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Factory Theater

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Title: Factory Theater  
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Subject: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Theatre in Chicago
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Factory Theater

For Factory Theatre London, see The Factory Theatre Company.

The Factory Theater is a Chicago theatre company founded in 1992. Originally working out of a 50-seat storefront theater in the Rogers Park neighborhood in the northern part of Chicago, the company has produced over 70 shows during its existence (all original scripts written by ensemble members). The typical schedule during the first five seasons of the Factory Theater was a Thursday evening show, a Friday/Saturday mainstage show, and a Friday/Saturday late-night show. In 1997, after years of ongoing improvements and renovations to the theater in an unsuccessful attempt to satisfy building-code requirements, the company moved out of its Rogers Park storefront and into the Griffin Theater's space on Clark Street in the Andersonville neighborhood. At present, it are in residence at the Prop Theatre in Chicago. The Factory Theater West, composed of Factory Theater ensemble members who have relocated to Los Angeles, produced five productions from 1999-2001. All productions were either remounts of past Factory Theater shows or original works.

Founding members

  • Sean Abley
  • Bo Blackburn
  • Michael Meredith
  • Tom Purcell
  • Jeff Rogers
  • Amy Seeley

Past and present ensemble members

  • Jenny Laffey (née Kirkland)
  • Molly Brennan
  • Joey Meyer
  • Nick Digilio
  • Jill Rothamer
  • Wendy Tregay
  • Kirk Pynchon
  • Mike Beyer
  • Steve Walker
  • Cynthia Cervini
  • Brooke Dillman
  • Carl Andress (aka Andruskevich)
  • George Brant
  • Matt O'Neil
  • Wendy Avon
  • David Babbitt
  • Nick Booth
  • David Bryson
  • Keith Ellis
  • Jennifer Gehr
  • Jerry Hlava
  • Joie Jackson-Graves
  • Jason Lubow
  • Peter Marcy
  • Michael Mazzara
  • Darryl Miller
  • Heather Moran
  • Christian Murphy
  • Todd Oldham
  • Ryan Oliver
  • Matthew O'Neill
  • Kevin Rich
  • Dale Rivera
  • Noah Simon
  • Michelle Suffredin
  • Patricia Sutherland
  • Dan Tamarkin
  • Heather Tyler
  • Steve Wilson
  • Tim Amos
  • Ray Brazaski
  • Allison Cain
  • Tucker Curtis
  • Ernie Deak
  • Catherine Dughi
  • Matt Engle
  • Corri Feuerstein
  • Joe Gehr
  • Sarah Rose Graber
  • Josh Graves
  • Christine Jennings
  • Angelina Martinez
  • Laura McKenzie
  • Paul Metreyeon
  • Colin Milroy
  • Scott OKen
  • Shannon O'Neill
  • Jennifer Pompa
  • Eric Roach
  • Sara Sevigny
  • Carrie J. Sullivan
  • Manny Tamayo
  • Anthony Tournis
  • C.W. VanBaale
  • Chas Vrba
  • Jesse Dienstag
  • Stephanie Boles
  • Mike Ooi
  • Scott Pasko
  • Esteban Andres Cruz
  • Jill Oliver
  • Phil Claudnic

Production history


  • Snafu: sketch comedy
  • Reefer Madness by Sean Abley


  • Attack of the Killer B's by Sean Abley
  • Tribe: improv with Bo Blackburn, Joe Dempsey, Marssie Mencotti and Kent Sterling
  • Angry Show by Nick Digilio and Mike Meredith
  • Buckets of Blood by Marssie Mencotti and Dave Springer (based on the film)
  • Bitches by Sean Abley
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - The Musical: book by Sean Abley, lyrics by Sean Abley and Amy Seeley, music by Dave Springer


