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El Fantasma de Elena

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Title: El Fantasma de Elena  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Segundo Cernadas, Rebecca (novel), Katie Barberi, Eva Tamargo, List of telenovelas, List of programs broadcast by Telemundo, Ana Layevska, Acasă, TV Puls, Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll
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El Fantasma de Elena

El Fantasma de Elena
Un amor que va más allá
File:Elena poster.jpg
Format Romance - Action, Telenovela
Created by Humberto Kico Olivieri
Developed by Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed by David Posada
Nicolás Di Blasi
Ricardo Schwarz
Starring Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Segundo Cernadas
Ana Layevska
Fabián Ríos
Theme music composer Patricia Manterola
Opening theme "Y Llegarás" by Patricia Manterola
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 117
Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll
Producer(s) Jairo Arcila
Editor(s) Ramiro Pardo - Hader Antivar Duque
Location(s) Miami
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original run July 20, 2010 (2010-07-20) – January 7, 2011 (2011-01-07)
Preceded by Perro Amor
Followed by Los Herederos Del Monte
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El Fantasma de Elena (Elena's Ghost) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. The first season comprised 117 episodes transmitted in the USA from 20 July 2010 to 7 January 2011. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.[1]

It stars Elizabeth Gutiérrez and Segundo Cernadas as protagonists and Ana Layevska as the main antagonist in a double role (Elena & Daniela).

It has had different subtitles. When the original story was changed after just 30 episodes, the novela was renamed Elena Contra Elena (Elena vs. Elena). 2 weeks later, the script was taken to a new direction again and its title was changed to La Venganza De Elena (Elena's Revenge). Finally, the novela was named El Desafio De Elena (Elena's Challenge) just after 20 episodes. After the 60th episode, the novela was renamed back to its original name El Fantasma de Elena (Elena's Ghost).


Young and beautiful, Elena and her widowed father, Tomas manage a small but excellent hotel on the ocean shore in Key West. Raised in her father’s shadow and shielded from the maternal side of her family, Elena has never known true love. That is until she finds Eduardo unconscious in the middle of the forest, and Elena falls hopelessly in love as she nurses him back to health. The rich, young businessman is equally passionate, and they’re married in an impromptu ceremony on the beach. Elena joins Eduardo in his mansion, where he resides with several family members and household staff. From a photograph, Elena learns about Eduardo’s deceased wife, also named Elena, who died in a tragic accident on her wedding day. The new bride isn’t given the warmest of welcomes to the castle, but it’s the screams and moans coming from the castle’s tower that most terrify Elena. Additionally, she begins to find out that her husband and his brothers belong to this mythological race, which hides many secrets and conspiracies. The twists and turns of the ocean-front locale mirror a storyline intertwined with secret loves, unusual characters and a mysterious aura. Kico spins a web of mystery and chance, until we discover the secret behind Elena’s Ghost.

Elena Lafe (Elizabeth Gutiérrez) is a talented horse rider and a very young and beautiful woman whose life is about to change from the moment she finds Eduardo (Segundo Cernadas) in the middle of the forest. She takes him to her father's hotel and takes care of him. They fall in love and later get married. She and her best friend Laura (Wanda D'Isidoro) move to his mansion, where they receive a cold welcome from Eduardo's relatives. Elena learns from Corina (Maritza Bustamante) about the relationship Eduardo had with Elena Calcano (Ana Layevska) who was to be his wife, but committed suicide on the day of the wedding, after having been left at the altar. Elena also has a twin sister named Daniela (Ana Layevska) who has got mad after Elena's death. From this moment on, Elena Lafe will have to confront a ghost who wants revenge, a witch who casts spells on her, the half brother of Eduardo, a very strange man, a crazy twin sister who wants to kill her and hundreds of secrets that will change her life forever.

