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Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965–1986

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Title: Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965–1986  
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Subject: Close Your Eyes
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Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965–1986

Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965-1986
Vincent Crane
Released 2008
Genre Rock
Label Sanctuary Records
Vincent Crane chronology

Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965-1986
Anthology 1969-81

Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965–1986 is a career-spanning compilation of Vincent Crane recordings. He was the founder and only constant member of British progressive rock band Atomic Rooster. As well as having 21 of its 37 tracks culled from all of Atomic Rooster's studio albums, it includes several rare and previously unreleased cuts from various Vincent Crane solo and side projects. As with all previous Castle Communications/Sanctuary Records Atomic Rooster CDs, it was compiled by music journalist Colin Harper, who also supplied a detailed biography.

Except where noted, all tracks are performed by Atomic Rooster.

Track listing

CD 1

  1. "Breakthrough" (Crane/Darnell) 6:18
  2. "The Rock" (Crane) 4:31
  3. "Decision/Indecision" (Crane/Darnell) 3:50
  4. "Breathless" (Crane) 4:51
  5. "Tomorrow Night" (Crane) 3:56
  6. "Gershatzer" (Crane) 7:58
  7. "Black Snake" (Crane/Darnell) 5:59
  8. "Close Your Eyes" (Crane) 3:49
  9. "Banstead" (Crane/Graham/Palmer) 3:29
  10. "Satan's Wheel" (Crane) 6:40
  11. "Nobody Else" (Crane/Du Cann) 4:58
  12. "Save Me" (Crane) 3:14 - retitled, rerecorded version of "Friday the 13th"
  13. "Can't Find a Reason" (Crane) 4:34
  14. "Don't Know What Went Wrong" (Crane) 4:00
  15. "Time Take My Life" (Crane) 6:01
  16. "Moods" (Crane) 4:21

CD 2

  1. "My Babe" (Dixon) 3:29 - Vincent Crane Big Sound 1964
  2. "The Silver Meter" (Dixon) (edit) 2:48 - Word Engine 1965
  3. "Fanfare/Fire Poem" (Brown/Crane) 2:02 - Crazy World of Arthur Brown 1968
  4. "Fire" (Brown/Crane/Finesilver/Ker) 2:54 - as above
  5. "Rest Cure" (Brown/Crane) 2:46 - as above
  6. "Wave Myself Goodbye" (Gallagher) 3:30 - Rory Gallagher 1971
  7. "I'm Not Surprised" (Gallagher) 3:37 - as above
  8. "Fire Fighter" (Crane/Bromley) 2:39 - Green Goddess 1977
  9. "Crazy About My Baby" (Crane) 3:03 - as above
  10. "Taro Rota" (Crane/Crane) (edit) 2:45 - solo demo version 1976
  11. "Taro Rota" (Crane/Crane) 10:08 - Vincent Crane and Arthur Brown 1979
  12. "Throw Your Life Away" (Du Cann/Crane) 2:50
  13. "He Did It Again" (Du Cann/Crane) 4:03
  14. "Taking a Chance" (Crane) 3:12
  15. "Land of Freedom" (Crane) 3:47
  16. "Time" (Crane/Crane) 6:29
  17. "Crane's Train Boogie" (Crane) 3:17 - Katmandu, also featuring Peter Green and Ray Dorset, 1984
  18. "Sweet Sixteen" (Crane) 3:32 - as above
  19. "One of Those Things" (Kevin Rowland, Marinell, Waddy Wachtel, Warren Zevon) 6:01 - Dexys Midnight Runners 1985
  20. "Because of You" (Kevin Rowland, Helen O'Hara, Adams) 3:11 - as above 1986
  21. "Solar Myth/Extro Boogie" (Crane/Green) (edit) 2:47 - Word Engine 1983

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