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Cross-country skiing at the 1936 Winter Olympics – Men's 50 km

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Title: Cross-country skiing at the 1936 Winter Olympics – Men's 50 km  
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Subject: Cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics, Vincenzo Demetz, Cyril Musil, Estonia at the 1936 Winter Olympics, List of Swedish Olympic medalists, Frans Heikkinen, Arne Tuft, Giovanni Kasebacher
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Cross-country skiing at the 1936 Winter Olympics – Men's 50 km

18 km men
50 km men
4x10 km men

The 50 kilometre cross-country skiing event was part of the cross-country skiing at the 1936 Winter Olympics programme. It was the fourth appearance of the event. The competition was held on Saturday, February 15, 1936.

Thirty-six cross-country skiers from eleven nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Elis Wiklund
Sweden (SWE)
 Axel Wikström
Sweden (SWE)
 Nils-Joel Englund
Sweden (SWE)


Place Competitor Time
1  Elis Wiklund (SWE) 3'30:11
2  Axel Wikström (SWE) 3'33:20
3  Nils-Joel Englund (SWE) 3'34:10
4  Hjalmar Bergström (SWE) 3'35:50
5  Klaes Karppinen (FIN) 3'39:33
6  Arne Tuft (NOR) 3'41:18
7  Frans Heikkinen (FIN) 3'42:44
8  Pekka Niemi (FIN) 3'44:14
9  Cyril Musil (TCH) 3'46:12
10  Franc Smolej (YUG) 3'47:40
11  Trygve Brodahl (NOR) 3'50:14
12  Kaare Hatten (NOR) 3'50:37
13  Giovanni Kasebacher (ITA) 3'53:08
14  Kalle Heikkinen (FIN) 3'54:25
15  Jan Svatoš (TCH) 3'5433
16  Vincenzo Demetz (ITA) 3'56:47
17  Tobia Senoner (ITA) 3'57:16
18  Karl Satre (USA) 3'58:45
19  Vladimír Novák (TCH) 3'59:08
20  Lovro Žemva (YUG) 3'59:13
21  Leon Knap (YUG) 3'59:17
22  Giacomo Scalet (ITA) 4'01:54
23  Vello Kaaristo (EST) 4'02:52
24  Matthias Wörndle (GER) 4'03:33
25  Fritz Gaiser (GER) 4'05:44
26  Stanisław Karpiel (POL) 4'06:26
27  Birger Torrissen (USA) 4'07:44
28  Hiroshi Tadano (JPN) 4'10:23
29  Richard E. Parsons (USA) 4'11:08
30  Josef Ponn (GER) 4'13:12
31  Lado Senčar (YUG) 4'20:20
32  Erich Marx (GER) 4'25:48
33  Nils Backstrom (USA) 4'29:30
34  Tadao Okayama (JPN) 4'30:28
 Per Samuelshaug (NOR) DNF
 Lukáš Mihalák (TCH) DNF


  • Official Olympic Report
  • (Polish)
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