  • Hooray! conceived by Amy Seeley, written by Sean Abley, Mike Beyer, Bo Blackburn, Heather Delker, Jenny Kirkland-Laffey, Joey Meyer, Mike Meredith, Amy Seeley and Wendy Tregay
  • Alive by Nick Digilio and Mike Meredith
  • Kong! by George Brant
  • Free Pizza: sketch revue
  • Man Card by Kirk Pynchon and Jesse Dienstag
  • Disco Bob: improv with Sean Abley, Bo Blackburn, Mike Meredith, Amy Seeley and Eric Frankie
  • Beaverhunt by Amy Seeley and Jenny Kirkland-Laffey


  • Sabotage by Kirk Pynchon and Jesse Dienstag
  • Jailbait by Amy Seeley
  • P by Sean Abley, Bo Blackburn, Heather Delker, Jenny Kirkland-Laffey, Amy Seeley
  • Pet-Scare Theater by Jill Rothamer
  • White Trash Wedding and a Funeral by Mike Beyer and Bill Havle
  • The Christmas Show by Joey Meyer


  • Preying Manthis by Wendy Tregay
  • ABBArama: conceived and written by Amy Seeley
  • My Period by Jenny Kirkland-Laffey
  • Urban Legends by Bo Blackburn
  • Being at Choice: conceived by Mike Meredith, written by Mary Booker, Mike Beyer, Brooke Dillman, Kirk Pynchon, Peter Marcy, Michelle Suffredin and Mike Meredith
  • Win, Place or Show
  • 529 S. Something by Molly Brennan
  • Rapid Fire
  • Utterly, Completely Bored Out of My Friggin' Mind
  • Escape from The North Pole by Nick Digilio and Mike Meredith
  • Second City Didn't Want Us, or, Is There a Spot in the Touring Company for My Girlfriend? sketch comedy conceived by Sean Abley and written by Sean Abley, Bo Blackburn, Brooke Dillman, Eric Frankie, Jenny Kirkland-Laffey and Amy Seeley


  • Nuclear Family by Sean Abley
  • Battleaxe Betty by Molly Brennan and Scott OKen
  • The Surreal World
  • Clean
  • Fat!
  • The Factory Theater's Shut Up and Laugh Comedy Festival


  • The Barbara Walters Interviews by Jenny Kirkland-Laffey
  • The Factory All-Star Late Night Fiasco
  • Vinyl Shop by Nick Digilio and Mike Vieau
  • Amy Seeley and the Moline Madman by Amy Seeley
  • The Factory Theater's Shut Up and Laugh Comedy Festival


  • Herb Stabler Wandering Spirit by Mike Beyer
  • Surface Dwellers
  • Dancing With The Past
  • Factory Match Game 99
  • Dragontales
  • Endzone
  • The Factory Theater's Shut Up and Laugh Comedy Festival
  • White Trash Wedding and a Funeral (Factory Theater West)
  • Attack of the Killer B's (Factory Theater West): Winner, Backstage West Garland Award for Best Adaptation


  • Gooooooo Speech Team!
  • Being at Choice (Factory Theater West)
  • Kirk du Soleil (Factory Theater West)


  • Variations on Death
  • Captain Raspberry
  • The Life and Death of Barb Budonovich
  • Poppin' and Lockdown (Factory Theater West)


  • Poppin and Lockdown
  • Lab Rats
  • Eagle Hills, Eagle Ridge, Eagle Landing
  • Among The Dead


  • Dick Danger: DJ Crime Solver
  • Factory Theater Presents.....CHICAGOSTYLE
  • Here Comes A Regular


  • Being At Choice (remount)
  • Poppin and Lockdown 2: Dance the Right Thing
  • Menage A Trailer


  • Toast of the Town
  • Lonesome Hoboes
  • Top Shelf...


  • The Willing Participant
  • GI's in Europe
  • Operation Infiltration: An Experiment in Terror


  • Janice Dutts Goes to Life Camp
  • Siskel & Ebert Save Chicago
  • Dirty Diamonds


  • Ceres
  • Ren Faire! A Fistfull of Ducats
  • Shameless Shamuses
  • Bustin' Out Of The Hell


  • Mop Top Festival
  • Dead Wrong
  • 1985
  • Hunky Dory

External links

  • Factory Theater's Official Website
  • Factory Theater's Myspace Page
  • Factory Theater's Going Friends & Fans Page

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