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Equestrian at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Team eventing

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Title: Equestrian at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Team eventing  
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Subject: Paolo Angioni, 1964 Summer Olympics, Giuseppe Ravano, Arnaud Boiteau, Nicolas Touzaint
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Equestrian at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Team eventing

Equestrian at the
1964 Summer Olympics
Individual dressage   mixed
Individual eventing mixed
Individual jumping mixed
Team dressage mixed
Team eventing mixed
Team jumping mixed

The team eventing was an equestrian event held as part of the Equestrian at the 1964 Summer Olympics programme. The event was held from 16 October to 19 October, and consisted merely of summing the scores of the team's top 3 (out of 4) horse and rider pairs in the individual eventing.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Mauro Checcoli on Surbean,
Paolo Angioni on King,
and Giuseppe Ravano on Royal Love
Italy (ITA)
 Michael Page on The Grasshopper,
Kevin Freeman on Gallopade,
and Michael Plumb on Bold Minstrel
United States (USA)
 Fritz Ligges on Donkosak,
Horst Karsten on Condora,
and Gerhard Schulz on Balza X
Germany (EUA)


 Mauro Checcoli on Surbean (ITA) -85.80 -64.40
 Paolo Angioni on King (ITA) -17.87
 Giuseppe Ravano on Royal Love (ITA) -3.53
 Michael Page on The Grasshopper (USA) -65.86 -47.40
 Kevin Freeman on Gallopade (USA) -17.13
 Michael Plumb on Bold Minstrel (USA) -1.33
 Fritz Ligges on Donkosak (EUA) -56.73 -49.20
 Horst Karsten on Condora (EUA) -36.60
 Gerhard Schulz on Balza X (EUA) 29.07
4.  Anthony Cameron on Black Salmon (IRL) -42.86 -46.53
 Thomas Brennan on Kilkenny (IRL) -1.13
 John Harty on San Michele (IRL) 4.80
5.  Herman Gaziumov on Gran (URS) 19.63 -23.47
 Boris Konkov on Rumb (URS) 10.97
 Pavel Deev on Satrap (URS) 32.13
6.  Carlos Moratorio on Chalan (ARG) 34.80 -56.40
 Elvio Flores on Legitima (ARG) 2.73
 Juan Gesualdi on Morrina (ARG) 88.47
7.  James Roycroft on El Dorado (AUS) 67.27 -32.20
 Brien Cobcroft on Stony Crossing (AUS) -8.40
 John Kelly on Brigalow (AUS) 107.87
8.  J. L. J. le Goff on Leopard (FRA) 133.87 37.87
 J. de Croutte on Mon Clos (FRA) 38.47
 Hugues Landon on Laurier (FRA) 57.53
9.  J. R. Gonzalez on Condor (MEX) 374.14 36.40
 Eduardo Higaredo on Engano (MEX) 159.67
 M. Mendivil on Xihuilt (MEX) 178.07
 Richard Meade on Barberry (GBR) -29.73
 Reuben Jones on Master Bernard (GBR) -26.20
 James Templar on M'Lord Connolly (GBR) DNF
 Chiba Mikio on Mauta (JPN) 268.47
 Matsudaira Masaki on Nippo (JPN) DNF
 Maeda Rikutoshi on Hogetsu (JPN) DNF
 Cho Hyung Won on General (KOR) DNF
 Suh Myoung Won on Marshall (KOR) DNF
 Kim Young Ro on Mudgeogongah (KOR) DNF


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