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Ben Granfelt

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Title: Ben Granfelt  
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Subject: Wishbone Ash, Leningrad Cowboys, List of albums titled Live, List of Swedish-speaking Finns, Bona Fide (Wishbone Ash album), Muddy Manninen
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Ben Granfelt

Ben Granfelt (born June 16, 1963)[1] is a guitarist from Helsinki, Finland and best known from his work in Leningrad Cowboys, Wishbone Ash,[2] Gringos Locos, Guitar Slingers and his solo band Ben Granfelt Band.[3]

Granfelt's most active and recent band named Ben Granfelt Band was formed in 1993 and since then they have toured clubs and festivals in Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Austria, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates where they appeared at the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Jazz Festivals. Ben Granfelt Band’s latest album Kaleidoscope was released on Feb 4, 2009 in Finland with the rest of Europe following later that spring.

Ben Granfelt Band began working on their 11th album in February 2010 but Granfelt's family issues forced him to put both the album and the band on hiatus in June 2010. Soon after making this decision, Granfelt was asked to join Finnish Rock'n'roll sensation Los Bastardos Finlandeses by the band's lead singer Bryn Jones. It did not take too long for Granfelt to join Los Bastardos Finlandeses full-time and contribute to songwriting for their next album.[4]

Granfelt has achieved nidan (二段:にだん) second degree black belt in karate and brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Equipment as of 12/2009[3]


  • Fender -62 Strat Black
  • Fender -63 Strat Daphne Blue over sunburst
  • Fender -64 Strat Sherwood green (refinished)
  • Fender - 2007 NAMM limited edition relic Strat
  • Fender - 2004 Limited Edition black over sunburst relic Strat
  • Tyler SE - Shoreline gold
  • Tyler - Landau Classic
  • Gibson - Bonamassa Les Paul
  • Gibson - 61 Les Paul (SG model)
  • Gibson – 76 Les Paul Custom
  • Duck - BG Custom
  • Tyler – Burning Water
  • Gibson - 59 Historic Collection Les Paul

Main setup

The BIG RIG: Made by Danish Steen Skrydstrup

  • Skrydstrup Custom Power Center
  • TC G-Force
  • TC 1210
  • H&K Rotosphere
  • Captain Coconut (Vibe, Fuzz, Octavia)
  • King Of Tone IV (boost and OD)
  • Discombobulator (Auto wah)
  • Skrydstrup Custom interface

Granfelt uses two amps either as A/B preamps or both amps' power sections in stereo. Currently Granfelt uses two Naylor SD60's amps or two ENGL Slow Hands amps. Cabinets are either two ENGL E112's or an ENGL Horizontal E212H cabinet in stereo. All cabinets are equipped with Celestion V30s speakers.

Pedalboard includes Buddah Wah, Roland Vol-pedal, SC-1 with EXT+, TC Polytune + power supply and Skrydstrup custom buffer.

The small pedal board:

  • Real McCoy wah
  • Captain Coconut
  • H&K Rotosphere
  • KOT
  • Skrydstrup Custom Power Supply
  • Skrydstrup buffer/line driver

Naylor Duel 38 amp and ENGL Classic head with two ENGL cabinets, one E112 and one C210.


Los Bastardos Finlandeses

  • Saved By Rock'n'Roll - 2011 100% Record Company

Ben Granfelt (Band)

  • The Truth - 1994 Megamania
  • Radio Friendly - 1996 Megamania
  • LIVE - 1997 Megamania
  • E.G.O - 1999 Megamania
  • All I Want to Be - 2001 Megamania
  • The Past Experience - 2004 Megamania
  • Live Experience - 2006 Bonnier/Amigo
  • Sum of Memories - 2006 Bonnier/Amigo
  • Notes from the Road - 2007 Bonnier/Amigo
  • Kaleidoscope - 2009 Windseekers
  • Melodic Relief - 2012 Sprucefield

Gringos Locos

  • Gringos Locos - 1987 Mercury
  • Punch Drunk - 1989 Atlantic
  • Raw Deal - 1991 Fazer
  • Second Coming of Age - 2009 Windseekers

Wishbone Ash

  • Bona Fide, CD - 2002 Talking Elephant
  • Live in London and Beyond, DVD - 2003 Classic Rock
  • Phoenix Rising, DVD - 2004 Classic Rock

Guitar Slingers

  • Guitar Slingers - 1994 Sony
  • Song and Dance - 1996 Sony
  • That Little Something - 1998 Guitar Slinger Records
  • Guitar Slingers (Double-CD) - 1998 RAWK Records

Leningrad Cowboys



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  • Ben Granfelt Band Official Website
  • Ben Granfelt Band Official Myspace
  • Ben Granfelt Band Facebook profile
  • Los Bastardos Finlandeses Official Website
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