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Title: Florio  
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Subject: Palermo, Marsala, Stefano Donaudy, Vincenzo Florio, Cantiere navale di Palermo
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The Florio family is a prominent entrepreneurial Italian family who started many lucrative activities in Sicily involving above all the exportation of Sicilian products (such as Marsala wine) in the nineteenth century. The family extended its interests to shipping, shipbuilding, fisheries, mining, metallurgy and ceramics.[1]


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Florio winery

Founded in Marsala 1832 by Vincenzo Florio Sr., the Florio winery has been in continuous Marsala wine production since then.[2][3] The winery carries the emblem of a lion.


The Cantiere navale di Palermo (Palermo Shipyard) in Palermo, Sicily, was founded in 1897 by Ignazio Florio, grandson of Vincenzo Florio. Construction was protracted and Florio was forced to sell his stake in the shipyard to Attilio Odero in 1905.


The newspaper L'Ora was founded on the initiative of the Florio family in Palermo. The first issue was published on April 22, 1900. The formal owner was Carlo Di Rudinì, the son of the former prime minister of Italy Antonio Di Rudinì, but the main shareholder and financier was Ignazio Florio.[1]

Motor racing

In 1906, Vincenzo Florio created the Targa Florio, one of the oldest car races in the world. The first Targa Florio covered 277 miles through multiple hairpin curves on treacherous mountain roads where severe changes in climate frequently occurred and racers even faced bandits and irate shepherds. The race passed through many small villages, and fans lined up along the roads with no protection from the race cars. The race was suspended in 1978 because of safety concerns. The race continues today with a different circuit as a minor racing event.


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