's Guide to Acting Glamorously - Sierra (played by Paulina Cerrilla) shows people how to act glamorously with the help of her butler Edmund (played by Corey Johnson).
  • Signs You're Addicted to...Teala Dunn plays a different character who is addicted to a variety of social network services like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • Super Fan Brit Stickley – Brit Stickley (played by Tiffany Espensen) is a super fan who would infiltrate different places where different celebrities are at and collects different things from them to put in her scrapbook. She is often accompanied by her offscreen little brother Petey as her cameraman where Brit would often argue with him.
  • Super Science with Melvin – A self-proclaimed super scientist named Melvin (played by Noland Ammon) tries to make new inventions which backfires on him.
  • Swag Master J – Swag Master J (played by Kamil McFadden) is a nerd who can "swaggify" anything.
  • Terry the Tomboy – A tomboy named Terry (played by Lia Marie Johnson) teaches the viewers of her vlog her guide to various stuff. She sometimes drags her friend Duncanty (played by Noland Ammon) into her different vlogs. This sketch has a TV film of the same name.
  • The Breakup Queen - A girl (played by Sydney Park) breaks up with various people.
  • The Love Doctor - Lindsay (played by Lia Marie Johnson) runs an online show under the alias of "The Love Doctor" where she gives love advice to people who write to her.
  • The Totally Completely Absolutely Unhelpful Verbose Customer Service Girl - Mia Anders (played by Audrey Whitby) is a talkative customer service Girl who won't stop derailing the conversation whenever someone calls her up for customer service
  • The Worst DIY'er – Cybil (played by Audrey Whitby) teaches people how to handle do-it-yourself projects which doesn't go well for her.
  • Us and Jan – A series of music videos where Audrey (played by Audrey Whitby) would do some activity and would be annoyed by her friend Jan (played by Allisyn Ashley Arm) who would try to get involved in the activity with disastrous results.
  • Violet's Vampire Vlog - A vampire named Violet (played by Catherine Valdes) does a vlog that details what vampires should be like when encountering people at night.
  • World's Worst Babysitter – A laid back babysitter named Lia (played by Lia Marie Johnson) shows viewers what not to do when babysitting as she demonstrates on her client Sammie (played by her younger sister Sammie Johnson).
  • Worst Teacher Ever – A teacher (played by Brittani Louise Taylor) tells inaccurate information to her class.
  • Yo My Boyfriend Ugly - Angelica Fratelli (played by Teala Dunn) does makeovers to various characters to make them look good.
  • Zay Zay and Jojo Sketches – Various sketches depict Zay Zay and Jo Jo in different activities.
    • Like a Boss - Zay Zay and Jo Jo show viewers how to do different things like a boss.
    • Random Thoughts by Jo Jo – Jo Jo tells people his random thoughts.
    • The Most Interesting Kid in the World – A parody of The Most Interesting Man in the World where Zay Zay has interesting talents like teaching his teachers, ghosts believing in him, making bullies pee their pants, and not being found during a game of hide and seek.
    • Would You Rather – Zay Zay and Jo Jo ask each other "Would You Rather" questions.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Air date
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 July 1, 2013 December 16, 2013
2 20 May 5, 2014 March 7, 2015


Season One

No. in
Episode Air Date U.S. Viewers (Millions) Synopsis
1 Terry The Tomboy: Summer Style Guide July 1, 2013 1.7[1]
2 The Walking Fred July 8, 2013 1.3[2]
3 Swag Master J: Swagify for School July 15, 2013 1.5[3]
4 Random Thoughts By JoJo July 22, 2013 1.4[4]
5 Worst Babysitter Ever: Relax July 29, 2013 1.6[5]
6 5 Signs You're Addicted To Instagram August 5, 2013 1.5
7 The Worst DIYer: Zen Candle August 26, 2013 1.6[6]
8 Gnarly Mann September 2, 2013 1.4[7]
9 Pet Therapist September 9, 2013 1.1[8]
10 Terry the Tomboy: Back to School Guide September 16, 2013 1.1
11 Txting 4 Rents September 23, 2013 1.4
12 Kid History: Pillow Fight September 30, 2013 1.4[9]
13 Box Prank October 7, 2013 1.3
14 The 5 Most Annoying Siblings October 21, 2013 1.6
15 Zay Zay and Jo Jo's Halloween Tips October 28, 2013 1.8 Cody Simpson guest hosts this episode.
16 Worst Teacher Ever: Dodgeball November 4, 2013 1.6
17 Us & Jan November 18, 2013 1.7 Austin Mahone guest hosts this episode.
18 Big Brother Problems December 2, 2013 1.7 Fifth Harmony guest hosts this episode.
19 High-Tech History: Paul Revere December 9, 2013 1.6 Ciara Bravo guest hosts this episode.
20 Swag Master J: Swagify for Christmas December 16, 2013 1.5

