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Erie Cemetery


Erie Cemetery

Erie Cemetery
Erie Cemetery's gate
Year established 1850
Location Erie, Pennsylvania
Country United States

42°6′41″N 80°5′5″W / 42.11139°N 80.08472°W / 42.11139; -80.08472

Type Public
Owned by Erie Cemetery Association
Size 75 acres (30 ha)
Website Find a Grave The Political Graveyard Erie Cemetery

Erie Cemetery is a prominent cemetery located in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is situated on 75 acres (30 ha) of land bordered on the east by Chestnut Street, the west by Cherry Street, the north by 19th Street, and the south by 26th Street.


The cemetery was conceived in October 1846 when a citizens group circulated a petition and collected $1,500 towards the purchase of land. A new subscription effort in December 1849 led to the incorporation of the cemetery on 29 January 1850, at which time seven managers were named. The deed was conveyed to the corporation on 28 March 1850, at which time a $1,500 deposit was paid and a judgment bond of $6,000 signed to secure payment of the balance due. Officers of the corporation were elected on 24 May 1850, namely George A. Eliot, President; William A. Brown, Secretary; and J. C. Spencer, Treasurer. H. Daniels was hired in December 1850 to develop the property. The formal opening of the cemetery took place on 20 May 1851. A porters' lodge was erected near the main entrance before 1885.[1]

The Erie Cemetery Association manages the Erie Cemetery, as well as Harborcreek Township.

Notable interments

Notable people buried at the Erie Cemetery:

Name Date of birth Date of death Notable event or occupation
Babbitt, ElijahElijah Babbitt Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Brainerd, Samuel M.Samuel M. Brainerd Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Brewster, Alexander W.Alexander W. Brewster Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Burgess of Erie (first person buried at the cemetery)
Burleigh, Harry T.Harry T. Burleigh Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Famous African-American singer
Clark, Henry A.Henry A. Clark Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Colt, JudahJudah Colt Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Early settler of Erie County
Curtze, Charles A.Charles A. Curtze Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 World War II veteran, U.S. Navy rear admiral
Cushman, EdEd Cushman Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Major League Baseball pitcher, pitched no-hitter for
Milwaukee Brewers in 1884
Davenport, Samuel A.Samuel A. Davenport Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Dobbins, DanielDaniel Dobbins Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 War of 1812 veteran, manager of the construction of Perry's
fleet for the Battle of Lake Erie.
Forbeck, Andrew P.Andrew P. Forbeck Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Philippine-American War veteran, Medal of Honor winner
Galbraith, JohnJohn Galbraith Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Himrod, WilliamWilliam Himrod Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Industrialist, founder of Himrod Mission school
Jethroe, SamSam Jethroe Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Major League Baseball player
Metcalf, PrescottPrescott Metcalf Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 former Mayor of Erie
Read, SethSeth Read Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Veteran of the Battle of Bunker Hill, early settler of Erie County
Reed, Charles M.Charles M. Reed Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman
Scott, William L.William L. Scott Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman, President of the Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad
Shreve, Milton W.Milton W. Shreve Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman, Erie County District Attorney,
Pennsylvania state representative
Sill, Thomas H.Thomas H. Sill Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 U.S. Congressman, Burgess of Erie, Erie Postmaster
Vincent, StrongStrong Vincent Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Brigadier General, hero of Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg
Rdml. John Marshall Bowyer Template:Dts/outdmy1 Template:Dts/outdmy1 Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Superintendent of US Naval Academy, 1909-1911


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