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Connecticut Transit Hartford

Connecticut Transit Hartford
CT Transit Hartford Division New Flyer D40LF bus #538 on the 50C-Blue Hills Avenue line; Main Street, Downtown Hartford
Parent Connecticut Department of Transportation
Founded 1976
Headquarters 100 Leibert Road
Hartford, CT 06120
Locale Connecticut
Service area Greater Hartford
Service type Local and express bus service
Routes 43 local
5 flyer
12 express[1]
Fleet 238
(CT Transit branding)[2]
Operator First Transit
Chief executive David A. Lee (general manager)

Connecticut Transit Hartford (CT Transit Hartford Division) is the largest division of Connecticut Transit, providing service on 43 local routes, 5 "flyer" limited stop routes and 12 express routes throughout 27 towns in Hartford County, including Bloomfield, East Hartford, Farmington, Glastonbury, Manchester, Middletown, Newington, New Britain, South Windsor, West Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor, in addition to Hartford. Service is provided seven days a week in the region, with routes centered on Hartford. The Hartford Division provides connections with local routes in Bristol and New Britain.[3]

Since 1979, the Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford divisions of CT Transit have been operated by First Transit.[4]


Express Routes
Routes 1 through 15 are CTTRANSIT Express routes.
Routes 17 through 27 are Express routes operated by other services.

Route (old name in parenthesis) Route name New Route Number & Terminus Notes
1 Avon-Canton Express 1: Avon-Canton
1A: Avon
2 Corbins-Farm Springs Express 2: Corbins-Farm Springs
2C: Corbins
3 Buckland Express 3: Buckland
3/17(3/50): Buckland-Vernon
  • The 3/17 express bus is operated by Collins Bus Service.
4 Glastonbury Express 4: St. Paul's-St. Augustine's
4A: St. Augustine's Only
4P: St. Paul's Only
4/14 Glastonbury (St. Paul's Only)-Marlborough-Colchester
5 Enfield-Somers-Windsor Locks Express 5: Windsor Locks-Enfield
5: Windsor Locks-Enfield-Thompsonville-Mass Mutual Connection to Springfield
5E: Enfield
5E: Enfield-Thompsonville-Mass Mutual Connection to Springfield
5S: Enfield-Somers (Non-Holiday weekends only)
5W: Windsor Locks
5W: Windsor Locks-North St
5/15: Windsor-Windsor Locks-Enfield
5/15: Windsor-Windsor Locks-Enfield-Thompsonville
  • Route 5E connects with PVTA Route G5 to Springfield, MA.
6 Cromwell Express 6: Cromwell
7 Newington Express 7: Newington
9 Unionville Express 9: Unionville
10 Century Hills Express 10: Century Hills
11 Simsbury-Granby Express 11: Simsbury-Granby
11S: Simsbury
54X: BLUE HILLS EXT-Imperial Nursery-Granby
  • 54X service to Granby charges a local fare.
14 Marlborough-Colchester Express 14: Marlborough-Colchester
14C: Colchester
14M: Marlborough
4/14: Glastonbury (St. Paul's Only)-Marlborough-Colchester
15 Windsor Express 15: Windsor
5/15: Windsor-Windsor Locks-Enfield
17(50) Vernon Express 17(50): Vernon
3/17(3/50): Buckland-Vernon
  • Operated by Collins Bus Service.
18(30, 31) Coventry/Willimantic Express 18(30): Willimantic
18C(31): Coventry
  • Operated by Peter Pan/Arrow.
19(60) Meriden Express 19(60): Meriden
  • Operated by Kelley Transit.
20(42) Middletown/New Haven Express 20(42): Middletown/New Haven
  • Operated by Peter Pan/Arrow.
  • Connection available with CTTRANSIT New Haven.
21(40) Middletown/Old Saybrook Express 21(40): Middletown/Old Saybrook
  • Operated by DATTCO.
  • Connection available with 9-Town Transit in Old Saybrook.
23(43) Bristol/Plainville Express 23(43): Bristol/Plainville
23B(43): Bristol
23/24(43/41): Bristol-Cheshire
  • Operated by DATTCO.
24(41) Cheshire/Southington Express 24(41): Cheshire/Southington
23/24(43/41): Bristol-Cheshire
26(70) Winsted Express 26(70): Winsted
  • Operated by Kelley Transit.
27(71) Torrington Express 27(71): Torrington
  • Operated by Kelley Transit.

