Der Präsentiermarsch Friedrich Wilhelms III

Der Präsentiermarsch Friedrich Wilhelms III (Presentation March of His Majesty Friedrich Wilhelms III), also known as Preußischer Präsentiermarsch (Presentation March of the Prussian Armed Forces) is a German military march composed by Friedrich Wilhelm III. A traditional Inspection march, this is the old inspection and colors presentation march of the German Federal Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr. It is also played during visits by foreign leaders to Germany by the Bundeswehr General Staff Band and Drums (the Stabsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr) during arrival honors ceremonies. It is also a favorite piece of German marching bands, always played in civil functions and parades. In Bolivia this has become the standard marchpast piece of the Bolivian military, but adapted in slow time.

External links

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  • Adolf Hitler's 50th Birthday Parade, with march playing between 0:59 and 2:20, during the presentation of the colors of the German Armed Forces

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