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Fencing at the 1996 Summer Olympics

At the 1996 Summer Olympics, ten fencing events were contested. Men competed in both individual and team events for each of the three weapon types (épée, foil and sabre). Women competed in the foil and the épée events.[1]


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  • Medal table 2
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Medal summary

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual épée
 Aleksandr Beketov (RUS)  Iván Trevejo (CUB)  Géza Imre (HUN)
team épée
 Italy (ITA)
Sandro Cuomo
Angelo Mazzoni
Maurizio Randazzo
 Russia (RUS)
Aleksandr Beketov
Pavel Kolobkov
Valery Zakharevich
 France (FRA)
Jean-Michel Henry
Robert Leroux
Éric Srecki
Individual foil
 Alessandro Puccini (ITA)  Lionel Plumenail (FRA)  Franck Boidin (FRA)
team foil
 Russia (RUS)
Dmitriy Shevchenko
Ilgar Mamedov
Vladislav Pavlovich
 Poland (POL)
Piotr Kiełpikowski
Adam Krzesiński
Ryszard Sobczak
Jarosław Rodzewicz
 Cuba (CUB)
Elvis Gregory
Rolando Leon
Oscar García Perez
Individual sabre
 Stanislav Pozdnyakov (RUS)  Sergey Sharikov (RUS)  Damien Touya (FRA)
team sabre
 Russia (RUS)
Stanislav Pozdnyakov
Grigoriy Kirienko
Sergey Sharikov
 Hungary (HUN)
Csaba Köves
József Navarrete
Bence Szabó
 Italy (ITA)
Raffaello Caserta
Luigi Tarantino
Toni Terenzi

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual épée
 Laura Flessel (FRA)  Valérie Barlois (FRA)  Gyöngyi Szalay (HUN)
team épée
 France (FRA)
Laura Flessel
Sophie Moressée-Pichot
Valérie Barlois
 Italy (ITA)
Laura Chiesa
Elisa Uga
Margherita Zalaffi
 Russia (RUS)
Maria Mazina
Yuliya Garayeva
Karina Aznavourian
Individual foil
 Laura Badea (ROU)  Valentina Vezzali (ITA)  Giovanna Trillini (ITA)
team foil
 Italy (ITA)
Francesca Bortolozzi-Borella
Giovanna Trillini
Valentina Vezzali
 Romania (ROU)
Laura Badea
Reka Szabo
Roxana Scarlat
 Germany (GER)
Anja Fichtel Mauritz
Sabine Bau
Monika Weber-Koszto

Medal table

Russia finished top of the fencing medal table at the 1996 Summer Olympics.[1]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Russia (RUS) 4 2 1 7
2  Italy (ITA) 3 2 2 7
3  France (FRA) 2 2 3 7
4  Romania (ROM) 1 1 0 2
5  Hungary (HUN) 0 1 2 3
6  Cuba (CUB) 0 1 1 2
7  Poland (POL) 0 1 0 1
8  Germany (GER) 0 0 1 1

Participating nations

A total of 224 fencers (136 men and 88 women) from 46 nations competed at the Atlanta Games:[1]


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