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Baptist General Association of Virginia

The Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) is an umbrella organization of Baptist churches founded in 1823.[1] The BGAV has been characterized as a moderate association.[2] More than 1,400 Baptist churches affiliate with the BGAV.[3]


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History of the BGAV

Baptists have been in Virginia since the American Revolution, but had not organized as cooperating churches, preferring the independence common among Baptists. Not until June 3, 1822 was a formal Association formed, and then only “To propagate the Gospel and advance the Redeemer's Kingdom throughout the State.” It also emphasized that the work would be done while “not infringing the rights of individuals or churches.” [4]

The BGAV emphasized missions from the beginning. At the first general meeting on June 7, 1823, the Association agreed to fund two church planting missionaries at $30 a month for two years. Technically the BGAV only meets once annually, and relies on the Virginia Baptist Mission Board (VBMB) to administer the missions and provide continuing support to participating churches.[5]

Relationships with other organizations

In Virginia, there are two [6] The rival Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia was created when several churches left the BGAV in September 1996.[7] Since the BGAV does not prevent its member churches from dually aligning with another Baptist group, some of its members may also affiliate with the more conservative SBCV,[8] though the BGAV and SBCV often disagree on priorities.[9]

The BGAV joined the Baptist World Alliance in 2004 after the Southern Baptist Convention pulled out of the alliance.[10] At the time, BGAV Executive Director John V. Upton, Jr., said, "Virginia Baptists have been a part of the BWA since its beginning in 1905. Our membership up to this point had been through the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The decision of the SBC to leave the BWA has automatically removed our membership. In this annual meeting Virginia Baptists have overwhelmingly voted to maintain that historic and strategic relationship."[10] The BGAV contributes more to the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) than does any convention or union in the world.[11]

In 2006, the BGAV received some Georgia Baptist churches that had requested affiliation.[12] The move is unusual for Southern Baptist churches which almost universally affiliate with conventions in their states or region. But it represents a growing interest in denominational links by affinity rather than geography, say some observers.[13]

Seminary partnerships

The BGAV partners to some degree with several seminaries throughout the United States, some of which also partner with the SBC, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, or other groups.[14] These seminaries are:[14]


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