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Benidorm International Song Festival

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Title: Benidorm International Song Festival  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Music of Spain, Valencian culture, Spanish culture, Gwendolyne, Lorena (singer)
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Benidorm International Song Festival

The Benidorm International Song Festival or Festival Internacional de la Canción de Benidorm (in Spanish) was an annual song contest which used to take place each summer, from 1959 to 2006, in the city of Benidorm, Spain. The contest, based on the Italian Sanremo Music Festival, was born to promote Benidorm and the Spanish music. Over the years it has suffered considerable modifications: some editions didn't celebrate, several changes have been done in the prizes, etc. It became international in 2004, but was discontinued after 2006. The contest was usually broadcast on television by TVE or Canal Nou. As of 2006, the first prize winner was awarded with the Golden Mermaid Trophy (Sirenita de Oro) and €36,000 (about US$47,000) to produce a record. Second and third place winners received the Silver Mermaid Trophy (Sirenita de Plata) and the Bronze Mermaid Trophy (Sirenita de Bronce), respectively.

Golden Mermaid Trophy winners

Edition Year Performer Song
1st 1959 Monna Bell & Juanito Segarra "Un telegrama"
2nd 1960 Arturo Millán "Comunicando"
3rd 1961 José Francis "Enamorada"
4th 1962 Raphael "Llevan"
5th 1963 Alberto y Rosalía "La hora"
6th 1964 José Casas "Eternidad"
7th 1965 Federico Cabo "Tu loca juventud"
8th 1966 Alicia Granados "Nocturno"
9th 1967 Tony Dallara y Bettina "Entre los dos"
10th 1968 Julio Iglesias "La vida sigue igual"
11th 1969 Mirla Castellanos "Ese día llegará"
12th 1970 Dona Higtower y Joe Louis "Tus manos"
13th 1971 Sellés y Portolés "Mi rincón"
14th 1972 Eduardo Rodrigo "A María yo encontré"
15th 1973 Emilio José "Soledad"
16th 1974 Juan Erasmo Mochi "Un camino hacia el amor"
17th 1975 Juan Camacho "A ti, mujer"
18th 1976 Dyango "Si yo fuera él"
19th 1977 Alfonso Pahino "Aléjate"
20th 1978 Yunque "Toro negro"
21st 1980 Jerónimo "Quisiera"
22nd 1981 José Umbral "Y te quiero"
23rd 1982 Fernando Ubiergo "Yo pienso en ti"
24th 1983#
25th 1985 Círculo Vicioso "Portero de noche"
26th 1993 El desierto que viene*
Romero y sus amigos**
"Tierra del amor"*

"Sabed amigos"**

27th 1994 Esmeralda Grao[1] "Fuego y miel"
28th 1995 Tábata Ley "Sólo amor"
29th 1996 Malizzia & Malizzia "Y no puedo más"
30th 1997 Diego Daniel "Soledad"
31st 1998 Enrique Casellas "Seguramente"
32nd 1999 Quinta Esencia "De manera espontánea"
33rd 2000 Alazán "Alcanzarás la luna"
34th 2001 Carlos Fénix "Mi razón de vivir"
35th 2002 Marta Solís "Vida"
36th 2003 Carlos Barroso "Enséñame"
37th 2004 Guy Swimer "Sweet lady"
38th 2005 Coral "Maldito corazón"
39th 2006 La Década Prodigiosa "A tí"

Note: (#) In 1983 the contest became a musical exhibit without winners. Complaints against this decision emerged.
Note: (*) Pop-Rock modality. (**) Ballad modality.

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