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Brihaspati Dev Triguna

Brihaspati Dev Triguna
Born 1920
Died 2013

Brihaspati Dev Triguna (Hindi: वैद्य ब्रह्स्पति देव त्रिगुणा; 1920 - 2013) was a Vaidya or ayurvedic doctor and an expert in nadivigyan, the ayurvedic technique of pulse diagnosis.

He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1992, followed by the Indian Government's second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan Award in 2003.[1]


Triguna was president of the All-India Ayurvedic Congress[2] and held several government positions, including Director of the Central Council for Research on Ayurveda and chairman of the National Academy of Ayurveda. He was the personal physician for the President of India.[3] He worked towards standardization of ayurvedic medicines, certifications at the ayurvedic medical colleges of India.

Triguna collaborated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and other ayuvedic experts to develop Maharishi Ayurveda.[4] His primary practice was in Sarai Kale Khan behind Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, although he traveled to many parts of the world, including Europe where he opened Ayurveda clinics.[5] His travel in the U.S. included giving talks on Ayurveda at medical schools such as UCLA, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins.[6]

In 2003, Triguna received the second highest civilian award given by Government of India, the Padma Vibhushan Award.[7]

Vaidya Brihaspati Dev Triguna died on January 1, 2013[8] at his home in Sarai Kale Khan, Nizamuddin New Delhi. His sons Narendra triguna and Vaidya Devendra Triguna carries on his practice at the same location.[9]


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