Later on in the novela it is revealed that in fact Elena Calcano has been pretending to be Daniela all these years and that she was very much alive and the one that died was Daniela. She puts the mansion on fire and kills various characters including Elena Lafe's step mother. A war begins between the two for Eduardo's love. Elena Calcano remains officially Eduardo's wife.Elena Calcano lies to Eduardo and said he would sign the papers for divorce.She poured something into his drink, and then she lied down beside him, waiting to Elena Lafe comes and finds them together.After that, Elena Lafe saw them and Elena Calcano tells her that she and Eduardo made love.Elena Lafe looks for revenge. She marries Montecristo (Fabian Rios), leaves Eduardo and Elena Calcano in penury, so that they have no option, but to work for her.

The things get complicated after she finds out she is pregnant with Eduardo's child, but lies to everybody pretending it is Montecristo's. After the birth, Elena Calcano steals the child, says it is hers and tells Elena that her child died after the birth. Elena Lafe goes mad and leaves the mansion, disappearing with a doll which she believes to be her child. She is later found by Eduardo who doesn't know Elena Calcano's baby is in fact Elena's baby. Finally Elena Lafe is kidnapped by Montecristo and ends up in the Mafia's hands. She is rescued by Eduardo and returns to the mansion. The twin steals her baby again and throws the mansion in the air by means of a bomb, believing she had killed Eduardo.

Elena Lafe, hurt after all she had lived, looks for a final revenge. She orders the death of Montecristo, seduces and entraps the boss of the Mafia, and takes him to the police. Meanwhile, Eduardo is on the streets with no memory and the twin plans to kill Elena's baby. Montecristo fights with some prisoners and is killed.

In the end, Elena finds Eduardo and her child who is being rescued. The twin goes mad and ends up in asylum where she dies. Elena Lafe and Eduardo live happy with their children.


Main cast in order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Elizabeth Gutiérrez Elena Lafé Main heroine, in love with Eduardo, Montecristo's ex-wife, mother of Tomasito and Germania, at the end with Eduardo
Segundo Cernadas Eduardo Girón Main hero, in love with Elena Lafé, father of Tomasito and Germania, half-brother of Dario and Montecristo, at the end with Elena Lafé
Ana Layevska Elena Calcaño † / Daniela Calcaño † Main female villain, killed 8 people, wants to destroy Elena Lafé and Eduardo, dies in an insane asylum / Her sister, and a protagonist, killed by Elena Calcaño in the first episode
Fabián Ríos Montecristo Palacio † Main male villain, half-brother of Eduardo and Dario, in love with Elena Lafé, killed by some prisoners in prison
Maritza Bustamante Corina Santander Villain, later becomes good, Rebeca's sister, was obsessed with Eduardo, was engaged with Walter
Carlos Montilla Darío Girón † Eduardo's brother, Montecristo´s half brother, died after surgery in which he gave his bone marrow to Andrea
Elluz Peraza Antonia "Latoña" Sulbarán Villain, later becomes good, mother of Elena and Daniela
Katie Barberi Rebeca Santander de Girón Villain, later becomes good, Corina's sister
Jéssica Mas Dulce Uzcátegui † Third main villain, Margót's niece, killed 6 people, died in a hospital after a traffic accident caused by Elena Calcaño
Zully Montero Margót Uzcátegui † / Ruth Merchán (La Reina) Elena Lafé's grandmother, poisoned by Dulce / Margót's stepsister (formerly homeless)
Henry Zakka Alan Martin Former police officer, later personal assistant/protector of Elena Lafé
Eva Tamargo Mariela Lafé † Elena Lafé's stepmother, died in the fire of the Girón mansion
Braulio Castillo Tomás Lafé † Elena Lafé's father, killed in car crash caused by Dulce
Gerardo Riverón Samuel† Jesusa's husband, died in the fire of the Girón mansion
Adrián Carvajal Benjamín Girón† Villain, Rebeca and Darío's son, has a plan with Montecristo, has Laura captive, drugged a young girl to pretend to be Elena's ghost, died in the fire of the Girón mansion, Andrea's brother
Marisol Calero Nena Ochoa Fake spirit medium, currently acts as medium for the ghost of Daniela Calcaño and ally of Latoña
Freddy Víquez Anacleto / Said Nena Ochoa's friend
Juan Pablo Llano Walter Chaffeur, in love with Andrea, was engaged to Corina
Víctor Corona Kalima† Villain, Montecristo's friend, killed 5 people, killed by police
Beatriz Monroy Jesusa Chief servant in the Girón mansion, adopted mother of Milady
Wanda D'Isidoro Laura Luna Elena Lafé's best friend, survives being Benjamín's prisoner
Liannet Borrego Milady Margarita Servant at the Girón mansion, biological daughter of Clara, married to Michel
Michelle Jones Gandica Police officer
Yuly Ferreira Sandra † Dancer, Corina's friend, Montecristo's ex-lover, killed by Kalima
Leslie Stewart Victoria "Vicky" Ortega † Rebeca's friend, also sent to prison for attempting to kill Dulce's son, killed by Butterfly in a shooting in a mall trying to escape with Rebeca from prison
Isabella Castillo Andrea Girón Rebeca's and Darío's daughter, in love with Walter
Mauricio Hénao Michel Adopted son of Clara, married to Milady
Alexandra Pomales Lucia Michel and Milady's sister

