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Battle of Woden's Burg (592)


Battle of Woden's Burg (592)

Battle of Woden's Burg (592)
Part of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain
Date 592
Location Adam's Grave, Wiltshire
Result West Saxon defeat
West Saxons Britons
Commanders and leaders

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records a battle fought in the year 592 at Woden's Burg, the neolithic long barrow now known as Adam's Grave, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. The year entry states:

Her micel wælfill wæs æt Woddes beorge, 7 Ceawlin wæs ut adrifen. (There was great slaughter at Woden's hill, and Ceawlin was driven out.)

Ceawlin was king of Anglo-Saxon Wessex. In most versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle the entry does not record the identity of the force opposing Ceawlin but one version, Manuscript E, says they were Britons.[1] Yorke, however, says the opponent was Ceol, Ceawlin's nephew.[2] Ceawlin is recorded as dying the following year and was succeeded by Ceol; his son Cuthwine went into exile.

The Chronicle records a second battle on the same site in the year 715. The area was of strategic importance since it lay near the intersection of the ancient Ridgeway with Wansdyke.


  1. ^ ...7 mycel wæl gewearð on Brytene þes geares æt Wodnesbeorge, 7 Ceawlin wæs ut adrifen. (... and great slaughter was there of the British that year at Wodnesbeorge, and Ceawlin was driven out.)
  2. ^ Yorke, Barbara (1990). Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo-Saxon England. London: Seaby. ISBN 1-85264-027-8.

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