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Title: Fengshun  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hakka Chinese, Xingning, Guangdong, Teochew dialect, Michael Wong (singer), Seng Sae Khu, China National Highway 206
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Fengshun (Chinese Postal Map Romanisation: Fungshun or Pungshan; Chinese: 豐順) is a county in Meizhou Municipality (梅州市), Guangdong Province.

Ethno-linguistic Make-up

While Meizhou is famously Hakka, Fengshun is the southernmost of its counties : it borders Jieyang and Chaozhou municipalities and is comprised in their Teochew dialect area. (Teochew being a branch of the Min Nan language centred on the adjacent region of Fujian).


Fengshun County's executive, legislature and judiciary are in Tangkeng (汤坑), together with its CPC and PSB branches.

Town (镇, zhen)

  • Shangbaxiang (上八乡)
  • Xiabaxiang (下八乡)
  • Puzhai (埔寨)
  • Tangnan (汤南)
  • Tangxi (汤西)
  • Beidou (北斗)
  • Jianqiao (建桥)
  • Fengliang (丰良)
  • Longgang (龙岗)
  • Dalonghua (大龙华)
  • Jingmen (径门)
  • Xiaosheng (小胜)
  • Shatian (砂田)
  • Tanjiang (潭江)
  • Tanshan (潭山)
  • Liuhuang (_隍)
  • Chabei (茶背)
  • Donglian (东联)
  • Pantian (潘田)
  • Huangjin (黄金)
  • Xiandong (仙洞)

Township (乡, xiang)


Yuan & Ming

Qing & Republic

The town of Tangkeng (汤坑镇) is here, the site of the clash on September 30 and October 1, 1927, called the Battle of Shantou, when 5000 communist-led mutinous troops from the Nanchang Uprising were nearly routed by 15 000 well-positioned and better-supplied Right-Kuomintang forces.



  • Guangzhou–Meizhou–Shantou Railway

External links

  • Fengshun government website 豐順縣人民政府

Coordinates: 23°46′00″N 116°10′59″E / 23.7667°N 116.183°E / 23.7667; 116.183

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