Secondary cast and Special participations

Actor Character Known as
Alex Rosguer Lázaro
Ana Paula Apollonio Nurse
Anabel Leal Berta Walter's mother
Andres Felipe Mejia Thug
Andres Mistage Octavio Was going to marry Elena Lafé but she told him that she didn't love him in the first episode
Anies Castillo La Gorda's accomplice
Antonio Rodriguez Garòfalo Tony Police Officer
Ariel Texido Tulio Peñaloza Lawyer, stabbed by Dulce
Carlos Mario Gómez Bombmaker
Carlos Peña Doctor
Claudia Moreno Prisoner
Cristian Daniel Felipez Jacinto
Damian Pastrana Doctor
Dianelys Brito Sister Teresa
Enrique Herrera Priest
Ernesto Tapia Pancho Worker of the Girón's mansion, Leonor's brother
Fernando Sanchez Romulo
Hector Alejandro José Carlos del Pino
Hector Contreras Paramedic
Hely Ferrigny Montecristo's lawyer
Hernando Visbal Jailer
Hilda Luna Cristina Margót's servant and nurse, killed by Dulce with a hair dryer while she was taking a bath
Guadalupe Hernández Andrea's kidnapper, works for Dulce
Gualberto González Israel
Janelys Izquierdo Celadora
Juan Cepero Dr. Lorenzo Tapia Doctor of the Girón family
Johnny Nessy Rambo Criminal
Karen García Clara Bertuol Mayerston Milady's real mother, Michel's adoptive mother, Lucia's biological mother
Jorge Hernandez El Greco
Jorge Armando Cardenas Desama
Jose Xavier Roman Romy
Juan David Ferrer Dr. Roland Doctor that attended Elena Calcaño when she was crazy
Juan Manuel
Isaniel Rojas Iván
Leandro Antonio Bouza Roura Police Officer
Lino Martone Ramiro Sanchez Quejada Greco's boss, wants Montecristo to rot in jail, wants to buy the hacienda of Elena, captured by police
Lyduan Gonzalez Tobías
Luke Grande Barman
Manny Sanz Paramedic
Maria Pretelt Julia
Marina Catalán La Gorda
Michell Santander Herrera
Miguel Colon Police Officer
Maria Malgrat Beggar
Miguel Suarez Prisoner
Morella Silva Butterfly In prison, paid by Dulce to kill Rebeca and Vicky, killed 1 people
Myriam Henriquez Eduardito's teacher
Nanira Quezada Nurse
Natacha Guerra Vendedora de tienda lujosa
Nicolas Teran Lazaro
Nini Vásquez Maoli Kidnapped, friend of Elena while she was kidnapped
Nury Flores Felipa Chaparro Former women's prison guard, now employed by Elena Lafé to find Elena Calcaño
Omar Fabel Police Officer
Omar Santana Macaco Worker in the bar where Corina works
Orfelina de Leon Nurse
Oscar Diaz Doctor
Peter John Aranguren Actor
Raquel Rojas Enfermera
Rayner Garranchan Cristian Mexican that helped Elena Calcaño to escape from the police unconsciously because Elena Calcaño dressed up as a Mexican Indian and tricked him, later gave Elena to the police
Reinaldo Cruz Mauricio Verti Milady's real father
Rosa Calzadillo Lucinda
Samhara Davila Security Guard
Samir Succar Paramedic
Samuel Gendriz
Sandra Castillo Nurse
Shafik Palis Eduardito Girón Son of Dulce and Darío
Silvia Del Monico Dr. Bracho
Tely Ganas Irina Ramiro's assistant, sent to prison
Vanessa González Leonor Pancho's sister, used to work as the maid of Margót & Dulce, now works on the Girón's mansion
Veronica Viruet Simpson Nurse
Vivian Morales Beggar, helped Montecristo and Kalima to find Elena
Xavier Coronel Father Manuel Aguas Priest and confidant of various persons
Yasit Sanchez Male Nurse
Yoel Román Abundio † Killed by Kalima