Season Two

No. in
Episode Air Date U.S. Viewers (Millions) Synopsis
21 Teen Challenge May 5, 2014 1.6[10] Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo guest host this episode.
22 Tangent Girl: The Machine May 12, 2014 1.2 Smosh guest hosts this episode.
23 Top 5 Ways To Defeat A Bully May 19, 2014 1.5 Cimorelli guest hosts this episode.
24 Us & Jan: Cheer June 2, 2014 1.5 Grace Helbig guest hosts this episode.
25 10 Ways To Reject A Guy June 9, 2014 1.4 Emblem3 guest hosts this episode.
26 Terry the Tomboy: Hairbrush For Hair June 16, 2014 1.6 Lia Marie Johnson as Terry the Tomboy guest hosts this episode.
27 High Tech History: Shakespeare June 28, 2014 0.7[11] Fifth Harmony guest hosts this episode.
28 The Love Doctor #2 July 12, 2014 1.5[12] 5 Seconds of Summer guest hosts this episode.
29 Noisy Rosie: Brad Pitt July 26, 2014 1.0 The Vamps guest host this episode.
30 Pro Wrestling Family August 2, 2014 1.5
31 Terry the Tomboy: What's in My Beach Bag? August 16, 2014
Rixton guest hosts this episode.
32 Top 5 Worst Teachers September 13, 2014 Nathan Kress guest hosts this episode.
33 Homework Like a Boss September 20, 2014 Sydney Park guest hosts this episode.
34 Worst Babysitter Ever: Lemonade Stand September 27, 2014 Amber Montana and Curtis Harris guest host this episode.
35 Kanye: What's In My Murse? October 4, 2014 Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier guest host this episode.
36 Gillian's Island: Cooking Show November 1, 2014 MKTO guest hosts this episode.
37 The Thank You Mask November 29, 2014 Benjamin Flores, Jr. and Breanna Yde guest host this episode.
38 Terry the Tomboy: Guide to Winter Fashion February 7, 2015 1.14[13]
39 Gillian's Island February 28, 2015 Shawn Mendes guest host this episode.
40 Ultimate Sports Fan March 7, 2015 1.25[14] Jenn McAllister guest host this episode.


  • Daniella Monet – Herself as the Host
  • Noland Ammon – Various
  • Allisyn Ashley Arm – Various
  • Joey Bragg - Various
  • Paulina Cerrilla - Various
  • Ricky Dillon – Various
  • Teala Dunn – Various
  • Gracie Dzienny – Various
  • Lauren Elizabeth – Various
  • Tiffany Espensen – Various
  • Sophie Everhart - Various
  • Connor Franta – Various
  • Isaiah "Zay Zay" Fredericks – Himself
  • Jo Jo Fredericks – Himself
  • John Gasienica - Various
  • Damien Haas – Various
  • Corey Johnson - Various
  • Lia Marie Johnson – Various
  • Sammie Johnson - Various
  • Kian Lawley – Various
  • Lainey Lipson – Various
  • Austin Mahone – Various
  • Jenn McAllister - Various
  • Kamil McFadden – Various
  • Amber Montana - Various
  • Trevor Moran - Various
  • Sydney Park – Various
  • Zac Pullman – Various
  • Meghan Rienks – Various
  • Arden Rose – Various
  • Bridget Shergalis – Various
  • Taryn Southern - Various
  • Brittani Louise Taylor – Various
  • Shayne Topp – Various
  • Catherine Valdes - Various
  • Audrey Whitby – Various
  • Jenna Willis - Various


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