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Font superfamily

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Title: Font superfamily  
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Subject: Superfamily
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Font superfamily

In typography, a font superfamily or typeface superfamily is a font family containing fonts that fall into multiple classifications.

Based on an identical character shape, class-specific features such as serifs are added. The result is a set of fonts that, while belonging to different classes such as sans and serif, have a similar appearance.

Notable superfamilies

Computer Modern
by Donald E. Knuth, comprising cmr (antiqua), cmss (grotesque) and cmtt (monospaced)
Corporate ASE
by Kurt Weidemann, comprising antiqua, sans and Egyptienne
FF Meta
by Erik Spiekermann, comprising FF Meta (sans), FF Meta Serif and FF Meta Headline
FF Nexus
by Martin Majoor, comprising FF Nexus Sans, FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Mix and FF Nexus Typewriter
FF Quadraat
by Fred Smeijers, comprising FF Quadraat (serif), FF Quadraat Sans, FF Quadraat Display and FF Quadraat Headliner
FF Scala
by Martin Majoor, comprising FF Scala (serif) and FF Scala Sans
by Erik Faulhaber, comprising Generis Sans, Generis Serif, Generis Simple and Generis Slab
ITC Humana
by Timothy Donaldso, comprising ITC Humana Sans, ITC Humana Serif and ITC Humana Script
ITC Officina
by Erik Spiekermann and Just van Rossum, comprising ITC Officina Sans, ITC Officina Serif and ITC Officina Display
by Steve Matteson, comprising Liberation Sans, Liberation Serif and Liberation Mono
Linotype Authentic
by Karin Huschka, comprising Linotype Authentic Sans, Linotype Authentic Serif, Linotype Authentic Small Serif and Linotype Authentic Stencil
Linotype Compatil
by Olaf Leu, comprising Compatil Text, Compatil Fact, Compatil Letter and Compatil Exquisit
by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes, comprising Lucida Sans, Lucida Serif, Lucida Typewriter Sans, Lucida Typewriter Serif and Lucida Math
by Lance Hidy, comprising Penumbra Sans, Penumbra Serif, Penumbra Half Serif and Penumbra Flare
by Otl Aicher, comprising rotis serif, rotis semi-serif, rotis semi-sans and rotis sans
by Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian William, comprising Sassoon Sans, Sassoon Book, Sassoon Primary, Sassoon Infant and Sassoon Sans Slope
by Sumner Stone, comprising Stone Serif, Stone Sans and Stone Informal
by Lucas de Groot, comprising TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix and TheAntiqua
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