Deceased Characters

  • Daniela Calcaño - Pushed by Elena Calcaño from the tower - Episode 001
  • Jockey - Killed by Kalima - Episode 002
  • Abundio - Killed with a bat by Kalima - Episode 022
  • Cristina - Electrified with hair dryer while in bath tub by Dulce - Episode 025
  • Samuel - Died in the fire of the Girón mansion caused by Elena Calcaño - Episode 034
  • Mariela Lafé - Died in the fire of the Girón mansion caused by Elena Calcaño - Episode 034
  • Benjamín Girón - Died in the fire of the Girón mansion caused by Elena Calcaño - Episode 034
  • Margot Uzcátegui - Poisoned by Dulce - Episode 034
  • Sandra - Hunged by Kalima by orders of Montecristo in order to look like a suicide - Episode 036
  • Vicky Ortega - Shot by Butterfly after trying to escape from prison - Episode 045
  • Tomás Lafé - Died in car accident caused by Dulce - Episode 051
  • Susy - Killed by Dulce - Episode 065
  • La Gorda - Killed by Kalima by orders of Montecristo - Episode 066
  • La Gorda's accomplice - Killed by Kalima by orders of Montecristo - Episode 066
  • Tulio Peñaloza - Stabbed by Dulce - Episode 068
  • Sandy - Killed by Dulce and Elena Calcaño - Episode 082
  • Darío Girón - Died in the hospital after donating his bone marrow to Andrea - Episode 092
  • Kalima - Shot by the police - Episode 105
  • Montecristo Palacio - Killed in prison by Rambo and other prisoners - Episode 113
  • Dulce Uzcátegui - Died in hospital after a car accident caused by Elena Calcaño - Episode 113
  • Napoleon - Killed by Elena Calcaño - Episode 116
  • Romulo - Killed by Elena Calcaño - Episode 116
  • Elena Calcaño - Died insane in the asylum - Episode 117

