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Civil Will-Green Party

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Title: Civil Will-Green Party  
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Subject: Mongolian legislative election, 2012, Mongolian legislative election, 2008, Politics of Mongolia, Zorig Foundation, Mongolian presidential election, 2013
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Civil Will-Green Party

Civil Will-Green Party
Иргэний Зориг-Ногоон Нам
Irgenii Zorig-Nogoon Nam
Chairperson Sanjaasürengiin Oyuun[1]
Founded March 12, 2012 (2012-03-12)
Merger of Green Party (November 25, 1990 (1990-11-25))
Civil Will Party(March 9, 2000 (2000-03-09))
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
International affiliation Liberal International, Global Greens[2]
Continental affiliation Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats, Asia-Pacific Green Federation[3]
Colors Green, White
State Great Khural
2 / 76
Politics of Mongolia
Political parties

The Civil Will-Green Party (Mongolian: Иргэний Зориг-Ногоон Нам, Irgenii Zorig-Nogoon Nam) is a political party in Mongolia.

Civil Will Party

Logo of the Civil Will Party

Civil Will Party was established on March 9, 2000, with Sanjaasürengiin Oyuun as chairwoman and E. Narmandakh as general secretary. The party's name is a reference to the name of S.Oyun's murdered brother Sanjaasürengiin Zorig, one of the leaders of the 1990 democratic movement.

In the 2000 legislative election, the Civil Will Party entered into a coalition with the Green Party, and won a seat in the State Great Khural. Before the 2008 legislative election, the Mongolian National Unity Party (Mongolian: Монголын Үндэсний Эв Нэгдлийн Нам) merged with the Civil Will Party. In the ensuing elections on June 29, 2008, the party won one of the 76 seats in Mongolia's parliament, while receiving 11% of the popular vote.[4]


7th Congress of the Civil Will Party, forming the Civil Will-Green Party. With the merger, the party has two members in the State Great Khural, Party chairman Dangaasürengiin Enkhbat and first deputy chairwoman Sanjaasürengiin Oyuun. Furthermore, E. Zorigt works as the Adviser of Nature and the Environment affairs to the President.[4]

During the 8th Congress of the Civil Will Party conducted on 28 January 2012, the party changed its name to the Civil Will-Green Party, and approved the decision to have up to three chairpersons, and to adopt a new flag and symbol. The changes were submitted to the Supreme Court, which were then approved on March 12, 2012.[5]

The merger was nevertheless opposed by many members, with some people blocking the application to the Supreme Court for over six months.[6]


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