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Curling at the 1992 Winter Olympics

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Title: Curling at the 1992 Winter Olympics  
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Subject: 1992 Winter Olympics, Hanne Woods, List of Olympic venues in curling, Curling at the Winter Olympics, Curling in France
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Curling at the 1992 Winter Olympics

at the XV Olympic Winter Games
Men's curling
at the XVI Olympic Winter Games
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
Women's curling
at the XVI Olympic Winter Games
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 

Curling was a demonstration sport at the 1992 Winter Olympics. The competition was held in the patinoire olympique of Pralognan-la-Vanoise, a venue about 50 km from the host city, Albertville.

Medal Summary

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Switzerland (SUI) 1 0 0 1
 Germany (GER) 1 0 0 1
2  Norway (NOR) 0 2 0 2
3  United States (USA) 0 0 1 1
 Canada (CAN) 0 0 1 1
Total 2 2 2 6


Games Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Switzerland
Urs Dick
Jürgen Dick
Robert Hürlimann
Thomas Kläy
Peter Däppen
Tormod Andreassen
Stig-Arne Gunnestad
Flemming Davanger
Kjell Berg
Pål Trulsen
United States
Bud Somerville
Tim Somerville
Mike Strum
Bill Strum
Bob Nichols
Women's Germany
Andrea Schöpp
Stephanie Mayer
Monika Wagner
Sabine Huth
Christiane Scheibel
Dordi Nordby
Hanne Pettersen
Mette Halvorsen
Anne Jøtun
Marianne Aspelin
Julie Sutton
Jodie Sutton
Melissa Soligo
Karri Wilms
Elaine Dagg-Jackson


The men's competition had eight countries in two groups.


Australia Canada France Great Britain
Melbourne CC, Melbourne

Skip: Hugh Millikin
Third: Thomas Kidd
Second: Daniel Joyce
Lead: Stephen Hewitt
Alternate: Brian Stuart

Avonair CC, Edmonton

Skip: Kevin Martin
Third: Kevin Park
Second: Dan Petryk
Lead: Don Bartlett
Alternate: Jules Owchar

Megève CC, Megève

Skip: Dominique Dupont-Roc
Third: Claude Feige
Second: Patrick Philippe
Lead: Thierry Mercier
Alternate: Daniel Moratelli

Castle Kennedy CC, Stranraer

Skip: Hammy McMillan
Third: Norman Brown
Second: Gordon Muirhead
Lead: Roger McIntyre
Alternate: Robert Kelly

Norway Sweden Switzerland United States
Risenga CK, Oslo

Skip: Tormod Andreassen
Third: Stig-Arne Gunnestad
Second: Flemming Davanger
Lead: Kjell Berg
Alternate: Pål Trulsen

Karlstads CK, Karlstad

Skip: Dan-Ola Eriksson
Third: Sören Grahn
Second: Stefan Holmén
Lead: Håkan Funk
Alternate: Alexander Kozyrev

CC Lausanne-Olympique, Lausanne

Skip: Urs Dick
Third: Jürg Dick
Second: Robert Hürlimann
Lead: Thomas Kläy
Alternate: Peter Däppen

Superior CC, Superior

Fourth: Tim Somerville
Third: Mike Strum
Skip: Bud Somerville
Lead: Bill Strum
Alternate: Bob Nichols

Round Robin

Pool A

Country Skip W L
Norway Tormod Andreassen 3 0
Switzerland Urs Dick 2 1
Great Britain Hammy McMillan 1 2
Australia Hugh Millikin 0 3
Team Final
Norway (Andreassen) 11
Switzerland (Dick) 3
Team Final
Great Britain (McMillan) 9
Australia (Millikin) 6
Team Final
Switzerland (Dick) 7
Australia (Millikin) 3
Team Final
Norway (Andreassen) 6
Great Britain (McMillan) 1
Team Final
Norway (Andreassen) 11
Australia (Millikin) 1
Team Final
Switzerland (Dick) 6
Great Britain (McMillan) 5

Pool B

Country Skip W L
Canada Kevin Martin 3 0
United States Bud Somerville 2 1
France Dominique Dupont-Roc 1 2
Sweden Dan-Ola Eriksson 0 3
Team Final
Canada (Martin) 7
United States (Somerville) 3
Team Final
France (Dupont-Roc) 8
Sweden (Eriksson) 3
Team Final
United States (Somerville) 8
Sweden (Eriksson) 4
Team Final
Canada (Martin) 5
France (Dupont-Roc) 4
Team Final
Canada (Martin) 10
Sweden (Eriksson) 5
Team Final
United States (Somerville) 6
France (Dupont-Roc) 4

Ranking Games

5th/6th place

Team Final
Great Britain (McMillan) 6
France (Dupont-Roc) 4

7th/8th place

Team Final
Australia (Millikin) 8
Sweden (Eriksson) 6



Team Final
Canada (Martin) 4
Switzerland (Dick) 8
Team Final
Norway (Andreassen) 8
United States (Somerville) 3

Bronze Medal Game

Team Final
Canada (Martin) 2
United States (Somerville) 9

Gold Medal Game

Sheet [1] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Final
Switzerland (Dick) 0 2 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 7
Norway (Andreassen) 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 6
Player Percentages
  Switzerland  Norway
Thomas Kläy 76% Kjell Berg 86%
Robert Hürliman 82% Stig-Arne Gunnestad 85%
Jürg Dick 81% Flemming Davanger 77%
Urs Dick 77% Tormod Andreassen 73%
Total 79% Total 80%


The women's curling event at the 1992 Winter Olympics had eight countries in two groups.