United States broadcast

  • Release dates, episode name & length, and U.S. viewers based on Telemundo's broadcast.
Air Date Number Episode Title Rating Duration
20.07.2010 001 Lanzamiento de tragedias 5.5 43 minutes
21.07.2010 002 Besos de revancha 5.7 43 minutes
22.07.2010 003 Fantasmas del pasado 5.8 43 minutes
23.07.2010 004 Amor desconocido 5.4 43 minutes
26.07.2010 005 Fantasmas del pasado 5.3 43 minutes
27.07.2010 006 Intenciones sospechosas 5.1 43 minutes
28.07.2010 007 Pasaje de brujería N/A 43 minutes
29.07.2010 008 Brujería de engaño N/A 43 minutes
30.07.2010 009 Pasiones reprimidas N/A 43 minutes
02.08.2010 010 Locura desmedida N/A 43 minutes
03.08.2010 011 Pelea de manos 3.4 43 minutes
04.08.2010 012 Instintos de brujería 3.8 43 minutes
05.08.2010 013 Rival mortal 4.1 43 minutes
06.08.2010 014 El Fantasma de Elena N/A 43 minutes
09.08.2010 015 Herederos Girón N/A 43 minutes
10.08.2010 016 Huellas gemelas N/A 43 minutes
11.08.2010 017 Negocios turbios N/A 43 minutes
12.08.2010 018 Herencia en juego N/A 43 minutes
13.08.2010 019 Herencia de discordia N/A 43 minutes
16.08.2010 020 Juegos de fantasma N/A 43 minutes
17.08.2010 021 Herencia de discordia N/A 43 minutes
18.08.2010 022 Guerra bestial N/A 43 minutes
19.08.2010 023 Alianzas de maldad N/A 43 minutes
20.08.2010 024 Horencia de fantasmas 3.7 43 minutes
24.08.2010 025 Revelaciones peligrosas N/A 43 minutes
25.08.2010 026 Mujer de discordia N/A 43 minutes
26.08.2010 027 Accidente definitivo N/A 43 minutes
27.08.2010 028 Dudas de muerte N/A 43 minutes
30.08.2010 029 Víctimas del pasado N/A 43 minutes
31.08.2010 030 Dudas asesinas N/A 43 minutes
01.09.2010 031 Locura obsesiva N/A 43 minutes
02.09.2010 032 Lugares robados N/A 43 minutes
03.09.2010 033 Locura psicótica N/A 43 minutes
06.09.2010 034 Quemar culpas N/A 43 minutes
07.09.2010 035 Pasado que duele N/A 43 minutes
08.09.2010 036 Guerra oculta N/A 43 minutes
09.09.2010 037 Venganza por despecho N/A 43 minutes
10.09.2010 038 Guerra por amor N/A 43 minutes
13.09.2010 039 Petición de mano N/A 43 minutes
14.09.2010 040 Humillación de sangre N/A 43 minutes
15.09.2010 041 Celos, malditos celos N/A 43 minutes
16.09.2010 042 Pactos de venganza N/A 43 minutes
17.09.2010 043 Comienzo de venganza N/A 43 minutes
20.09.2010 044 Golpes contundentes N/A 43 minutes
21.09.2010 045 Destino marcado 4.2 43 minutes
22.09.2010 046 Aliados equivocados N/A 43 minutes
23.09.2010 047 Herencia de venganza N/A 43 minutes
24.09.2010 048 Embarazo psicológico N/A 43 minutes
27.09.2010 049 Juego doble N/A 43 minutes
28.09.2010 050 Madres de mentira N/A 43 minutes
29.09.2010 051 Noticias mortales N/A 43 minutes
30.09.2010 052 Romper el hielo N/A 43 minutes
01.10.2010 053 Fuerza maternal N/A 43 minutes
04.10.2010 054 Sin palabras N/A 43 minutes
05.10.2010 055 Intenciones negras N/A 43 minutes
06.10.2010 056 Dudas mortales N/A 43 minutes
07.10.2010 057 Fortuna de discordia N/A 43 minutes
08.10.2010 058 Duelo de honor N/A 43 minutes
11.10.2010 059 Alerta de desgracias N/A 43 minutes
12.10.2010 060 Silencio riesgoso N/A 43 minutes
13.10.2010 061 Amor negado N/A 43 minutes
15.10.2010 062 Malos pagos N/A 43 minutes
18.10.2010 063 Tratos fracasados N/A 43 minutes
19.10.2010 064 Padres en duda N/A 43 minutes
20.10.2010 065 Robo de venganza N/A 43 minutes
21.10.2010 066 Derechos por amor N/A 43 minutes
22.10.2010 067 Perder el rumbo N/A 43 minutes
25.10.2010 068 Retar la suerte N/A 43 minutes
26.10.2010 069 Fortuna mortal N/A 43 minutes
28.10.2010 070 Dolor que consume N/A 43 minutes
01.11.2010 071 Prueba de paternidad 4.1 43 minutes
02.11.2010 072 Peligro cercano 4.4 43 minutes
03.11.2010 073 Memoria peligrosa 4.0 43 minutes
04.11.2010 074 Encuentro de mágico 4.8 43 minutes
05.11.2010 075 Fantasmas que vuelven 4.1 43 minutes
08.11.2010 076 Corazón atado 4.1 43 minutes
09.11.2010 077 Fantasma de miedo 4.6 43 minutes
10.11.2010 078 Venganza sensual 4.3 43 minutes
11.11.2010 079 Tortura de pecados 4.0 43 minutes
12.11.2010 080 Aliados anónimos 4.3 43 minutes
15.11.2010 081 Peligro latente 4.4 43 minutes
16.11.2010 082 Boda amarga 4.7 43 minutes
17.11.2010 083 Premio de memoria 4.7 43 minutes
18.11.2010 084 Carta de salvación N/A 43 minutes
19.11.2010 085 Trampa efectiva N/A 43 minutes
22.11.2010 086 Corazón arrepentido N/A 43 minutes
23.11.2010 087 Memoria de traiciones N/A 43 minutes
24.11.2010 088 Hilos mortales N/A 43 minutes
26.11.2010 089 Alianza rota N/A 43 minutes
29.11.2010 090 Rival de hierro N/A 43 minutes
30.11.2010 091 Sorpresas vitales N/A 43 minutes
01.12.2010 092 Perdón mortal 4.7 43 minutes
02.12.2010 093 Amenaza futura N/A 43 minutes
03.12.2010 094 Deseos compartidos N/A 43 minutes
06.12.2010 095 Noticia impactante 4.4 43 minutes
07.12.2010 096 Justicia propia 4.3 43 minutes
08.12.2010 097 Venganza definitiva 4.3 43 minutes
09.12.2010 098 Pesadilla de libertad 4.0 43 minutes
10.12.2010 099 Sentencia de muerte 3.6 43 minutes
13.12.2010 100 Promesa peligrosa N/A 43 minutes
14.12.2010 101 Rastros perdidos N/A 43 minutes
15.12.2010 102 Amenaza de entrega N/A 43 minutes
16.12.2010 103 Amenaza de bomba N/A 43 minutes
17.12.2010 104 Amenaza de muerte N/A 43 minutes
20.12.2010 105 Bomba de aliados N/A 43 minutes
21.12.2010 106 Delitos vigentes N/A 43 minutes
22.12.2010 107 Venganza sin limite N/A 43 minutes
23.12.2010 108 Peligro perfecto N/A 43 minutes
27.12.2010 109 Deudas por cobrar 4.3 43 minutes
28.12.2010 110 Reencuentro de amor 5.1 43 minutes
29.12.2010 111 Cobrando cuentas 4.5 43 minutes
30.12.2010 112 Juegos peligrosos N/A 43 minutes
03.01.2011 113 Pagando culpas 4.5 43 minutes
04.01.2011 114 Esperanza de amor 4.9 43 minutes
05.01.2011 115 Golpe final 4.8 43 minutes
06.01.2011 116 Sentencia cruel 5.7 43 minutes
07.01.2011 117 Gran final N/A 43 minutes


