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Colonial Cup (rugby league)

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Title: Colonial Cup (rugby league)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Rugby league in the Americas, Saint Patrick's Day Test, United States national rugby league team, Rugby league, Rugby league in Canada
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Colonial Cup (rugby league)

Colonial Cup
Colonial Cup logo
Sport Rugby league football
Instituted 2010
Number of teams 2
Region International (RLIF)
Related competition Atlantic Cup

The Colonial Cup is an international rugby league football challenge match played between the United States national rugby league team and the Canada Wolverines. The inaugural match was played in September, 2010 at the Richardson Memorial Stadium at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.[1] The match was won by the USA Tomahawks 22-16.[2]

In 2011, the Colonial Cup was expanded to a 'home and away' series. Each team won their home fixture; the USA won the first of the two games 18-2 with Canada securing their first win in the second match with an 18-16 win. USA won the series with an overall aggregate score of 34-20.[3] In 2012, the Cup was again contested over 2 games, with the USA Tomahawks winning both games. In 2013, the series has been expanded to a best 2 of 3 series.[4] In 2014, Canada won their first ever Colonial Cup trophy.[5]


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Note that in a year where each team wins an even number of games, the winner of the cup is decided by aggregate scores.

Year Winner of Cup Wins Losses Drawn
2010 United States 1 0 0
2011 United States 1 1 0
2012 United States 2 0 0
2013 United States 3 1 0
2014 Canada 1 0 0

2013 Colonial Cup

Game 1

Saturday, 6 July
19:00 (local time)
Canada 36 - 20 United States
Tony Felix (2)
Joe Bangay
Christian Miller
Geoff Bylund
Robin Legault
Adam Timler
Steve Piatek (4/7)
Report, Video Tries:
Ben Sadgrove
Craig Priestly
Mike Schacter
Taylor Welch

Craig Priestly (2/4)
Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 7,168
Referee/s: Paul Byrne
Man of the Match: Tony Felix

Game 2

Saturday, 24 August
18:00 (local time)
United States 44 - 16 Canada
Val Notoa 2' c
M. Schachter 14' c
Kristian Freed 26' c
Mark Offerdahl 33' m
Luke Collins 48' c
Craig Priestly 53' c
Matt Walsh 73' c
Gareth Gibbs 78' m
Craig Priestly (6/8) 3', 15', 28', 49', 54', 74'
Report Tries:
Don Mackinlay 10' c
Graham Dobbs 44' m
Chris Diamond 58' c

Robin Legault (2/3) 11', 59'
Garthwaite Stadium, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 175
Referee/s: Robin Peers
Man of the Match: Kristian Freed

Game 3

Saturday, 7 September
19:00 (local time)
Canada 20 - 28 United States
Louis Robinson
Ben Fleming
Christian Miller
Robin Legault
Robin Legault (2/4)
Report Video Tries:
Louis Tuilo (2)
Brent Shorten (2)
Casey Clarke
Mike Schacter
Craig Priestly (4/6)
Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 3,128
Referee/s: ?
Man of the Match: Taylor Welch

Game 4

Saturday, 28 September
19:00 (local time)
Canada 22 - 30 United States
Jaime Beeton
Christian Miller
Eric Moyer
Brent King
Jaime Beeton (3/5)
Report Video Tries:
Gabriel Farley
Brent Shorten (3)
Gareth Gibbs
Mike Schacter
Craig Priestly (3/6)
Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 5,176
Referee/s: Paul Byrne
Man of the Match: Taylor Welch

2014 Colonial Cup

Game 1

Sunday, 10 August
19:00 (local time)
Canada 52 - 14 United States
Billy Skidgmore
Jonathan Cregg (2)
Enoch Wamalwa (2)
Tom Clancy
Denny McCarthy
Matt Wyles
Brett King
Steve Piatek (8/9)
Report Tries:
Arber Corbaj
Matt Walsh
CJ Catalano

Matt Walsh (1/3)
Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 7,356
Referee/s: Paul Byrne
Man of the Match: Steve Piatek

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