Canada Denmark France Germany
Juan de Fuca CC, Victoria

Skip: Julie Sutton
Third: Jodie Sutton
Second: Melissa Soligo
Lead: Karri Wilms
Alternate: Elaine Dagg-Jackson

Hvidovre CC, Hvidovre

Skip: Helena Blach
Third: Malene Krause
Second: Lene Bidstrup
Lead: Susanne Slotsager
Alternate: Dorthe Holm

Megève CC, Megève

Skip: Annick Mercier
Third: Brigitte Lamy
Second: Géraldine Girod
Lead: Claire Niatel
Alternate: Brigitte Collard

SC Riessersee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Skip: Andrea Schöpp
Third: Stephanie Mayer
Second: Monika Wagner
Lead: Sabine Hutt
Alternate: Christiane Scheibel

Great Britain Japan Norway Sweden
Laurencekirk CC, Aberdeen

Skip: Jackie Lockhart
Third: Deborah Knox
Second: Judith Stobbie
Lead: Wendy Bell
Alternate: Isobel Torrance

Obihiro CC, Hokkaido

Skip: Mayumi Seguchi
Third: Midori Kudoh
Second: Mayumi Abe
Lead: Utage Matsuzaki
Alternate: Rumi Michita

Snarøen CC, Oslo

Skip: Dordi Nordby
Third: Hanne Pettersen
Second: Mette Halvorsen
Lead: Anne Jøtun
Alternate: Marianne Aspelin

Härnösands CK, Härnösands

Skip: Anette Norberg
Third: Anna Rindeskog
Second: Catherine Norberg
Lead: Helene Granqvist
Alternate: Ann-Catrin Kjerr

Round Robin

Pool A

Country Skip W L
Germany Andrea Schöpp 2 1
Norway Dordi Nordby 2 1
Great Britain Jackie Lockhart 2 1
Japan Mayumi Seguchi 0 3
Team Final
Norway (Nordby) 3
Germany (Schöpp) 7
Team Final
Great Britain (Lockhart) 10
Japan (Seguchi) 3
Team Final
Germany (Schöpp) 9
Japan (Seguchi) 7
Team Final
Norway (Nordby) 5
Great Britain (Lockhart) 4
Team Final
Germany (Schöpp) 4
Great Britain (Lockhart) 6
Team Final
Norway (Nordby) 7
Japan (Seguchi) 6
Team Final
Germany (Schöpp) 5
Great Britain (Lockhart) 4
Team Final
Norway (Nordby) 9
Great Britain (Lockhart) 4

Pool B

Country Skip W L
Canada Julie Sutton 3 0
Denmark Helena Blach 2 1
Sweden Anette Norberg 1 2
France Annick Mercier 0 3
Team Final
Canada (Sutton) 12
Denmark (Blach) 2
Team Final
Sweden (Norberg) 14
France (Mercier) 5
Team Final
Denmark (Blach) 8
Sweden (Norberg) 6
Team Final
Canada (Sutton) 4
France (Mercier) 3
Team Final
Canada (Sutton) 8
Sweden (Norberg) 2
Team Final
France (Mercier) 5
Denmark (Blach) 9

Ranking Games

5th/6th place

Team Final
Sweden (Norberg) 11
Great Britain (Lockhart) 7

7th/8th place

Team Final
France (Mercier) 9
Japan (Seguchi) 6


Semifinals Gold Medal Game
B2  Denmark 5
A1  Germany 6
A1  Germany 9
A2  Norway 2
A2  Norway 9
B1  Canada 2
Bronze Medal Game
B2  Denmark 3
B1  Canada 9


Team Final
Denmark (Blach) 5
Germany (Schöpp) 6
Team Final
Norway (Nordby) 9
Canada (Sutton) 2

Bronze Medal Game

Team Final
Denmark (Blach) 3
Canada (Sutton) 9

Gold Medal Game

Sheet [1] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Final
Germany (Schöpp) 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 4 X X 9
Norway (Nordby) 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 X X 2
Player Percentages
 Norway  Germany
Anne Jotun 86% Sabine Huth 64%
Mette Halvorsen 74% Monika Wagner 88%
Hanne Pettersen 50% Stephanie Mayer 66%
Dordi Nordby 67% Andrea Schöpp 88%
Total 69% Total 77%


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