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Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist)

Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist)
President Hemanta B.C.[1]
Secretary-General Lok Narayan Subedi[1]
Founded 2005
Students wing Nepal Progressive Student Federation
Ideology Communism,
Election symbol
Politics of Nepal
Political parties

Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist) was a political party in Nepal existing from 2005 until 2013.


Formed on September 15, 2005 through the merger of Communist Party of Nepal (United) and Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist),[2] the party was a member of the United Left Front and contributed to the 2006 Loktantra Andolan.

Bishnu Bahadur Manandhar (general secretary of CPN(United)) was named general secretary of the party (he later stepped down) and Prabhu Narayan Chaudhari (president of CPN(M)) was the president of the party. Other politburo members were:

  • Madhav Gyawali
  • Hemant Bahadur B.C.
  • Tilak Parajuli
  • Ganesh Shah
  • Lok Narayan Subedi
  • Chandra Deo Joshi
  • Sharan Bikram Malla
  • Sunil Manandhar
  • Bhim Prasad Sedhai
  • Sahadev Yadav
  • Ekraj Pandey
  • Thakur Sharma

The founding unification conference also elected a 34-member Central Committee and an 82-member National Council.[3]

The trade union wing of CPN(UM) was Nepal Progressive Trade Union Federation (NPTUF) and the students wing of the party was the Nepal Progressive Student Federation (NPSF).

In mid-October 2006, the party went through an internal crisis. Prabhu Narayan Chaudhuri received harsh criticism from party members over his actions as Minister of Land Reforms. On October 14 he was gheraoed in his office by party cadres. Ten politburo members, including both Manandhar and Chaudhuri, resigned. Chandra Deo Joshi was appointed acting chairman whereas Lok Narayan Subedi became the new general secretary of the party.[4]

In 2007, Ganesh Shah and Chandra Deo Joshi broke away from CPN(UM), and formed a separate CPN (United).

In April 2013 the party merged with five other parties into the Communist Party of Nepal (2013) which received its registration for contesting the 2013 Constituent Assembly election.[5]


Communism in Nepal
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