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end
 United States Telemundo July 20, 2010 January 7, 2011
 Panama TVN August 25, 2010 February 3, 2011
 Nicaragua Televicentro October 25, 2010 April 8, 2011
 Albania Digit-Alb November 15, 2010 April 26, 2011
 Dominican Republic Antena Latina November 29, 2010 May 10, 2011
 Venezuela Televen November 30, 2010 May 2, 2011
 Serbia Prva December 8, 2010 May 24, 2011
 Croatia Doma TV January 3, 2011 June 15, 2011
 Costa Rica Teletica January 3, 2011 June 14, 2011
 El Salvador Canal 4 January 3, 2011 June 14, 2011
 Chile CHV January 10, 2011 June 21, 2011
 Poland TV Puls January 20, 2011 July 1, 2011
 Georgia Rustavi 2 February 10, 2011 June 21, 2011
 Paraguay March 7, 2011 August 16, 2011
 Russia April 12, 2011 September 21, 2011
 Lithuania LNK July 11, 2011
 Argentina Telefe September 5, 2011 January 6, 2012
 Armenia Shant TV Summer 2011 26 October 2011
 Germany RTL 2010 2010
 Romania Acasă TV January 16, 2012
 Ecuador Ecuavisa March 19, 2012
 Moldova 2Plus May 16, 2012
 Mexico Galavisión August 6, 2012 October 22, 2012
 Iran GEM TV October 6, 2012
 Bulgaria bTV January 24, 2013 July 18, 2013


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