Local routes
CTTRANSIT uses color codes to signify the direction the bus is going from downtown Hartford.

  • Northbound Routes 30-42 are in purple.
  • Northbound Routes 44-59 are in red.
  • Southbound Routes 31-59 are in orange.
  • Westbound Routes 60-76 are in blue.
  • East-of-the-River Routes 80-96 (except 91 and 92) are in green.
  • Crosstown routes that do not serve downtown Hartford are in tan.
Route Route name Old Route Letter (until 2009) New Route Number & Terminus Notes
30 Bradley Flyer BDL 30X: Bradley Int'l Airport via I-91
30N: Bradley Int'l Airport via North Main St
31 Park St-New Park Av K3

31: West Hartford Place
31A: West Hartford Place via Kane St
31B: West Hartford Place-Charter Oak Marketplace
31/63: Hillside Av
  • Route 31/63 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
32 Windsor Av N2


32: Windsor Center
32A: Windsor Center via Weston St
32B: Windsor Center-Bloomfield Av via Weston St
32M: Windsor Center via Matianuck Av & Weston St
32/40: Windsor Center via North Main St
  • Serves the CT Dept. of Social Services (Hartford).
  • Some trips on Route 32 continue
    to the Poquonock Park & Ride in Windsor.
  • Route 32/40 operates on nights and Sundays only.
33 Park St-Park Rd K4
33: South Quaker Ln
33W: Westfarms
34 Windsor Av-Rainbow N3

34: International Dr
34/36: International Dr-Day Hill Rd-Griffin Center
  • Serves the CT Dept. of Social Services (Hartford).
  • Weekdays only.
35 Westfarms Flyer WFM 35X: Westfarms via I-84
36 Windsor Av-Day Hill Rd N7

36: Griffin Center
36X: DAY HILL RD-ING-Griffin Center via I-91
  • Route 36 Local serves the CT Dept. of
    Social Services (Hartford).
  • Weekdays only.
37 New Britain Av via Jefferson St Q4

37: Charter Oak Marketplace
63A: HILLSIDE AV-Charter Oak Marketplace
  • Route 37 serves Hartford Hospital, CT Children's Medical Center, and West Hartford Place.
38 Weston St W3
38: CTTRANSIT-Post Office
39 New Britain Av via Retreat Av Q3
39: Elmwood Center
39W: Westfarms
  • The 39W bus continues to the Corbins Park & Ride in New Britain on Sundays and holidays.
  • Serves Hartford Hospital.
40 North Main St K2


40: Wilson Park & Ride
40/52: Blue Hills Av
30N: BRADLEY FLYER-Bradley Int'l Airport via North Main St
32/40: WINDSOR AV-Windsor Center via North Main St
  • Serves the CT Dept. of Social Services (Hartford).
  • Route 40/52 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
41 New Britain P1


41(P1): New Britain via Newington Center
41X(P1x): New Britain via Newington Center Express to Newington Av
HNB: Hartford/New Britain via I-84
  • Co-operated by DATTCO.
  • Connection available to CTTRANSIT New Britain.
42 Barbour St K1 42: Tower Av
42/46: Tower Av-Coventry St
  • Route 42/46 operates on nights and Sundays only.
43 Campfield Av N1 43: Folly Brook Blvd-Jordan Ln
  • May continue to/from Hartford via the 47 (T) route.
44 Garden St S2 44: Charlotte St-Unity Plaza
45 Berlin Turnpike Flyer BTF 45X: Stew Leonard's via I-91
45X: ConnDOT-Stew Leonard's via I-91
45X: ConnDOT-Stew Leonard's-Corbin Russwin via I-91
  • Supplemental service for the 47B bus.
46 Vine St Q1

