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Badminton at the 1992 Summer Olympics

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Title: Badminton at the 1992 Summer Olympics  
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Subject: 1992 Summer Olympics, List of Olympic medalists in badminton, Shon Jin-hwan, Pavelló de la Mar Bella, Malaysia at the 1992 Summer Olympics
Collection: Badminton at the 1992 Summer Olympics
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Badminton at the 1992 Summer Olympics

Badminton had its debut as an official medal sport at the 1992 Summer Olympics. It was held from 28 July to 4 August 1992. Four events were held in the first competition of the sport: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, and women's doubles. Badminton was contested in the Pavelló de la Mar Bella. 36 nations entered competitors, with a total of 177 entrants. Asian nations won fifteen of the sixteen medals, with their dominance being broken only by Denmark's bronze medal in the men's singles.

The tournament was single-elimination. Matches consisted of three sets, with sets being to 15 except in women's singles, where sets were to 11. No playoffs were contested for semi-final losers, meaning that two bronze medals were awarded in each event. Similarly, all four players/pairs defeated in the quarterfinals for each event were awarded fifth place. Men's Singles and Women's Singles champions (Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti) are now married to each other.


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Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles c.Alan Budikusuma – c. INA c.Ardy Wiranata – c. INA c.Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen – c. DEN
c.Hermawan Susanto – c. INA
Women's singles c.Susi Susanti – c. INA c.Bang Soo-hyun – c. KOR c.Huang Hua – c. CHN
c.Tang Jiuhong – c. CHN
Men's doubles c.Kim Moon-soo
and Park Joo-bong
 – c. KOR
c.Eddy Hartono
and Rudy Gunawan
 – c. INA
c.Li Yongbo
and Tian Bingyi
 – c. CHN
c.Razif Sidek
and Jalani Sidek
 – c. MAS
Women's doubles c.Hwang Hye-young
and Chung So-young
 – c. KOR
c.Guan Weizhen
and Nong Qunhua
 – c. CHN
c.Gil Young-ah
and Shim Eun-jung
 – c. KOR
c.Lin Yan Fen
and Yao Fen
 – c. CHN

Medal table

In 1992, there were no bronze medal matches to decide 3rd and 4th place. Both semifinal losers won bronze medals.

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Indonesia 2 2 1 5
2 South Korea 2 1 1 4
3 China 0 1 4 5
4 Denmark 0 0 1 1
5 Malaysia 0 0 1 1


Men's singles

The men's singles resulted in the only non-Asian medallist, Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen of Denmark. 57 players from 32 nations competed in men's singles.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
    Zhao Jianhua 2 17 14  
  Hermawan Susanto 15 14 17  
    Hermawan Susanto 15 9 9  
    Ardy Wiranata 10 15 15  
  Ardy Wiranata 15 15
    Høyer Larsen 10 12  
      Ardy Wiranata 12 13
    Alan Budikusuma 15 18
    Alan Budikusuma 15 15  
  Kim Hak-kyun 9 4  
    Alan Budikusuma 18 15
    Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen 14 8  
  Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen 15 15
    Rashid Sidek 2 8  

Women's singles

The winner of the women's singles competition received the first official badminton medal in Olympic history. It was also the first gold medal for Indonesia, which before had only won one silver (in archery). 52 players from 27 nations competed in women's singles.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
    Susi Susanti 11 11  
  Somharuthai Jaroensiri 6 1  
    Susi Susanti 11 11  
    Huang Hua 4 1  
  Huang Hua 11 10 11
    Lee Heung-soon 3 12 0  
      Susi Susanti 5 11 11
    Bang Soo-hyun 11 5 3
    Sarwendah Kusumawardhani 2 11 11  
  Bang Soo-hyun 11 3 12  
    Bang Soo-hyun 11 11
    Tang Jiuhong 3 2  
  Anna Lao 1 9
    Tang Jiuhong 11 11  

Men's doubles

Malaysia won its first Olympic medal in the men's doubles competitions in badminton. 30 pairs from 21 nations competed in men's doubles.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
    Kim Moon-soo
  Park Joo-bong
15 15  
  Rexy Mainaky
  Ricky Subagja
7 4  
    Kim Moon-soo
  Park Joo-bong
15 15  
    Razif Sidek
  Jalani Sidek
11 13  
  Razif Sidek
  Jalani Sidek
15 15
    Shuji Matsuno
  Shinji Matsuura
5 4  
      Kim Moon-soo
  Park Joo-bong
15 15
    Eddy Hartono
  Rudy Gunawan
11 7
    Li Yongbo
  Tian Bingyi
15 12 17  
  Jan Paulsen
  Henrik Svarrer
11 15 14  
    Li Yongbo
  Tian Bingyi
9 8
    Eddy Hartono
  Rudy Gunawan
15 15  
  Eddy Hartono
  Rudy Gunawan
15 18
    Lee Sang-bok
  Shon Jin-hwan
4 15  

Women's doubles

29 pairs from 20 nations competed in women's doubles.

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