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Feaster Five Road Race

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Title: Feaster Five Road Race  
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Subject: Andover, Massachusetts, Turkey Trot, Lynn Jennings
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Feaster Five Road Race

Feaster Five Road Race
Location Andover, Massachusetts United States
Distance 5 miles (8K certified) and 5 kilometers (3.1 mi)
Established November 24, 1988
Participants 10,720 (in 2012)[1]

The Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Road Race, or more commonly called the Feaster Five, is a 5 mile road race held annually in Andover, Massachusetts on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day. The Feaster Five Road Race is one of the Bay State's largest five mile races (an estimated 10,720 participants in 2012).[2] The race has been held every Thanksgiving morning since 1988 and is one of a number of races across the nation known colloquially as a "Turkey Trot."

Proceeds from the race benefit Merrimack Valley Hospice and the Merrimack Valley YMCA.[3]

Children ages 2 – 12 can participate in a shorter one kilometer race called The Kids K.[4]


On November 24, 1988 the first Feaster Five was held and approximately 300 runners finished the race. The first men's winner was Ken Pliska and Amy Legacki was the winner in the women's division.[4]

The second race in 1989 almost did not happen because of an early nor'easter that deposited more than six inches of heavy wet snow on the course at the start of the race. Approximately 400 runners completed the race in near whiteout conditions. In 1990, apple pies were given out to all runners; a tradition that continues every year.[4]

In 1992, Johnny Kelley appeared as an honored guest at the start of the race. This was also the first year walkers were officially allowed into the race. In 1996, Lynn Jennings, the winner of the bronze medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics for the 10,000 meters, places first in the woman's division. In 2000, FRID timing was used for the first time to obtain a more accurate time for each runner.[4]

In 2004, actor Matt Damon ran the race along with his father Kent. In 2005, women runner/walkers outnumbered men for the first time.[4] In 2009, more than 9, 147 runner and walkers register for the race and the first ever woman's Olympic marathon champion Joan Benoit Samuelson wins first place in the woman's division at the age of 52.

In 2011, Senator Scott Brown officially started the 24th Feaster Five Road Race.[5]

Course description

8 kilometer course

The 8 kilometer race begins on Main Street at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 133. The first mile is mostly uphill and goes through the historic Andover Center. The course then turns left of Morton Street, left on Bartlett Street, and then a right onto Chestnut Street. The course then makes a left onto Pasho Street. a right onto Summer Street, a left onto Washington Street, a left onto Elm Street, a right on Maple Street, and then a quick left turn on Walnut Avenue. When the runner take a right onto High Street they join up with the runners from the 5 kilometer race. The 8 kilometer runners keep to the right side of the street while the 5 kilometer runners keep to the left. The race then proceeds to a left on Haverhill Street for approximately 1/2 mile and then makes a right turn on York Street and uphill to the finish at the Brickstone Square parking lot.[4]

5 kilometer course

The 5 kilometer race begins at the same time and place of the 8 kilometer race, but takes a left turn at the top of the hill on Elm Street. The runners then make a left turn onto High Street and later merge with the runners from the 8 kilometer race at the corner of High and Walnut Streets. The race then proceeds to a left on Haverhill Street for approximately 1/2 mile and then makes a right turn on York Street and uphill to the finish at the Brickstone Square parking lot.[4]

Past winners

5 kilometer

Year Male winner Female winner
1995 Michael Cronin  United States 16:41 Mary Donahue  United States 18:20
1996 Guy Sterns  United States 15:51 Kara Molloy  United States 19:23
1997 Dan Lebeoeuf  United States 16:42 Jennifer Lincoln  United States 18:30
1998 Matthew Ely  United States 16:12 Jennifer Lincoln-Toomey  United States 17:44
1999 Matt St. Germaine  United States 15:44 Kara Molloy  United States 18:43
2000 Matthew Ely  United States 15:55 Courtney Famiglietti  United States 20:07
2001 Doug Martyn  United States 16:13 Jessica Parrott  United States 18:52
2002 Tim Galebach  United States 16:18 Miae Jacobs  United States 19:02
2003 Matthew Ely  United States 16:14 Melissa Donais  United States 19:03
2004 Phil Shaw  United States 16:18 Melissa Donais  United States 19:04
2005 Harry Norton  United States 16:16 Meaghan Shaw  United States 19:09
2006 Harry Norton  United States 15:52 Katie Twarog  United States 18:46
2007 Harry Norton  United States 15:40 Allison McCabe  United States 18:04
2008 Glenn Randall  United States 15:57 Allison McCabe  United States 18:34
2009 Eric Narcisi  United States 16:31 Allison McCabe  United States 18:11
2010 Kevin Alliette  United States 16:00 Allison McCabe  United States 18:57[6]
2011 Kyle White  United States 17:45[7] Melissa Donais  United States 19:36[7]
2012 Pat Fullerton  United States 15:46 Allison McCabe  United States 17:56[1]

8 kilometer

Year Male winner Female winner
1988 Ken Pliska  United States Unknown Amy Legacki  United States Unknown
1989 Unknown  United States Unknown Unknown  United States Unknown
1990 Unknown  United States Unknown Unknown  United States Unknown
1991 Unknown  United States Unknown Unknown  United States Unknown
1992 Unknown  United States Unknown Unknown  United States Unknown
1993 Scott Bagley  United States 24:07 Gina Sperry  United States 28:04
1994 George Yiannelis  United States 24:18 Lisa Senatore  United States 28:04
1995 George Yiannelis  United States 24:07 Joan Samuelson  United States 27:39
1996 Dave Dunham  United States 24:38 Lynn Jennings  United States 27:33
1997 Chris Teague  United States 25:00 Lynn Jennings  United States 28:08
1998 Chris Teague  United States 24:18 Terri-Anne McGettrick  United States 28:44
1999 Dave Hinga  United States 24:04 (Course Record) Terri-Anne McGettrick  United States 28:21
2000 Chris Teague  United States 25:01 Terri-Anne McGettrick  United States 29:41
2001 Michael Smith  United States 24:56 Suzy Walsh  United States 29:29
2002 Dave Hinga  United States 25:19 Kara Haas  United States 29:33
2003 Casey Moulton  United States 24:40 Terri-Anne McGettrick  United States 28:40
2004 Dave Hinga  United States 25:42 Simonetta Piergentili  United States 30:09
2005 Matt Pimental  United States 25:55 Terri-Anne McGettrick  United States 30:38
2006 Patrick Moulton  United States 25:15 Terri-Anne McGettrick Arpin  United States 30:07
2007 Tobias Lundgren  Sweden 25:27 Kim Webster  United States 29:31
2008 Harry Norton  United States 25:24 Kim Webster  United States 29:52
2009 Nate Jenkins  United States 24:44 Joan Samuelson  United States 30:10
2010 Nate Jenkins  United States 24:10[6] Catherine Beck  United States 29:44[6]
2011 Nate Jenkins  United States 24:25 Joan Samuelson  United States 30:21[5]
2012 Nate Jenkins  United States 24:43 Catherine Beck  United States 28:10[1]


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