46: Coventry St-Elizabeth Av
42/46: BARBOUR ST-Tower Av-Coventry St
47 Franklin Av T3



47: Jordan Ln
47B: Berlin Tpk-ConnDOT
47B: Berlin Tpk
47R: Rose Hill
47R: Rose Hill-Corporate Ridge
47W: Silas Deane Hwy-Wethersfield Shop Ctr
(nights & Sunday only)
47/61: Jordan Ln-Broad St
  • Route 47W serves Silas Deane Hwy. in Wethersfield.
  • Route 47/61 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
50 Blue Hills Av-Cottage Grove Rd T4
50A: Copaco-CIGNA/MetLife
50B: Copaco-Bloomfield Center
50C: Copaco
52 Blue Hills Av T7
52: Rockwell Corner
52W: Wedgewood Dr
40/52: NORTH MAIN ST-Blue Hills Av
  • Route 40/52 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
53 Wethersfield Av U1


53: Jordan Ln
53W: DMV-Old Weth-Wethersfield Shop Ctr-Exec Sq
55: MIDDLETOWN-Wethersfield Av-CT Valley Hosp
47W: FRANKLIN AV-Silas Deane Hwy-Wethersfield Shop Ctr
54 Blue Hills Av-Blue Hills Ext T10

54: Blue Hills Ext
54X: BLUE HILLS EXT-Day Hill Rd-Griffin Center-Express to City Line
54X: BLUE HILLS EXT-Imperial Nursery-Granby Express to City Line
  • Weekdays only.
55 Middletown U7


55: Wethersfield Av-Silas Deane Hwy.-Downtown Middletown
55X: Silas Deane Hwy.-Downtown Middletown Express to Jordan Ln
  • Does not operate on Sundays; limited Saturday service available.
  • Route U7x Express (now Route 55X) runs the former M1 route to Middletown.
  • Some trips serve Connecticut Valley Hospital on Silver Street.
  • Connection available to the Middletown Area Transit buses and M-Link to Meriden.
56 Bloomfield Av U4
56B: Bloomfield Center
56D: Dorothy Dr-Woodside Village
56F: Federation Home
58 Albany Av U3
58: Bishops Corner
58A: Mark Twain Dr
59 Locust St G1 59: Brainard Ind Park-Regional Market
60 Farmington Av E 60: West Hartford Ctr
60S: Hartford High
  • Route 60S service operates on school days only.
61 Broad St F2
61: Jordan Ln
61D: Silas Deane Hwy
61R: Ridge Rd
47/61: FRANKLIN AV-Jordan Ln-Broad St
  • Route 47/61 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
62 Farmington Av-North Main St E2 62: Bishops Corner
63 Hillside Av A


63A: Charter Oak Marketplace
63M: Mountain St
31/63: PARK ST-New Park Av-Hillside Av
  • Route 31/63 is the last bus trip (12:40 A.M.) of the night.
64 Farmington Av-South Main St E5
64: Webster Hill Blvd
64W: Westfarms
65 Charter Oak Flyer N/A 65X: Charter Oak Marketplace via I-84
  • Used for extended Holiday service between the day after Thanksgiving and December 31.
66 Farmington Av-Farmington E8

66: Westgate
66F: UCONN Health Ctr-Unionville
66H: UCONN Health Ctr
66T: UCONN Health Ctr-Unionville-Tunxis Comm College
69 Capitol Av W2 69C: Veterans' Hosp-CCSU
69F: Veterans' Hosp via Fenn Rd
72 Asylum Av A1
72A: Bishops Corner-CIGNA/MetLife
72F: Fern St
  • Weekdays only.
74 Granby St S1

