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British Columbia general election, 1900

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Title: British Columbia general election, 1900  
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British Columbia general election, 1900

Members of the Legislature of British Columbia, 1900

The British Columbia general election of 1900 was the ninth general election for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It was held to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The election was called on April 24, 1900, and held on June 9, 1900. The new legislature met for the first time on July 19, 1900.

This was the last election in which political parties were not part of the official process in British Columbia, although because of the political chaos in this year resulting from the joint misrule of Premier Joseph Martin and the Lieutenant-Governor, Thomas Robert McInnes, many individual candidates declared their party affiliations in many ridings as a protest against the non-party system.

For more on the political circumstances of this election, please see British Columbia general election, 1898.

Results by riding

|- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|Edwin Clarke Smith |align="center" |East Kootenay (south riding)
|bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center" rowspan=2|Cassiar
Conservative Opposition
Independent Opposition
|align="center"|Charles William Digby Clifford |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|John Oliver |align="center" |Westminster-Delta
Government |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center"|James Stables |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|    
|- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|John Cunningham Brown |align="center" |New Westminster City
|bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |align="center" |Alberni
|align="center"|Alan Webster Neill |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|Hugh Bowie Gilmour |align="center" rowspan=2 |Vancouver City
|bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" rowspan=2|Cariboo
|align="center"|Joseph Hunter |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|Joseph Martin1 |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center"|Samuel Augustus Rogers |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- |bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |align="center"|Smith Curtis |align="center" |West Kootenay-Rossland
|bgcolor="#8B94E7"|     |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" |Comox
|align="center"|Lewis Alfred Mounce |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" rowspan=2 |Esquimalt
Independent Opposition
|align="center"|William Henry Hayward |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center"|Charles Edward Pooley |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" |Cowichan
Independent Conservative
|align="center"|Charles Herbert Dickie |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |align="center" |Lillooet East
Opposition Progressive
|align="center"|James Douglas Prentice |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" |East Kootenay (north riding)
Independent Progressive
|align="center"|Wilmer Cleveland Wells |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor=#EEBBBB|     |align="center" |Nanaimo City
|align="center"|Ralph Smith |bgcolor=#EEBBBB|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" |South Nanaimo
|align="center"|James Dunsmuir2 |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" |Lillooet West
Independent Opposition
|align="center"|Alfred Wellington Smith |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center" rowspan=2 |Vancouver City
|align="center"|James Ford Garden |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center"|Robert Garnett Tatlow |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="gainsboro"|     |align="center" |North Nanaimo
|align="center"|William Wallace Burns McInnes |bgcolor="gainsboro"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" |North Victoria
Independent Liberal
|align="center"|John Paton Booth |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" |South Victoria
Opposition |align="center"|David McEwen Eberts |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" |West Kootenay-Nelson
Opposition |align="center"|John Frederick Hume |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" rowspan=4 |Victoria City
Opposition |align="center"|Richard Hall |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center"|Henry Dallas Helmcken |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center"|Albert Edward McPhillips |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center"|John Herbert Turner |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |- | | | | |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center" |West Kootenay-Revelstoke
Conservative |align="center"|Thomas Taylor |bgcolor="#9999FF"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |align="center" |West Kootenay-Slocan
Progressive |align="center"|Robert Francis Green |bgcolor="#66CC00"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |align="center" |Westminster-Chilliwhack
Progressive |align="center"|Charles William Munro |bgcolor="#66CC00"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center" |Westminster-Dewdney
Conservative |align="center"|Richard McBride |bgcolor="#9999FF"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |align="center" |Westminster-Richmond
Conservative |align="center"|Thomas Kidd |bgcolor="#9999FF"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|     |align="center" |Yale-East
Opposition |align="center"|Price Ellison |bgcolor="#B8BFFE"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|     |align="center" |Yale-North
Independent Opposition |align="center"|Frederick John Fulton |bgcolor="#DCDCDC"|    
|- | | | | |bgcolor="#66CC00"|     |align="center" |Yale-West
Opposition Progressive |align="center"|Denis Murphy |bgcolor="#66CC00"|    
|- | |align-left"|1 Incumbent Premier | | | | |align-left"|2 Premier-Elect |- | align="center" colspan="10"|Source: Elections BC |- |}

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