74: St Francis Hosp-Copaco-Seabury
74S: St Francis Hosp-University High-Weaver High
  • Before it was rerouted to Seabury in 1994, the S (now 74) route operated into Wedgewood Apts.
  • Route 74S service operates on school days only.
76 Ashley St F1
76: St Francis Hosp-Bowles Park
76C: St Francis Hosp-Copaco
  • Route 76C service operates on nights and Sundays only.
80 Buckland Flyer BKM 80X: Buckland Hills via I-84
82 Tolland St-Buckland Hills Z3
82: Buckland Hills
82C: Buckland Hills-Manchester Center
82/84: Buckland Hills-Rockville
  • Route 82/84 is a combined service route to Buckland Hills and Rockville.
83 Silver Ln B

83: McKee St
83A: Manchester Business Pk via MCC
83B: Manchester Business Pk via McKee St
83C: Buckland Hills via MCC
83D: Buckland Hills via McKee St
  • On weekdays only, Route 83 serves the Spencer Street Park & Ride.
  • Service terminating at West Center & McKee Streets operates on Sundays only.
84 Tolland St-Rockville Z1
84: Rockville
82•84:Buckland Hills-Rockville
85 MCC Flyer Bx 85X: MCC via I-84
  • Operates on school days only.
86 Burnside Av Y3
86: Mayberry Village via Scotland Rd
86R: Mayberry Village via Roberts St
87 Brewer St J


87: EAST RIVER DR-Founders Plaza
87: EAST RIVER DR-Founders Plaza-Goodwin College
87F: Founders Plaza-Forest St
87F: Founders Plaza-Goodwin College-Forest St
87H: Founders Plaza-Hills St
88 Burnside Av-Manchester YM
88: Manchester Center via Center St
88C: Lydall St via Center St
88M: CT DSS Manchester via Middle Turnpike
91 Forbes St Crosstown X1
91: Buckland Hills⇋Putnam Br Plaza⇋Wethersfield Shops⇋Town Line Road
92 Tower Av Crosstown L1
92: Buckland Hills⇋South Windsor⇋Copaco
92: Buckland Hills⇋South Windsor⇋Copaco⇋Bloomfield Center (Saturdays Only)
  • Does not operate on Sundays.
94 Park Av H2

94: Prestige Park
94⇋95: MAIN ST CROSSTOWN-Prestige Park⇋Puntam Bridge Plaza
  • AM: Outbound via Prestige Park, inbound via Goodwin.
  • PM & Sundays: Outbound via Goodwin, inbound via Prestige Park.
  • New limited Sunday service between Prestige Park and Putnam Bridge Plaza via Park Ave and Main St.
95 Glastonbury O


95: MAIN ST-Brewer St
95A: O'CONNELL DR-Country Ln
95C: Glastonbury Center via Welles Village
95C: Glastonbury Center via Main St
95H: Hubbard St via Welles Village
95H: Hubbard St via Main St
95P: MAIN ST-Putnam Br Plaza-Somerset Square
94⇋95: MAIN ST CROSSTOWN-Prestige Park⇋Puntam Bridge Plaza
  • Morning trips to Glastonbury and afternoon trips from Glastonbury serve the Industrial Park area.
  • New limited Sunday service between Prestige Park and Putnam Bridge Plaza via Park Ave and Main St.
96 John Fitch Blvd H1 96: East Windsor Hill via Nutmeg Rd South
96: East Windsor Hill via Main St
  • AM: Returns to Hartford via Main Street in South Windsor.
  • PM: Returns to Hartford via Nutmeg Road in South Windsor.

Other routes

Route name Old Route Letter Type of Service Notes
Rockville Shuttle ZZ Sunday shuttle service between Depot Square in Manchester and Rockville.
  • Connects with the 82C route at Depot Square.
Star Shuttle N/A Downtown Hartford loop serving CT Convention Center, XL Center, Union Station, and Capital Community College.

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All of the above provide CT Transit route service.


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  • Official website for CT Transit
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